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Found 8 results

  1. It is finally time to start the new build! Royal Louis by Mamoli. This will be my third ship in my series of French warships. First being La Couronne, second Soleil Royal and now Royal Louis. My goal with these is to show an evolution of ship building and design throughout the 17th century and into the 18th. I am no expert on the topic, and this is really just for fun but, it has been a very learning and exciting ride so far. Yes, Soleil Royal is still under construction and I have no intention of leaving her unfinished. Much like I did during L.C.'s build, I will be swapping back and forth periodically between the two builds. I have found that for myself on these large and very long builds, (Soleil Royal is quickly approaching the completion of her second trip around the sun with easily another to go) that being able to switch between projects helps to alleviate a lot of those monotonous places in the build that often times drives builders to quit. I just want to give fair warning that if the build goes silent for a long length of time, I'm most likely on the other and feel free to join me there! Next up is the newest addition to my shipyard, the Professional Build Slip from Hobbyzone. I have been wanting to build or buy a build slip for some time and a while back I read through an excellent review and tutorial on assembling this one on MSW. Link here. I decided to give it a try. So far I am happy with it and it has already been a huge help in fixing some of my common issues of bulkhead alignment. I think this will be the start to a lot of years with a great new tool. Now we come to the kit itself. Most of what is in it is fairly common kit pieces. Laser cut false keel, bulkheads and misc. framing pieces. Packages of the usual cast decorations (I will again be carving my own) canons, carriages, furniture etc. The rope looks decent. Not the best to be had but perfectly usable for anyone not wanting to upgrade and still have a nice model. The wood probably impressed me the most. Looking at the bundles, I see nice straight strips, uniform thicknesses and plenty of it. A nice change from the quality of my last two kits. How much of it will I use n this model is yet to be seen, though not from quality but, from color and species choices. Since I am trying to keep my three ships looking relatively the same, I will most likely be switching to mahogany and walnut for the outer hull. We shall see. The instructions are decent but, not for a beginner. Like most kits similar to this one, the drawings and "instructions" leave a a lot of detail out and makes assumptions that you know what you are doing in order to achieve what it shown. Plan on using a lot of outside resources for rigging, planking etc.. All part of the fun right?! Probably the most annoying thing so far that I have seen, is how much stuff is cast metal. Ladders, railings, the ship's wheel and even the boats are all cast metal. I will not be using any of those items on this build. Like most of these kits there are no sails, only the flags so I will need to make my own, though that is a very long time from now. I'm looking forward to another fun and educational build! So let us get started. While waiting on the new slip to get here, (I had a month as it was coming overseas) I was able to get the keel glued together and test fit all the bulkheads and decks to check alignments and to see what modifications I will need to do to accommodate my personal changes. The main ones being the build out of the cabins along with lighting. I did this on S.R. and intend to do the same again. Now that the slip is in and assembled, I sett he keel in place and began to set the bulkheads and installed the first deck. Off to a good start. Filler blocks, fairing the frames, extra supports and all those fun hours of sanding that go into the sub structure that make the model turn out nice is up next. I hope everyone enjoys the journey!
  2. Hello all. Couldn't wait and I'm posting these photos with the sole purpose of starting my Royal Louis build log. I'm under the impression this will be a real challenge. Box and contents shown. I know before hand I won't be using some of the stuff in this kit. Like those metal boats: Plan to purchase wooden kits for those parts. Blocks: I'm planning to purchase blocks from an external source. Rigging thread: I will make my own. Too many metal parts. Still don't know which I will use or won't. Will decide in due time. Actual build photos will come later. All you see in the photos is all the room I have to build. That is a blanket closet. I dream of a really big and spacious shop.
  3. Starting my New Build of 2021.... The "ROYAL LOUIS" 1/200 - Heller. The Drawing of the Hull, the distribution of the artillery and rigging were drawn from a description of the ship's lines by Comte d'ESTAING dated 25 September 1772. The building plans were prepared by the famous Naval architect MR, OLLIVIER. The ROYAL LOUIS was a first rate ship, it was armed with 120 cannons, including 32 x 36 calibre guns each weighing nearly 5 Tonnes. In 1779-1780, ROYAL LOUIS was a lead ship of the Blue-White Squadron, which was part of the so-called "Comte d'ESTAING" America Squadron. Prep work done to Hulls inside and out to make the paintwork more applicable. Cannon carriages started, 4 different sizes, 40 done only another 80 to go, then on to the Cannons themselves. This will be the most time consuming painting within the kit itself, even more so than the stern gallery architecture. 648 parts plus alterations, Big job ahead, quite probably replacing the masts with wooden ones as well. Happy modelling everyone Staysafe and take care 🤺🤺🤺⚓⚓⚓
  4. Greetings to everyone! This kit needs no introductions, as it is an old Heller, with many issues. In fact I have made, and/or attempted to kitbash this kit many times in the past. So basically the simple plan is this: repeat all the methods I used on the bomb ketch, with the experience and skill I got from that kit to the Royal Louis. The main issue this kit has, which had to be addressed is the horrendous wood grain that covers the entire side of the ship. It is off scale, and actually shouldn't exist at all. Plus the over the top wales that had to be trimmed down as well. With these out of the way, some modifications are needed on the bow, like re positioning the holes of the anchor lines to a more conventional place, better staircases, knees to hold the upperdecks up etc. Trying to match the model in the Musee de la Marine perfectly is not my intend, chiefly because I don't like its color scheme. Here you can see the first difficult step: The entire ship has been sanded down, and every surface smoothed down. The wales were reduced as well. When planks need to show up, I'll draw them with pencil just like in the Bomb ketch.
  5. Hello to everyone! This is the beginning of my build of the Mamoli Royal Louis 1:90 scale. After wanting this kit for a few decades now, and having been inspired by Ulises Victoria's fabulous build here on Modelshipworld, I am pleased to begin my build of this fabulous 18th century vessel. All the contents look great, and everything is still sealed from the factory. Fittings and wood look to be of a superior quality than my Constructo La Flore.... Will keep all posted here on all build updates! Sargon
  6. Before anything, English is not my mother language so please be kind to my mistakes (there will be too many I'm afraid) and lack of nautical jargon. Well, this is my first build. You may think it's a pretty bold move for a beginner to model such an intricate ship as the Royal Louis but I fell in love at first sight with the model at the Musée National de la Marine in Paris a couple years ago. At the time, I had no interest whatsoever in ship modeling, which is a pity, and missed the opportunity of taking hundreds of pictures at the museum. Either way, that's the one... The model at the museum is huge - I think it's larger than 2.5 meters (8.2 feet?). I wanted to build a model ship like everyone in the forum but I live in a small appartment in Sao Paulo Brazil so I had to settle for something smaller. I also didn't want to buy a kit (another risky choice for a rookie) so I got both model ship makers and historical plans to plan my build. In the end, I planned my little Royal Louis to have a 25 cm hull (9.8 inches?) and sit comfortably on a very small shelf when done. Another reason for the small size is that I don't have much time so, a larger model would take too much time preparing the wood, etc etc. I'm no Lloyd Mccafery so my model will be full of flaws and probably horrible in the end, but I guess it's a nice experience and you can only learn stuff by doing it. I really hope I can learn something from it. Lots of stuff will be out of scale or I'll end up using inadequate materials/techniques, but in the end I'll have fun. I used POB as a start as you can see in the next pic... The bulkheads are really thin, so wood was not an option (at least for my poor skills). I tried with a couples different types of wood but all of them felt too brittle to my taste, so the internal false keel / bulkheads were all made of styrene. They do have some flexibility but at least I didn't break all of the bulkheads. So far, so good.
  7. hello to all. this is my build log of the royal Louis. I had the frames laser cut out and scaled to 1/72 scale from the plans of 1/90. a company in pennsylvania did the work from plans I sent him. I have started to build her and am working on the1st planking of the hull. the frames and the decks are in place. the deck planking is maple with a cote of clear on them. so far no problems with anything. made my own holders for the false guns. cutting out the gun ports using a scroll saw blade. will post pictures hopefully this weekend if I can figure it out. terry
  8. Hi guys, this will be my first build log. It is of the Mamoli Royal Louis, it isn't exactly to the plans so far, the difference being main the bulwarks have been made thick and the railings are also a bit more bulky. This is the photo of the kit. Don't expect great photography and don't expect a nice clean build (it's my first...). I started it late December 2012. Currently it has been double planked and I am in the process of adding the fittings and fixing up the paint. I also have to finish the bottom of the side galleries. I redid the stern transom to fit it up, the kit has some cardboard inserts which I attached but i did not like, so i replaced them with plastic with X patterns etched into them.There was sadly a little bit of CA cloud but I suppose I will attribute it to a lack of cleaning of the glass I won't be rigging the guns because at 1:90 scale the blocks and hooks won't look right. Mamoli say the ship is the 1780 ship along with a fictitious blurb about the American War of Independence, from what I can see a ship called Royal Louis wasn't present at any significant engagement but more information would be appreciated. Having said that I kinda think the kit itself (and the Heller one) is based on the model of the 1759 Royal Louis that is held in the Musée de la Marine. On completion I will have sails that have been purchased separately. Any assistance regarding the history of the ship and in modeling matters will be much appreciated. Rigging experts assistance will be very appreciated!
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