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Found 6 results

  1. Dear forum members, I‘m a newbie both in this forum and in building models as well. I‘d like to tell you about my first approaches as well as asking for some tipps. When my wife had the idea that two sailboats would be a nice decoration I bought a ready assembled model of a J Class Yacht and was totally disappointed about the poor quality. So I found the kits of Amati‘s Rainbow with a resin hull and Endeavour with a wooden hull. With a first glance at the pieces I began to foresee on which adventure I had embarked. I hope you don‘t say „oh no, not another Amati J Class kit“! Since I wanted t o have a good edging of the deck, I built a bow and stern on my own and painted it in white together with the outer deck planks. After that the further planking with a scalpel and 600 sandpaper. Unfortunately I was not able to fit it together absolutely mirror-inverted.
  2. Hi all This kit was collecting dust on my shelf for a few years. Gifted by my dad, I was delaying it for lack of time and (mostly) because intimidated by a wooden built. I previously built a couple of plastic warbirds, so this is all new to me! After setting up some time aside for myself and getting a bunch of tools (probably not enough but we'll see), I started looking at the content... to my surprise, the kit is different from both what's advertised on the box AND what I've seen online. It's a solid wood hull, advertised as a resin hull (with instructions for a resin hull) and most of the projects I've seen on the web are planks on bulkheads.. oh well, should be easier Also noticed that few pieces don't match very well, so will be making up some woodwork there! I've got a few requests for suggestions, hopefully you guys can guide me in the right directions so I don't capsize the project The box and its content The deck The deck base was laser cut, but, quite a bit bigger than the actual hull. As there was no wood for the planking of the hull I assumed it was a mistake in the plans or the cutting, so I contoured it enough to leave about 1 plank of space between the edge of the hull and the deck. Also, the planking design is not straight (not sure what the term is, so that was a bit tricky in places, might need to use some filler in places. I've got a couple of questions about the deck: How can I enhance the caulking? Should I use a very think black wash? Black wax? What do you usually suggest for a weathered Teak wood finish? Cabins These parts really did not fit well together, especially on the front cabin, the walls ended up plenty within the space for the window... Ideally I would like to give them a darker wood appearance but they require some filler and the laser burn might still push through (that was my mistake not to file them enough earlier). Looking forward for suggestions here The hull Aside of being smaller than the deck plan, the hull seems to be not very straight. Anyhow, I sanded it down a bit and primed it so that I could spot all the places where more work is needed. The finish will be a glossy bi-color white / dark red, so I'll need to make sure that the surfaces are as smooth as they can be. Clearly more work needed here Would grains 120-240 and 400 would work well enough for a gloss finish on wood? And that's it for now, would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Safe seas
  3. I decided to build this as something different than a square rig, schooner or clipper ship. Amati lists this as an easy to build model. The kit looks pretty straight forward. I plan to finish it with a walnut lower hull and painted top hull. This is not how the Rainbow looked when it raced but it’s a nicer look I think. The image on the box cover is how I will go as well.
  4. Hi everyone Oh no! Not another J Class yacht model? Yes, I say! They are amongst the most beautiful racing machines ever designed...and Rainbow, is no exception. My model (loosely based on Amati plans) will be fully detailed inside; much the same as my previous models, eg Ingomar. The interior wil be viewable via an open deck and large cutaways of the hull. Hope you can join me on Rainbow's journey! All the best Patrick
  5. I'm building this model to give as a Thank You to someone. It is inexpensive, easy to do, and looks nice. The Rainbow was the winner of the 1934 America's Cup race, followed by Endeavour in second place. Here's the box and the contents.
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