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  1. I built the Revell 1/96 Cutty Sark some 50-55 years ago as a teenager. After recently finishing the Revell USS Constitution I decided to do the Cutty Sark again using the skills I have refined over the years as well as the patience that comes with age. This time I decided to work with acrylics as well as enamels to achieve the effects I want, or hope for. Will include more pics as I make my way.
  2. Well, here goes.... I probably shouldn't be leading with close-up of such a finicky detailed part. In fact, I should probably have the clumsy hands who carried out this messy paint job flogged through the fleet. But it really doesn't look too bad from a distance. I may fool with it a bit more. Lurking here has certainly given me a new perspective about what is possible with patience and perseverance. Unfortunately, talent seems to be required as well. But first things first. My name is Paul. I'm from Rochester, Minnesota, USA. It seems that many here in
  3. Here some photo's of my progress thusfar. I started this kit due to the book Batavia by Peter Fitzsimons. My wife had started it, but has stopped the project. She was not patient enough to continue. All the flash on this kit and the fit of the parts discouraged her. So after reding the book I had the urge to build a sailing ship. The only choise I had was this one. So I disassembled all my wife had assembled and started the kit all over. I have made some progress after the steps you see on the photo's, but haven't made pictures of it yet. This is my first ship build, but I
  4. Finally ready to start this New Project in earnest, after 2 weeks or so making and Hand sewing Sails for this kit. This is my biggest project to date and will hopefully stand me in good stead for bigger or better things. There will be a lot of improvisations along the way, most notably the colour scheme of which I feel definitely needs developing. Any relevant help and info anyone can give is much appreciated. Thanks ⚓⚓⚓⚓🤺🤺🤺🤺👍
  5. Hello everyone. This is my first model ship and my first build log here. English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes. I started more than one year ago but I’ll start the log from the beginning, hoping to help other members not to do the same mistake I did. As suggested by the instructions, I started from the hull: The base coat was made by airbrush, acrylic colors (gunze and tamiya), followed by oil filters, dry pastels and oil dry brush in order to simulate the wood planking and to highlight so
  6. Hello everyone, I'm starting on my next plastic model. This will be my second plastic model. My first plastic model was the Revell USS Missouri. I started with these two models mainly because if I mess them up I haven't lost too much. I opened up the box and was somewhat pleased. Being the model castings were made in the 1950's, the model looks ok. The flashing doesn't look bad either. There is a date molded into the hull "1959". The hull is 17" long and is in two pieces. Holding the two halves together, it doesn't look like it will take very much work to get them to fit good.
  7. Brethren: I goofed and posted my start entry for this log in the new member introduction page. Apologies for the procedural error. I've been out of play for a while getting both eyes overhauled. I can actually see my kit now. So... beginning with a basic flat black coat on the hull halves, with the copper sheathing color below the waterline. Closed off the forward gun ports to rig as 1812 with 30-24's. Gun deck pieces are pre-glued together to accommodate my first custom piece - oak planking veneer. Purchased from HisModel and it fits well. Had to trim just a smidgen off the forward sides
  8. This is my first build log here in Model Ship World, but it is about a plastic ship model that I have already been working on for about three and a half years. I may have have many years to go on the project, because I am only working on it here and there and I am doing some modifications as well, which add time. First, some background information. As a child and teenager, I built a number of plastic models. Some of my favorites were plastic sailing ships, and I still have a couple of them that I built over 30 years ago: I also tried to build the Monogram 1:120 USS
  9. I built this exact Revell Cutty Sark model when it was new in the 1970's with my dad. It got destroyed at some point in a move and when I saw this kit on e-bay I had to build it again. He has since passed away but I think he would have appreciated the finished product again. I have always liked the Cutty and my daughter and I had a chance to visit the real one in Greenwich, England a few years ago. It was beautiful. If you ever get a chance then go see it, what a marvelous museum. After that trip I found this model and I was hooked again. I took me about 600 hours to build and rig her.
  10. Good day all, I thought I would start this log in preperation for finishing my HMS Warspite build, I have wanted to build a version of the Black Pearl for a while now, but there is no Honest company making a wood kit and only the one decent scale plastic kit, so I came up with the crazy idea of mashing my Peregrine kit into the Pearl. Most inportant Im building this for the wife as a Special request. This will take some doing as the keel pieces and ribs in the peregrine kit will all need modifying with extra pieces adding to them (I am under no illusion th
  11. I recently completed my Ravell USS Constitution I received as a Christmas gift. Five months of work. I am pleased with it. Like most on here I opted to leave the sails off so as to better see the rigging. I am about to start the Ravell Cutty Sark. When I did the Constitution I did not paint the deck. Just left it the cream color right out of the box. For the Cutty Sark I have decided to paint the deck as I have seen a number of modelers do. I was looking on line for hints and ideas and stumbled onto this blog, which I had no idea existed when I did the Constitution. Wish I had. Reading over it
  12. Hello everyone. This will by my first attempt at a build thread. Also, this is my first attempt at a ship model in over forty years. I thought I would start with a easy build, so I picked up Revell 1:535 USS Missouri. There is not a lot of detail on this model and I can't find that there is a photoetch set for this model. I started by working to get the hull and the deck to fit correctly. The froward area of the hull was bowed in, so I added extra tabs to the underside of the deck to make it fit. After gluing it up and lots of sanding, the hull/deck fit is starting to look better. The anc
  13. Hi all, Starting this kit, bought it on Ebay. Seems to be complete. I have a few issues with the deck though, it's warped with age. I am hoping somebody might have some good tips on how to flatten it so that I can start painting and refurbishing it. As you can see, the model was started and abandoned. Luckily all the parts seem to be there. The deck was started, hastily painted, cannons cemented down but not cleanly. I will fix all that. But I need to straighten this deck before I paint. Any suggestions? Steam? Boiling water? Microwave?
  14. I decided to start a new build log based on the classic Revell 1/426 USS Arizona. I will be creating a diorama of the USS Arizona as she is now with the Shapeways memorial scale model. I started by removing the decks from their sprue and assembling the basic model. I only need the two hull halves, the two primary decks, the first secondary deck, two turrets and one set of guns. I traced the outline of the inverted hull onto a piece of cardboard. After measuring the length and width, I printed the drawing that I will base my build on, on legal size paper. Now I just need to take my plan to a co
  15. Since she is at the half way point for the build I'll keep this brief for a start. Research in depth along with custom and scratch built parts is in progress. Rigging and masts per BlueJackets model plans. I am changing some colors for a show model style IE mast colors and other smaller boats along with deck detailing enhancements. Cannon's: Ship deck detail (In progress): My humble dry-dock (Mobile): I'll post updates periodically, any questions please ask. The kit was found in shelf perfect condition and is a joy to build. The best CSS
  16. Welcome on the build of Revell's Bounty scale 1/110 I got this kit for free from friends who cleaned up their attic. My first idea when I opened the box. Was oops .... On closer examination, it turned out that the model design probably dates from 1956. The mold is from 1978. Therefore the "lesser quality" of the details to current standards. First, i wanted to throw everything away. But it had some trouble with this idea. So why not start on it and try to add some extra details. This will not be an exact copy. My biggest challenge to make th
  17. I thought this would be a good time to dust off this great kit, Revell's "America", circa 1969 edition. The hull is cast in black plastic and the sails are more usable than the vacuform sails that are in the newer released kit version. The surface detail is fantastic, both on the hull and decks. The scale is not perfect and it is not 1/56 scale...not even close...it is 1/61ish and the boat is 1/4 inch too narrow on the beam. Still, it's close enough that it is still pleasing to the eye. The instructions state that the model can be sailed on a pond (as a free-sailor) if certain steps are tak
  18. This old kit doesn’t seem to have a lot written about it, so I figured I might as well document my ongoing build. I started this as a build thread over on the Ships forum at Fine Scale Modeler, but I figure there isn’t a lot of overlap of readership between the two sites, so I’ll post it here, too. ( I do see that Fright is doing the same thing with his Lindberg Lightship Nantucket build.) The first several posts will be to document the work that was done over the last month or two- once I get the posts caught up, updates will be further apart! The molds date from 195
  19. Hello friends, the young lady safing my life* will have birthday in 2 1/2weeks!!! So I picked the old WaltDisney JOLLY ROGER** pirate ship out of my pile of kits. Due to the sentence as she says if she thinks about me she remembers ships... So I do remember the nearly funny film (I was allways a sceptical guy even with Walts' productions at childhood - did I have had this illness?) and the JOLLY ROGER pirate ship (very first Revell kit box I can remember - Monogram is the P-61 Black Widow - Heller is the huge SR-box) the 1/72 scale I wouldn't take too serious.
  20. I've been milling over this model long enough........now I went and done it! assembly has begun. actually, it started a couple of weeks ago, but I was try to get an idea of what I could do, in dressing her up. I bought the kit a month or so ago............I remember building this kit in my younger days. I thought it had a wonky way of assembly back then....and I still think so today research on this model has been tough.......this particular model ranks lower than the Trumpeter 1:200 kit {and even that is subject to debate}......there are some 1:350 scale kits out there that rank e
  21. I recently discovered ship models (and this site)! I've been lurking and reading for the last few weeks and I am diving in (in the shallow end). So here goes nothing!
  22. Another birthday gift, started painting the hull so why not start the log? I know I started a revell Constitution when I was a kid, but never finished it. I figured it was probably the smaller one, I didn't think my parents would buy me a 3 foot long model ship, and I didn't see myself having the means to buy the big one myself. So I ordered this kit with an amazon gift card from my sister in law. It's not the one I had... after looking into reviews and videos on YouTube I have determined that I somehow ended up with the 1:96 kit as a kid!! So I don't get to "finish the one I start
  23. Hello all, new to the forum community here at Model Ship World, but not to the world of modeling. I have been posting on another forum my progress on the U.S.S. Constitution and decided I need to start a log here to tap into the knowledge available on this forum. I've built everything from car, trucks, aircraft, to modern warships, including 3 1/96 Revell sailing ships, Thermopylae in the mid 70's, USS United States in the early 80's, to recently finishing a very badly damaged Cutty Sark that sat for 18 years half finished while life got in the way. I have been following Force9's build w
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