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Found 10 results

  1. I have just finished my Amati Revenge and I'm going to jump right in and start on this kit. I've read about this kit and know its reputation so hopefully I'm prepared for the issues that will pop up and with the assistance of the existing logs will be able to work through them. Despite the issues I'm very impressed with the look of the finished kits I've seen, it can be a very beautiful ship and I'm hoping I'll be able to make it look good. Some of the issues I expect to face will be the hull planking as I don't plan on painting the hull so the sections of pre cut and laser etched hull probably won't match each other when stained. I'm keeping open the idea of replacing those pre-cut and etched areas with planking and just purchasing enough wood to be able to plank the entire hull with the same wood. I'm sure I'll have to get a little further into it to figure out what I'm going to do. I've also seen multiple comments about the alignment of the decks and cannon ports so I'll try to be extra careful as I assemble that area and make sure I get all that aligned correctly without having to take things apart. I haven't been able to find a log of this kit that's less than several years old so I'll try and note things that are different from the logs I've seen. I'm hoping some of the instructions will have been corrected over the years, I did check the book that came with the kit and as far as I can tell it matches the PDF on the Mantua website. Initial inspection of the parts seem to show that everything seems to be of good quality, some of the brass looks a little less than completely sharp in definition but nothing that really bothers me from what I've seen so far. I'm not crazy about the pre-etched decks, I really enjoyed doing the decking on the Revenge but I suspect that if I try to deck over the provided deck here it's be way too thick but we'll see as I get there. I consider myself more of a kit nudger than a basher so I'm not looking to do a total rework of how the kit does things, just make slight improvements where I can. All in all I'm ready to get started and see where this goes, I feel like it's a completely different type of kit than the Revenge, not good or bad, just different.
  2. Well, here goes……my first nervous steps into the world of the scratch build! This will be my second model and as such, I think POB is a wiser choice. Maybe the next build will be POF, but that’s in the distant future. I really have admired the beautiful and ornate galleons of the 17th and 18th centuries and was finding it a hard decision as to which one to build. The problem was solved when I received the plans for the San Felipe. They were 1:75 and I changed the scale to 1:96 so it would not take up as much real estate in our home and thus be displayed more easily. I know it will be more challenging to achieve the detail I want at this scale, but I will give it my best and am sure I will have help along the way from the talented and knowledgeable members here! While researching the San Felipe, I stumbled upon some doubt as to whether she really existed or not. My conclusion is this: I am satisfied that the evidence for both sides of the debate is sketchy at best, so I have no solid reason to believe she didn’t exist. At any rate, I feel she is a wonderful and beautiful example of the Spanish galleon of her time – real or not! Here is some of the history I have found on her: The SAN FELIPE, launched in 1690, was one of the most beautiful Spanish galleons of the XVII century. She was the lead ship of the famous Spanish Armada and able to take on the most formidable ships in the French and British navies. The San Felipe's was used in the war against the British and French to protect Spanish settlements and harbors, to transport treasures, and to safeguard the long and hazardous passage back to Spanish ports. In 1705, she participated in a furious and heroic battle between 12 Spanish ships and 35 British ships. After 24 hours of battle, she was captured by an English ship, but was so badly damaged that she could not be salvaged as a prize. She went down to the bottom of the ocean with several tons of gold. The story goes that the ship model is based on reconstruction drawings published by the Italian Vincenzo Lusci in 1966 who referred to some 19th century Spanish historian. Lusci described the San Felipe as a first rate ship with 104 - 110 cannon that was launched in La Coruna in 1690 and was lost in 1705 after a battle with 35 English ships.
  3. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  4. I am really pleased with the way the frame went together. There were no adjustments needed. The frame and stiffeners are designed in such a way that it would be nearly impossible for the bulkheads not to be square with the false keel. I have nothing but praise for Mantua/Panart for the design of the kit. The directions are a different matter. The instruction/picture book does not have the same directions as the large sheet. For instance: the instruction/picture book has the dummy cannon blocks mounted horizontally along the stiffeners, where as the large sheet has the dummy cannon blocks mounted vertically across the stiffeners. And sometimes the instruction/picture book doesn’t agree with itself. From the instruction/picture book: Step 19 shows frame 1b in place, and later in step 28 it shows the placement of deck 22a, but frame 1b must be mounted on top of deck 22a. All this makes the build that much more interesting. It appears that the kit I bought is a newer version of San Felipe. I emailed Mantua; here’s there reply referring to 747: if you have the latest model, you can see from the new color picture instruction, you have to follow them, considering the large plan an help but not a building indication. Please let us know the number of the last picture of the manual. On internet we have put the last updated version. regards MM So, I looked at Mantuahelp.com, and the online directions are also a mix of the old and newer version of instructions. I’ve read many times here on Model Ship World: Read the directions over and over and make a plan. Even with the wacky directions, I am still very pleased with the kit. Contents scattered across the floor. Direction from the large sheets showing the cannon blocks mounted vertically. Direction from instruction/picture book showing cannon blocks mounted horizontally. Frame and stiffeners with dummy cannon blocks mounted horizontally. Dummy cannon blocks are painted black. Starting the first layer of planking.
  5. Just recently I was fortunate of getting a free kit. This kit was already started with the framing and planking done. I am looking forward to continue this kit. The cannons and walkway are just dry-fitted so is the stem piece.
  6. Hello everybody, This is my first experience in model ship work. From the begin I was very closed with you and I want to join to this community! After more than two years, this my work... Some mixed pictures!
  7. The San Felipe I posted a build log about the San Felipe on the old forum but I stopped building because I had to fight a serious illness that took 3 years of my life. In that period my modeling was almost zero and my updates were slow and far apart so my build log disappeared slowly to the end of the list on the old forum. Just when I announced my come-back on the forum, disaster struck again. My mom got very sick and we needed al the spare time we had to look after her. Sadly she past away. The only good thing about this was that we were able to move into the house I was born and raised. Moving in, an living, in an very old house takes it's time. A little over a Year has passed and I finally can start working on my hobby room/workshop and My models. At the moment I'm working on the San Felipe and waiting in the wings are the Lauckstreet Fair American and Mamoli's Royal Louis, but that is a whole different story. When I got introduced to ship modeling (in the pre-internet era) I bought myself a book about ship modeling (in German) by Vincento Lusci. That was an reprint from an older book and full of tips, photo's and drawings and I consider it still as one of the best books around. It was by the way the only book I could find. Anyway, in that book were some drawings and pictures of a San Felipe model. I was hooked right away. Later when my library grew I got another book with some photo's from a scratch-build San Felipe and I consider that model still as one of the best. Needles to say that one day I would built that one. Time past by (read: built Mantua's Victory, Mamoli's Bounty & Rattlesnake, AL's whaleboat, Sergals Victory in commission my 2nd Victory, Corel's Victory midship section, galeone veneto and Coronne) and I was asked to help out with making some advertisings for the local model shop. They bought a Mac and scanner but didn't had a clue how to operate it, since I was a photographer they thought I new my way around with graphic computers. Beside that it was a strange way of thinking they were right. So I learned them how to make a decent scan. I used a catalog from Mantua as scan example. at the front there was a picture of the San Felipe. I didn't now that Mantua had a model of it and I said " some day I'm going to build that one". After an afternoon scanning and explaining. They thought they got it so I wanted to leave. The shop owner was very pleased with my help and asked "what do I ow you?" I said "nothing, but make me a good deal on my next purchase". When I was outside he came after me with the San Felipe kit as a present. He asked me if it was a problem that the cardboard gunport template was missing. So there I stood with a San Felipe kit in my hands. Next time I will tell you a bit more about the kit and my research after the ship the kit is based on.
  8. Hello all, Well, I'm going to try to keep a build log of my current model. I have not been very productive for a while and after abandoning several projects, I've decided to see if I can pick up where I left off on one of my kits. I've decided that The San Felipe will be the one I "try" to finish (for now ) since I really like this ship. I have already done the first planking and am about to start doing the second one. I will try to maintain this log. I've never really committed to one so this will be a first IF I can do it. I have been working on the kit now for 2 days from where I left off and I've run into a problem. Hopefully someone that has built this kit can comment. I've included pictures of the problem. As you can see I'm having trouble with those structures. Don't know what they are (isolation tanks? ). If they are placed to follow the curvature of the deck, then they are very crooked in relation to the wall that they are on. If they are placed to be straight with the planking on the wall, then you get these huge gaps between the structures and the deck that overhangs them. In the kit pictures they're actually crooked! They look silly. So what do you do? Put them on straight and somehow fill in the gaps? Any ideas would help. Thanks to all.
  9. I'm still laid up with a broken leg and can't get to my workshop easily so I decided to amuse (embarrass?) myself by doing a retro build log of the Panart San Felipe. I bought the kit in the 80s so it's pre laser cutting and did the build 20 years later before I had access to the collective wisdom of all of you!
  10. Where to start? I've had this kit patiently waiting for me and I decided to get started. I have always wanted to build this kit and have had to restrain myself because I had other projects that I needed to finish. This is the newer edition. It includes laser etched decking and several other changes that are supposed to make it much easier to construct. The hull came together very nicely. It feels nice and sturdy. Before you even start planking, it's already heavy. And then the fun starts... due to the laser etched decks, the planking of the upper section of the ship has to be done in stages. If you were to manually plank the decks things would be much easier. But because of the size of each laser etched part, it becomes a tricky job. I have found myself having to rework several sections because the instructions are so bad....and that is why I'm writing this review now. I have yet to start planking the entire hull with the first layer, but I am so angry and discouraged by these lousy instructions that I thought I'd take a break to warn others that might be interested in building this kit. Mantua/Panart in their haste to rewrite the directions to match the changes they made to the kit did a VERY bad job! I've seen the older kit and the drawings were beautiful. The directions were pretty bad, all text, but this is a very advanced kit and the builder should be able to interpret the drawings with little explanation. For this newer version they decided to create an manual full of photos, with very little text. That would be fine if the manual would have been made with care, but instead they made a mess out of everything. Pictures are often out of order and omit MANY steps and fail to mention many parts. So I thought I would revert to going by the drawings. No problem...except for the fact that the drawings were not updated to match the changes made in the kit! This makes it seem like one is building two different kits! Things get VERY confusing and if I didn't have experience in model ship building, I would probabbly give up. But even with experience, it is not a lot of fun. And I'm just getting started! So beware if you are planning on buying this kit.
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