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  1. I built this model of the Great Harry back in about 1970 when I was a teenager. I'd previously made models from plastic kits and carved from solid blocks of wood, but this was the first time I'd tried a plank-built model. It was based on the reconstruction in Björn Landström's excellent book The Ship, which showed a copy by the author of the Anthony Roll illustration of 1545, and the author's conjectural reconstructions of a midship section and a side view of the ship above the waterline. All of this was before the raising of the Mary Rose, so it was based on far less information a
  2. My late uncle built this model in 1956, and I'm wondering whether it is possible to learn which company made the kit. After he recently died, I asked his caregiver to set it aside for me. As you can see, she was not very careful about protecting it until I was able to pick it up. Also, what is the best glue to use on these damaged masts? Something that sets quickly? I can't see how I would be able clamp them in place. I'm going to do my utmost to restore this model the best I can because I can't even think about throwing into a landfill.
  3. Hello to all who followed me here from my prior build log of the James B Colgate, and to all those who are interested in the bone and ivory ship models made, mostly, by the French prisoners taken by the British navy in the Napoleonic wars. I was recently asked to repair an attractive example of the type that had some substantial damage over the past centuries, as well as suffering some repairs, good and bad. In this log I will detail my progress and, in addition to some techniques that I have used before, I will ask for additional ideas from the collective wisdom of our community
  4. I was recently commissioned to restore to "Original Condition" A 1:100 model of the steamship Albertic. The model was knocked over and sustained considerable damage to the port side lifeboat deck Funnels and railings along with vents and all sorts of lines and wire stays. I have made extensive photographs of the condition as I received it, and have begun recording the removal of the damaged parts that were still attached, A few surprises that were not evident when I viewed it at the clients premises have come to light. I cobbled together a quick trolley so that I can move the
  5. Hi everyone. I am based in the UK and am taking on what I expect will be a substantial project. I am not new to modelling, as a teenager, I built numerous Airfix kits, starting out just assembling them out of the box and finishing up filling my bedroom with Aircraft and Warships completed with detailed paint jobs and made to look as realistic as I could. Joined the Model Club at me Secondary School where we built balsa and tissue flight ready models, I made a free flight glider and later on a Powered Cesna for Radio Control flight. I was born in 1958, and my father, who
  6. Hello, This is a restoration effort on the Sergal 1/78 scale HMS Victory originally constructed in the mid-1980's. My Uncle originally constructed the ship and it has been in the family ever since. As age caught up with my Uncle and dimentia started to take hold, he decided to do an "after the battle scene" and with a propane torch reduced the ship to what you see in some of the photos. When I found the kit, my Aunt was getting ready to throw it in the trash. Seeing that the hull was in pretty good shape, I knew I could not let the ship get thrown away. After obtaining the original pl
  7. The Central Ohio Shipwrights has been chartered to restore an old model of a British carrack of the 16th Century. It sports four (or five, if you count the bowsprit). The mizzenmast and bonaventure midden masts have lanteen sails. While there are Spanish carracks of similar design, they only influenced GHs construction. This model has few lines in place, has broken woodwork and is in sore need of cleaning. It is missing a few pieces that will have to be reproduced. Club members are researching, drawing rigging plans, inventorying, and cleaning. Stay tuned.
  8. Last week I had the opportunity to acquire a model made in Germany in the 1920's. My interest in this particular maker/makers/guild models came from the Shipwrights of Central Ohio (further referred to as SCO) club's restoration of the Great Harry. I think the Great Harry is a neat model even though it's a decorative model. The model I acquired was a wreck but very reasonable priced. I told both my wife and son that I was off to buy a plastic pink flamingo as decorative ships have about the same amount of respect and appreciation and have very little value even when restored. I have a modest
  9. I found an old model of the Kate Cory at a flea market today, that is in dire need of repair. I believe it to be an old Model Shipways kit, but I do not know for certain. Some initial observations: It is actually, mostly correctly rigged. It has a planked solid hull. It appears hand built. The castings appear to be pewter. The whale boats are bread and butter construction (much like the last Model Shipways model that I built). The paint scheme is completely wrong. It’ll make a nice addition to my living room.
  10. At long last - having been much diverted over the past 6 months, I will attempt to write a coherent story of this project. In introducing myself I outlined the history of this model which you can read in my earlier postings. Briefly, the model was built by my Uncle Jules (Julius, born 14 Feb 1888) just before 1900, he is photographed with it sailing past him in 1899,so I know it does sail! It has no name. At age 14 Jules went off to sea for six or seven years, serving in several square riggers including the large "Down Easter" Edward Sewall. A few surviving letters home showed that it was
  11. Recently our club, Shipwrights of Central Ohio, was queried about restoring an old family heirloom. We were sent photos of a scratch built galleon with uniquely painted sails. The next day I was digging thru that "I'll get to this soon" pile of plans and I opened an envelope with plans from Popular Science, dated 1926. The picture of the finished ship on the instruction booklet reminded me of the photos we had seen at our meeting. After some quick phone conversations with my mates, I contacted the ship owners. The ship, the Nuesta Senora de Afortunado, had been built by their father in t
  12. I have just been given this old yacht or coastal trader by a guy at work in his 60's,his dad used to play with this model as a young boy.It will be a slow restoration there is some good work on it,brass and some plastic.It looks like it's carved out of solid timber.It's about 1 metre long.The name on it is from a steamship that used to call into Lyttelton.I may strip all the paint off wait and see the deck is 10mm solid wood,the strip at the bottom is lead.Any info or advice to it's restoration will be greatly appreciated thanks ron.
  13. Hi all, Just joined the forum. I have a couple of half finished things to finish off, so apologies if I'm not starting from the beginning. First up is my old Cutty Sark model, started in the eighties that was pretty near finished, but I'm now re-rigging. (Next will be my Corel Wasa, that is much less progressed) The model was nearly done, save for some rigging details on the fore mast. However, in order to take it with me to Australia, I took the whole rigging down, so I'm restarting from this point. (Added picture of model some 5 years ago, before packing and transporting to Australia) J
  14. Hello All, I have a model that was built by my Great Grandfather for my Grandmother back around 1913. Dad and I decided top rename it Virginia Ruth, my Grandmothers first and middle name. It is supposed to be modeled from a sloop(?) that he was familiar with in the Gulf at Homosassa, Fl. Way back in 1980 or so, I did a cosmetic rebuild for a 4-H project. I want to restore it to how he built it. The hull is hollow and we think it may be made out of Bald Cyprus. All I had to work with was the hull and a photograph. My grandmother said that all the rigging operated as it was s
  15. I found this canoe at a second hand store a while back. Even before I thought of building ship models. I had it on my shelf all this time and decided that I could do something with it. Definitely inspired by @Osmosis and his beautiful Peterboro, recently completed. I always thought that this canoe is out of scale; 20.25” long and a beam of about 3.25”. I has no tumblehome, no keel, no thwarts and a large rocker. But I think I can do something with it. I initially thought I would somehow cut it down to 16” to make it more proportional to a typical canoe but decided against that. I've
  16. So here's the start of a nice long and deep project. Unknown Whaling bark. I have to assume that this is not a known ship but the builders idea of what one would look like. The first step I took was photo documenting the ship. Old steel and copper wire was used for the back stays and to tie off the yardarms and pulleys I stripped down all mast and deck fittings, shellac was removed from the deck and the hull was stripped due to orange peeling. The hull was found to be a half *** finishing job with tool marks, too much wood filler or non at all. The last one to paint the hull layed down a ve
  17. Before President Kennedy approved operation "Frigate Bird," he wanted to be sure he understood exactly what the launching sub looked like. This model was built to show him the lead ship of the new ETHAN ALLEN class of SSBN. Operation "Frigate Bird," would be the worlds first and only launching of a fully armed nuclear-tipped ballistic missile. Upon studying the model Kennedy decided he needed to see the ship in person. Due to his back injuries climbing the ladders into the ship was not an option. Electric Boat fabricated a special cage that lowered the President into the submarine.
  18. Its been about a year since my last post; I've been taking some time off. I had gone full throttle on the SIBs for over a year, and neglected the Ship that launched them all for me. So I eventually decided to complete the restoration on the old Santa Maria. The true provenance of this model isn't fully known: My father, born in 1936, once told me that he built the kit as a boy, but he doesn't rememeber how old he was, or how old the kit was, for that matter. Having survived many moves long before I arrived, I remember the ship presented herself to me only in states of worsening d
  19. I just completed restoring a model and would like to know what a fair price for the work would be. I will post the photos in the progression of repairs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  20. I work as a volunteer for three days a week and have been entrusted to restore an old sailing ship. I feel somewhat honoured and not lemoned. It is about 12" loa. It must be about 60 years old. It belongs to a widow. Her late husband built it. It gives me plesure to rekindle what he went through. A point of note is how he has set the yard arms in pairs? Question... Is this normal without sails or a mistake? I want to rekindle it as built but here lies a potential problem. When it is fully restored and mounted in a glass case that will be m
  21. This log is for the restoration of a model wooden schooner my grandfather made for me sometime around 1960 when I was born. The following information is subject to change as I question my family, but this is what I’ve gathered so far about the provenance of the model. I believe he modelled it off of the Bluenose. According to my mother and aunts after which the ship was named, he built most of it while working on a coast guard ship. He never got around to adding sails, but I remember him mentioning a few times that he always wanted to. That would be the only thing I would
  22. I have had an interest for some time in the E. Armitage McCann models and always thought I'd try one someday. I came across a 1927 version of his Pirate fellucca and Spanish Galleon book on Amazon for $11 and decided to make the purchase. It was in great condition for a 91 year old book. It even had the plans in the back sleeve. A friend of mine if the Rocky Mountain Ship wrights happened to be restoring a McCann Constitution so I thought I'd show it to him. He recognized it right away as he has a 1926 copy and he asked how interested I was in building a McCann model. I told
  23. Hoooooo boy, where to even begin... Maybe some background: My grandfather was a prolific model maker, spending his retirement assembling models with what I can only assume were kits, judging by how long scratch builds seem to take. He passed away some years ago, and his models were either split between his children or sold - I recently inherited one of the ones we kept. That model is the Charles W. Morgan, and boy is it in rough shape. If the title didn't warn you enough, I'll say it again - this poor ship has seen much better days. Here are some pictures: Overview
  24. Hello everyone . yes i have put cutty sark on the shelf, but i have got hands in a model of a kdy 15 - junior boat. Denmark's oldest class boat constructed in 1928. kdy stands for Royal Danish Yacht Club. The club was founded on July 3, 1866, and 15 is sail arial. the boat was intended as a school boat for young people in the Danish sailing clubs. for that, it quickly got stuck on the name Junior boat. And in my childhood in the 60's, they were to bee seen in every marina. In the 70's, it was also launched in fiberglass. Today there is a long time between you see them now other and more fash
  25. Hi fellow modelers, I have been a member for some years now, but it is my first real post, other than some questions and requests for advice. I purchased a AL kit in 1989 of the Endeavour (now you are going to ask why do I post this under the scratch build heading) Let me explain: I started the build in that year (1989)and got as far as the masts, starting with ratlines when life in general caught up with me and there was no work done for a loooong time. The model moved around with the family to several destinations and got seriously damaged in the proces
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