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  1. Hi fellows Starting my first build log here for the first ship model I am building. I did some smaller projects before such as the SF2 cross section or a "posto combattimento" of Mantua Model - so lets see how the skills learned from there can be applied to a 'real' ship now 🙂 When I start this blog, I am already building the SF2 since some months (I progress slowly as there ist only time to work on the hobby occasionally during the week and on weekends...), so the blog starts with planking the hull. Unfortunately its the old kit with single hull planking, at the m
  2. Didn’t take long for me to get the new kit opened and unboxed. I figured ill present the contents of the kit since it seems to be a less common kit on this website. I was initially planning on doing a master korabel but the hobby shop called me with too good of a deal to turn down. Upon opening the the box I was fairly impressed with the contents, especially after my recent build which was fairly basic. All of the parts are laser cut and pop out easy. I haven’t opened and closely inspected the die cast parts but at first glance looking through the case it all appears to be good qu
  3. Firstly I would like to thank you for the kind comments I recieved when I attempted a scratch build of a 50 gun ship. After 2 failed attempts I realised that my knowledge of boat building was nowhere near being close to succeeding though it was fun attempting it. It has also provided me with a lot of extra timber which, having read a lot of posts, should prove very useful. So now it is back to building a kit. At first sight the kit looks well organised and the plastic boxes will be very useful for the smaller bits and pieces. However on closer inspection this version only has the crude
  4. I decided to start building San Francisco II Spanish galleon kit which i bought almost 1 year ago. I am sharing what i did on her in last three weeks. Thank you in advance for visiting my log.
  5. I want to put some led lights in this kit, so I will try to bash it a bit. First I will leave the doors open, so I have to make the cabins look more realistic. I cut some parts from the hull sections stern view bow stern cabin main deck Captain's quarters, windows will be real so you can take a look inside cabin, hopefully I will make some furnitures
  6. Introduction I started this build early in 2007, after having some moderate success with plastic models (airplanes and a few ships). Didn't know anything about wooden ship model building so I started based on the kit instruction booklet. I soon abandoned the build, because I was frustrated but mostly because I didn't have a workbench area to set things up and work in steps. When using the kitchen table and expecting 2-3 meals a day, the build gets in the way. You can imagine. Current state of affairs Well, 10 years is a long time and the partial built kit was stored
  7. Greetings all! After a long, long time I'm finally able to begin working on my AL San Francisco II again. A little background: I started this kit about 6 years ago, and made it to the planking stage before I realized I had no idea what went into building wooden model ships. I took to the web, and came to this fine site. I halted all progress and opted to read instead, learning how to do things the right way, and clearly planning ahead my next steps. I began a build log and asked for some help, and before I knew it my hull was planked! I was so happy to be passed that stage, that's for sure.
  8. This is my first attempt at building a wooden ship (or anything for that matter!). I just woke up one morning with an itch that I had to scratch, so I went to the store and bought the first kit I saw with lots of rigging and guns. I knew absolutely nothing about kits, planking, rigging etc back then and because of my ignorance I ended up with one of the few kits with a single planked hull. I’ve been building for more than a year now, spending almost 8 months on the planking alone. But I’m enjoying every moment! And thanks to this website and the wealth of information shared here I’ve
  9. Hi. Starting my 3rd wooden ship build. I couldn't get back into my previous handle of LMDAVE nor could get a password request, so I created LMDAVE29. Previous builds were MS Bluenose and Endeavour racing Yacht. I'm starting this Spanish Galeon build, SFII, and I've heard that the AL kit had hard to follow insturctions. I didn't go through it in great detail, but very impressed with the full size high resolution color picture of the complete build pointing out all sections, and a manual in about 7 languages. So maybe they updated it since I've read those reviews. I would like to give th
  10. Well here goes nothing. I am going to start with this San Francisco II cross section from AL I got off of e-bay while I gather the missing materials for the other 2 kits I got off of e-bay. It looks like a nice cross section in the pictures and I am looking forward to seeing it finished. Hopefully get a few wood model ship skills from this kit too.
  11. My kit came in tonight. Here are a couple of shots of the contents. I'm going to be studying the intructions and plans tonight, and then tomorrow I hope to get to the hardware store to get the stuff I need to get my work area properly set up. And of course, as soon as I got things laid out for a better view, the cat had to plop down in the middle of it... I'll post some more pics once I get things underway.
  12. All: This is my build log for the AL San Francisco II, the original was lost in the lomageddon of 2013. I have modified this kit for double planking as I am a beginner and a single planked kit would have been way to hard for me. Enjoy! -Aaron
  13. Have been lurking watching others build their san frans and thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Im right at The rigging stage and though it would be smart to get help. plus I'm starting the MS rattlesnake and know thats going to be interesting . Doing this from my phone will upload pics from there hopefully
  14. Hello everyone! I would like to try to rebuild my lost log. I started building this kit back in 2012 but have left it alone for almost 2 years. I very much enjoyed the woodwork but kinda gave up half way through the ratlines. Coming across this forum again has inspired me to give it another shot. This build is not correct as I am an amateur and made quite a few mistakes. I will try to keep it updated with my old photos and short descriptions till I can get to the point I am at now. I have to thank Dan Vad and Vulcan Bomber and all the other great builders who helped me out back then. So to
  15. I was given this as a birthday present by one of my sons. So, despite intending to select a model with excellent instructions, I'm stuck with A-L. It will be my first attempt at single planking. I've seen a couple of brave souls attempting this as their first build - no way would I recommend that! There are surprisingly few surviving full logs on MSW, but I have found others on another forum that have more detail. After reading and asking for hints, it was time to get under way. The plans say to test all the frames and decks, so off we go (no glue yet): They then
  16. Hello all, This is my first wooden ship model kit and will say that although I have built many other type of kits ( R/C cars, planes and plastic models) this is quite a confusing kit,specifically the differentiating of wood to be used in certain steps.I have read others posts that have stated that this kit manufacturer is lacking in clarity in their directions. I would appreciate any input from anyone currently building this kit or from anyone who has had experience with this kit or manufacturer. Thank you in advance. Doug H
  17. This is my first build of a sailed ship and my first build log. I am sure help will be needed along the way. Randy
  18. Hello all, This is my second AL kit, and my first post in a ship builders forum. Progressing slowly, probably no more than an hour per week and sometimes much less, mainly enjoying the build process. Some pics of the progress are here: https://plus.google.com/photos/110787951766792468149/albums/6032635228534265041?authkey=CM7y0cjvwYXxag A small request to the members - I have misplaced the AL instructions booklet (would have liked to blame the kids but it was probably me), can anyone post scans of the instructions, I have also sent a request to AL and waiting to see if it's possible
  19. I'm reposting some of the photos that I've archived from the original log. Being a novice I did a considerable amount of reading and made too many mistakes to count. Lacking experience and being a perfectionist was rough and knowing when "good enough" was "good enough" is probably the most important thing I learned, other than not to repeat the mistakes, of course! So here goes, from the beginning, yet another San Francisco II build log. If I were to do this again, I would probably add filler all the way to frame 2. Being so blunt nosed it was difficult to give a consistent g
  20. New to building wooden ships and jumped right in. Really happy with my work and want to continue learning and helping others. I plan on posting through my build log to get some feedback from others. This forum was so helpful to me in getting started I'd like to help out if anyone has a question.
  21. This is my first build of this scale. I did one practice build on a beginner kit. Began my San Francisco II build Nov 14th of 2013 This is how it starts out
  22. That's my first build of that scale, but not the first experience with ship modeling. The goal is to complete this kit on a reasonable time, gain enough experience, and then start a new one - more detailed and expensive - polishing it to perfection. So this log will be quite boring, I do not plan to do any interesting changes to the kit, and will use details provided in the kit. Otherwise the build time will be increased unreasonably
  23. Reposting previous and continuation of my build log. I know a little OCD with my organization, but it works for me and keeps everything safe and away from my herd of dogs mouths. Robbyn
  24. Model very popular among modellers. In Russia and Ukraine this kit was on sale in two options: "San Francisco II" and "San Francisco II +". In the last option according to the arrangement between AL and the Russian firm Melanija the boat and mast top were wooden type-setting, cut out by the laser from plywood. Here I provide the description of construction of a kit "San Francisco II +" with small alterations: props of gallery, helmstock, metal details of masts and rods of anchors are replaced with the wooden; gun trunks are blackened; sails from a set are replaced. In a nose balsa inserts are
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