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  1. Ive decided to take the leap into scratch building. I'm nearing the end of my HMS Winchelsea and I have to say trying to find a decent kit after that build is a difficult task. So ive decided to just build my first ship from drawings. I got the Anatomy of the ship book and I have some prints I obtained a long time ago. Ive scanned all the drawings I have and checked them for accuracy after printing. After that task was done and after lots of staring at the prints I've started on the keel. Ive gotten all the parts cut and fitted about as good as I can get them. After I get that finished I can start cutting the spine and bulkheads. Im sure this will be a slow process because of my checking over things again and again because this is my first full scratch build. Any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Google Translate. Hello to all! In this thread I will be showing the construction of a model of one of the most beautifully decorated ships of its time, the royal yacht "ROYAL CAROLINE" built in 1749. Construction of two models at once began in January 2009. During a year and a half, construction was active (hulls were made and sheathed, the main decks and many other efficient things were made) and then due to lack of time, construction became sporadic. Now I am trying to speed up the process and reach the finish line. My main goal is to show the beauty and harmony of the lines of the ships of that era, the beauty of the high-quality processed wood surface and the production of spectacular decor. Also, one of the models will be put up for sale and I am looking for potential buyers. I will not communicate much on the forum, so I apologize in advance if I do not always answer. In addition, I use Google translator, and this program is not perfect, it can distort the meaning of the sentence and then I have to spend a lot of time on clarifications and not the fact that everything is cleared up. Let the pictures speak more. Sincerely, Alexander. So, let's begin) ROYAL CAROLINE 1749, 1:48 scale, royal yacht. Material: Pear (two colors), Madagascar ebony, maple.
  3. Hi Ffolks as I mentioned in my log "Galeone Roter Löwe" I changed my plans for my second build. I originally wanted to build the Roter Löwe by Mamoli, but the kit is not available at the moment. So I decided to start with the Royal Caroline by Panart. The parcel was delivered today. All I can say is "Wow". The box is filled with timber of all Kind, size and Color. There are strips, plywood, Fittings, brass cast, ropes... Four big plans full and overfull with drawings and a booklet with some Kind of instructions. I will try to get an overview now. I think I will start soon with my second wooden model ship Some pics - as usual Cheerio Max
  4. Hello all! I have discovered a long time ago that I cannot simply build one ship at a time. As I am only working on Royal Louis right now, and am nearing the halfway point, I found myself with the itch to start a new build. I do enjoy doing things this way as it allows me to switch back and forth between builds when I get to a point where I need more research or am simply bored with what I am currently doing. I was originally going to build Sovereign of the Seas, but every store I checked was currently sold out with no expected date of restock due to global shipping conditions. The one I found was priced far higher than normal and so I passed. Thanks particularly to Doris' breathtaking build of Royal Caroline, this beautiful yacht had been at the top of my wish list for some time and so I decided to go for it. As usual for me, I intend to heavily bash this kit, particularly to build out the interior cabins and provide lighting to illuminate those details. Working with a far larger scale than I am usually accustomed to, 1:48 compared to my other current build of 1:90, means that I will have ample opportunity for showing those details with clarity, and far less excuses for shoddy work... 😬 So please, pull up a chair and join me if you like. I build slow, so get a big bucket of popcorn and settle in. I hope you enjoy the journey. First off, the unboxing. I will not go into too much detail here as these are all largely the same. What is inside is typical for a Mantua brand kit. Decent laser cut parts, clean wood and fair castings, fittings and some line for rigging. Nothing spectacular but the components will make a fine model out of the box. Some stuff I use, some I do not and will be explained as the build goes on.
  5. Hermione now sits in my library on a nice furniture covered with glass. Coronivirus lock-down continuous though things look much better. In the last days Cyprus marks single digit numbers. Actually I wasnt planning to start a new model so soon, but lock-down drove my hand to the cupboard where the R.Caroline kit was stored. A kit in a scale that I really desire to build... where details can be seen, I hope. Its my second ship of the 18th century. After Hermione I though the scale and the rich decoration of this ship, it can become a much enjoyable build. So am sailing again.
  6. Hello Model Friends. After much research and more considerations, I decided to build the model of the "ROYAL CAROLINE 1749". The history of the Royal Caroline has been written x times, so I'll give up on more details. After the sparse construction drawings, as well as various to scale without drawings in the book by AotS I have strong doubts about the success of the project, but I try it anyway. The plan drawings by Boudriot, Delacroix from ANCRE publishing house, on the other hand, are top class in their own right, i very first cream. Thanks Mike for the help of the frame drawings. To the model: Scale: 1/48 Wood: German Elsbeere Overall lenght: 655,0 mm I will build the model with visible frames from the second barwood, as well as the interior. I have already installed the "backbone" of the model on/in the slipway building board. There are no photos of the individual parts, smoothly forgotten. Next step is the construction of forty-five douple frames, each frame consists of twelve parts, so I am busy in the near future. Karl (Sorry, Google translator)
  7. ***Royal Caroline 1749 - Panart / Mantua Models*** Hello my friends!! It has been a while, a few months actually after completing my Santa Maria project. It was a joy to build and a honour to receive all those warm responses! I hope not to let you guys / galls down with this new project! During my absense I moved to a new house and I have been busy to make it a home. My last house was a temp. rental and the place had limited space. Due to the limited space I had to build my SM in the kitchen at the kitchentable. Our new house has enough space to have my own buildingplace, but I desided not to move to a seperate room. I liked working in the kitchen which is close to my family members in the house and so I'm not so isolated. Having small kids, this suits my family best. I do not use powertools, so I can easily clean up my workplace after working on the ship. What to choose... So, I had some difficulties to make a choice of a model for my next project. I narrowed my search to go for an Italian manufacturer like Amati, Corel or Mantua / Sergal / Panart, Euromodel. I had a specific budget for my next model as well, so that narrowed my search again. At last I desided to go for a English, Dutch or French 17th or 18th century. By this a few model ships were left on the list and I choose Royal Caroline of Panart, which is part of Mantua Models. The history of HMY Royal Caroline 1750 HMY Royal Caroline was a ship-rigged royal yacht. She was ordered in 1749 to replace HMY Carolina as Britain's principal royal yacht. She was built at Deptford Dockyard under the supervision of Master Shipwright John Hollond to a design by Surveyor of the Navy Joseph Allin. She was launched on 29 January 1750 and was broken up 70 years later, in 1820. Service Royal Caroline was first commissioned under Captain Sir Charles Molloy, who commanded her until 1753. Captain Sir Piercy Brett took over in 1754, and in August 1761 she became the flagship of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Anson, with Captain Peter Denis as his flag-captain. Anson had orders to convey Duchess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz from Cuxhaven, Kiel to marry George III. Accompanying the yacht, renamed HMY Royal Charlotte in honour of the occasion, was a squadron of warships and four other royal yachts, HMY Mary, Katherine, Augusta and Fubbs. During the return voyage the squadron was three times blown over to the Norwegian coast by westerly gales and took ten days to reach Harwich, which it did on 6 September 1761. Royal Charlotte was commissioned under Peter Denis in December 1763, and remained under his command until 1770. Denis was succeeded by Captain John Campbell that year, and Campbell remained in command until his promotion to rear-admiral in 1777.[1] Royal Charlotte was recommissioned under Captain William Cornwallis in March 1783, and he was succeeded in turn by Captain Sir Hyde Parker in 1788. The yacht was briefly recommissioned in December 1792, but was paid off the following year. French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars She continued to be used for official occasions during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, with King George III making frequent trips in his yachts to welcome returning fleets and to conduct fleet reviews. The King embarked on Royal Charlotte in 1797 to visit the fleet at the Nore after the Battle of Camperdown, in order to honour Admiral Adam Duncan. Contrary winds however prevented the ship from reaching the mouth of the Thames, and instead the King was blown back up river to Greenwich. Royal Charlotte recommissioned again in May 1801 under Captain Sir Harry Neale, though by February 1804 Captain George Grey was in command. Grey was succeeded later in 1804 by Captain George Henry Towry, and he in turn in 1805 by Captain Edward Foote. By this time Royal Charlotte had been succeeded as the principal royal yacht by the introduction of the slightly larger HMY Royal Sovereign in 1804. Captain Foote commanded the yacht until 1812, when Captain Thomas Eyles took over command, and in June 1814 Captain George Scott became her commander. Royal Charlotte continued in service until July 1820, when she was finally broken up. source: Wikipedia The ins and outs of the box The box itself is made of cardboard. The typical standard in boxland. Shape of the box is long and narrow to hold wooden and metal parts. The boxart and artistic layout of colorfull images on the box scream "buy me and build me" Also a common standard in boxland! Everthing is neatly organized and sealed. The small ornaments and metal parts does look very good. After a look at the drawings however I recognize the Italian "style" of organized "chaos".... I will have a handfull on the poor drawings and poor instructions.... So, the wood looks nice doh... The pre-cut laser parts look good as well....just make sure I'll sand off the burn of the laser for a good fix between the wooden parts.... In a nutshell does the kit look very promising and a joy to build for sure. I'm not sure about some details, alternations and colorscheme yet, but this will become clear during my log of this build. Technical specifications and size Lengte: 830 mm Hoogte: 600 mm Schaal: 1:47 Part no: MM750 The build begins! Sheet 1 figure 1: it begins, bulkheads and "false" keel To start the build, first I have to number all the bulkhead parts and also the false keel. Preperation is everything they say... After numbering the parts, It's time to release them from their imprisonment! To clean up the parts, I use a 80grid sandpaper to sand off the burn of the laser. It's time to try a dry-fit of the parts. And I was very impressed with the overall fit of the parts. It didn't need to much adjustment at all and all fitted nicely. After this I will glue the parts into place, but that will be for the next update. The log and build has started and I hope you guys will follow me allong the way. See yah! Peter
  8. Hi, I'm re-posting my building log from a long time ago. My building log was lost during some server migration and as I did not progress with a build I haven't Re-post until now. The start of the build was perhaps 10-12 years ago. I build almost complete hull within 2 years (most of the work was from the box). When the hull was nearly finished I got the Conway's Anatomy of the ship plans and I started with some modifications. Unfortunately I do not have photos from that period anymore. Than I got long brake (first job, next Jobs, childerns etc.). Few months ago I started again. To do are mast, rigging, sails and some little rest on the hull. Now I try to follow the new plans as much as possible. I started with bowsprit and fore lower mast and standing rigging. Current status is on pics.
  9. Hello everybody, the builging of the "Royal Caroline" from the beginning, many pic's are too large too download here That's all for today, next one, tommorow, friendly, Dom.
  10. Hello dear friends , in summer 2012 I have started a scratch build of HMY Royal Caroline 1749 in a scale 1/40. The model is made of card (mainly) and other materials (modeling clay, wood, self-adhesive foils etc.). I will proceed according to plans from the book Anatomy of the ship, which are quite detailed and nicely designed. Other documents and information come from foreign literature, which describes construction, fitting and rigging of ships from this period. Because I want to build a realistic model of the RC as possible, I will be grateful for any comments and suggestions, which could help me to achieve that result. I chose Royal Caroline mainly for her sleek lines and beautiful sculptural decoration, and also because finally I will not have to make so many cannons as on the previous models.... One of the most realistic painting of HMY Royal Caroline and peregrine (second picture) by John Cleveley The Elder Full report of my work is here: http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=68385#p1324089 For sailing ships lovers - here is a video with my best sailing ships; HMS Bellona and HMS Victory (modified) come from polish manufacturer Shipyard, Sovereign of the seas is my own scratch build. All these models are made of card. Enjoy it: Kind regards, Doris
  11. Hello and welcome to the build log of my second wooden ship model. This time it is the Royal Caroline by Mantua/Panart in the scale 1:47. I was admiring work of others on MSW while building this nice kit and that is why I have finally decided to go with this as the second build. I am constantly trying to do some kit bashing. I am also using the Anatomy book to improve some parts and details of the model to be more historically correct. Although some parts I kept as they were in the kit. I started the build in December 2011. Unfortunately I was not able to spend as much time on the model as I would like so I am still almost at the beginning. I will try to upload all images as in the previous build log of the RC from the MSW 1.0 forum...
  12. Dear friends model builders, I am starting here a new build log in the name of my very good friend Mile Bijelić. We have registered Mile last weekend and since Mile has limited access to a computer and is just learning in getting used to it, I will be posting his photos more often. Nevertheless, Mile will read the comments and reply - possibly with a certain delay, you may excuse him. First to introduce Mile Bijelić from my point of view: Mile is a very kind and dear person who impressed me since many years with his extremely exact way of working with the models. As far as I am concerned, Mile made something over 20 model ships of higher complexity. I myself was always getting my jaws dropped when looking at the beauty he managed to express with his models. All the photos I made cannot express the feeling when I observe them in the nature. At the same time, Mile is an extremely uncomplicated, openhearted person willing to help without end. We were sitting, I can remember the winter where we had some repairing at the electrical installation in the district of the town Zagreb and it was cold, we were sitting in the coats in his room for 13 hours and in the evening we were using our pocket lamps. He was and is always here for me to support me with my (challenging) project (De Zeven Provincien, 1665 in scale 1:45). Mile won gold at the world Championship twice: in August 1998 with the Royal Caroline 1749, scale 1:35 and in September 2013 with the Royal Prince 1670, scale 1:70. Just for the introduction, I will post here the photo of Mile (he is in the blue shirt on the right, Royal Prince in the middle and myself am on the left side) and a second photo of Mile with his awards. From now, I will add photos under my name and Mile will write from his account directly. Cheers Dražen (in the name of Mile)
  13. Bone model of HMY 1749 Caroline M 1: 50 I asked for a little patience so I can write something to the building report chronologically. Now that I have already reported in other forums Caroline I would like to read the report and hopefully entertaining to bring on PC Let's start with the planning. In the year 1988, While visiting the "Hestorisch Sheep ride Museeum" in Amsterdam, I see a very strange looking white model held in a French frigate. The tiny carvings fascinate me. My wife: OOOOOH ... so one I would also like to have! I: you shall have ..... In the following years! I collect everything that is there to have bone vessels and bone processing. For model prove only the leg bones of bovine animals. (Upper and lower leg, called tubes or bone marrow) as ideal, because the density and strength is optimal. All other ... Ribs, shoulder, skull, etc. are too porous and brittle. The preparation of the bone. For the construction of Caroline to start about 400 tubes are required! This massive amount you will not get the butcher of his confidence but only at the slaughterhouse. A tube is [without joints] about 160 - 180 mm long. Weight 200g The tubes must be boiled at high temperatures to remove the marrow and cook again. I have poured over the cooking time about 500l best Mark soup down the sink .. Then with muuuch Cleaningsalt 3 - 5 times through the dishwasher [highest rinsing] and then let dry. (About 3 years!) The first drying cycle was completed on the balcony (the bone Always nice hanging in direct sunlight). My neighbors loved it ...... Except for one!!! Just imagine the following situation. My wife was in the hot phase of the bonecooking in court on govermenthighschool. The City "Hof" is about 200 kilometers from Augsburg (whre we live). She stayed there during the week from Monday to Friday. The course lasted 3 years and in that time my wife wasnt seen for many neighbors anymore. I was at this time full-time home with three little children. (whatisayhiswifeisrunnawaynowonderlookthisman) were still the nicest rumors. Suddenly my balcony was full of bone depends on a cord strung out to dry One day, it rings the doorbell ........ I open and behold, two "Chipmunks" are coming up. I quote again: Good day how are you, (well, thank you), we were just in the area can we comein ...... ?? (Clear, like .. please enter) -. my daughters hunting the cat and run the state power almost overboard --- your children are so happy ...canwepleasetalktoyourwife? (No that is prevented) one of the two in backgrond mutters "that i belive" The first again: we want now, please talk with your wife. (I said it is prevented) Meanwhile, we all go to the kitchen. From my kitchen is access to the balcony and there one can see the tremendous amount of bone hanging from a beam. Both chipmunks pale and call me an ultimativ to say where´s my wife!! I have tell the men from the police to the residence of my wife and the reason could be solved without the most accurate information that can be called my wife, perhaps as a cow but is unlikely to achieve this amount of bone in a single body. The two left my apartment rather monosyllabic The dried and assorted bones are now halved lengthwise on a bandsaw. (My boss wanted to know where my wife is ). These shells can now, as required in planks, 4 square timbers or other basic blanks are processed. This was just the beginning. Soon we will start with the foundation Until then ....... Freeguard leave ..... greetings Robert
  14. hi all! here is my new ship build kit the royal caroline i try with this kit to rebuild all that is not include in the kit like some sculptures and détail i post some picture: here is where i am with this ship....
  15. Hi, It's time to start my second build log on ModelShipWorld.com. As I won't be starting this build from scratch, I guess a little explanation is in order. My father started this model, and built it to the point shown below, where the hull decorations were mainly in place, and the deck furniture was mainly built, if not fitted. He passed away in January 2013, and I felt it would be a terrible shame for the model to be left unfinished. The challenge was to get some of the skills necessary to attempt to finish such a kit, so I started with something smaller. For those interested, you can see how I got on here with Caldercraft's HM Schooner Pickle (HM Schooner Pickle.) Anyway, I finished that kit a few days ago, and now I'm ready to begin work on Caroline. Here's a picture of Caroline before I started work (except to go over her with a soft brush to get the dust off) You can see a number of the fittings next to the bow. The first evening's work was to go through the plans carefully and try and get my head around what had been done and what hadn't. I was immediately struck by how sparse the instructions are. Compared to Pickle which guides you through the rigging step by step with great care, the instructions for Caroline stop once you've put the deck furniture on, and just point you to the plans. Thankfully I'll be able to draw on the many excellent resources on this website, and my experience with Pickle. Secondly was that the plans are printed on both sides, and so some time was spent sellotaping the plans back together where they had worn so thin they were in pieces. Once this was done, I was ready to start fitting deck furniture (which had been pre-assembled off the model by my father). An emotional process, but it's lovely to see it start coming together. Photos of progress so far are below: Cleats at the bow, fitted: Capstan, fitted, although I'm not very happy with the gap between the capstan base and the deck, so this will be gently refitted... The support for the flag pole... Steps... And then, just for the fun of it, I dry-fitted some of the other fittings just to give me an idea of how they would fit onto the deck side by side... (cannon, ships-boat supports, etc..) - all of these are dry-fitted (and now I look at it, the sled for the ship's boat is upside-down!) Sorry about the state of the photos, but it will give a rough idea. Anyway. Happy building, thanks for looking, and I hope to be back with an update very soon. Rob
  16. I was searching an old collection of dvd's when i came across a set of pictures from my "Royal Caroline" build - The original log was lost in the great crash a few years ago. So here they are, including quite a bit of detail about the building of the kit supplied ships boat: (Not sure how many I can fit in so i'll do five at a time.
  17. Hello shipmates, this is my third attempt, in the world of ship modelling with this beautiful vessel. My admiral gave me an early gift for my upcoming birthday ...I had in mind to buy it as a present to myself on christmas time.. :D I have still a lot to do on my Amerigo Vespucci and i don't want start the RC right away. How ever, because i'm not the most patient man in the world, I decided to start this build log with some photos of the current kit. All the instructions on the large sheets with the plans are written in Italian . Of course there is a book of instructions in English that seems not to be at all bad. I have no big experience with wood quality , but the kit's wood seems fine. I will use the lime strips for a 1st planking and for the 2nd, i'm thinking -instead of walnut that came with the kit -of using some swiss pear strips. I also decided to change the walnut strips from 0.5 to 1 mm for the deck panking (or use lime strips). All items included in the kit are inside (no missing parts). :) So here are the photos.... Kind Regards Dimitris
  18. Hi to all, I am starting to build Royal Caroline by Panart. Some photos of the kit's contents. Frederica
  19. Right, I am re-posting the build I am currently undertaking of the Royal Caroline from Panart. This is a strictly kit build, no modifications. I started on this build just after Christmas 2005 and I have had a couple of Hiatus periods between then and now. I am working on deck work and the ornamentation on the hull. It is time consuming and very difficult. The biggest criticisms of the kit that I have are the cut plywood pieces over the windows. It neccessitates cuttling a circle in half, trimming off some little pieces and getting them to look good. Not easy. Overall though I like the kit, italian translations to hand make mantua / sergal / panart kits much easier. Anyroad, I have attached some pictures and will update as I go.
  20. Royal Caroline from Panart is my second build. It is a kit for more experienced builders than me, but i learned a lot from my mistakes and i think the result is good enough. I didnt like the white color of the hull and i decided to paint it black. I know this is not historically correct but... I created a poll because i am curious about your opinion regarding the color of the hull. Attached you can see some photos from the process Thanks Sokrates
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