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  1. I completed La Nina in 2019 and am currently building HMS Victory 1805. I am building the Victory in New Hampshire. I travel south in the Winter and Victory is too big to take a long. So while I am south I will build smaller, less complicated ships. Santa Maria is my choice. I am only in New Jersey now to see a couple of doctors. The coronavirus is worse here in New Jersey and we are better off in New Hampshire. We also have a grandson graduating from high school and we are going to congratulate him, unfortunately at a distance. So for a start I am putting the basic drawing in along
  2. Un po' per curiosità, un po' per passione condivisa con tante persone, provo ad aprire questo wip su questo sito, (non so se la scrittura in italiano, l' unica lingua che conosco "abbastanza" bene, provocherà dei problemi per comunicare con gli altri, ma proviamo a vedere cosa succede, io ho messo il traduttore in automatico... vediamo se potete farlo anche voi ) si tratta della costruzione della caracca Santa Maria, forse uno dei modelli maggiormente realizzati da quasi tutti i modellistici, i piani di costruzione sono allegati nel libro " Le navi di Colombo" di Heinrich Winter,
  3. Hey! No need to write a history of this model. This is my first wooden ship build ever. I bought this kit from a local shop in my city. I had no idea where I was getting into! First look inside: Work of first evening: It was a really tedious process to sand all the edges: I had to get some power tools in order to sand trickier parts: I have made clamps from document clams (similar to Amatis https://store.amatimodel.com/en/tools-and-equipment-parts-per-model/product-clamp
  4. So here I start another Build Log... This being my 3rd wooden model ship started, and only one being completed (the first perhaps a little bit over my head), I purchased this model kit on Ebay for a very good price about 20 months ago and actually only began this kit in the late fall last year. At first I was not going to do a build log as I always find my time limited with regards to posting progress and updates but given the lack of build logs for this particular Mamoli kit (another one, the first on this forum, just recently started this last month), I thought I would start
  5. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  6. First ever attempt at a builder's log so please bear with me. This kit is a Plank-on-Bulkhead (POB) kit. First I squared up the keel, stem post and stern post and then glued them together. I then let the assembly set on a 1 X 6 and set another 1 x 6 on top for 24 hours to cure up and to keep the assembly flat. After getting answers to my questions on the stem post and on cutting the rabbit, I dry fit the bulkheads to the keel assembly and marked where the rabbit should be cut. I have removed the bulkheads and will start cutting the rabbits tomorrow. (Have to home school my grandson
  7. Okay, before we get to the customary build log pictures (the boxing, unpacking etc etc) I feel the need - no, the obligation to explain why yet ANOTHER build log. For my Birthday last month I was told I would like my present but I HAD to do something with it right away. Well, it turns out that I received the Santa Maria by Artesania Latina. It seems my lovely wife has taken an interest in the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and wants them in our office on display. So, we are starting with the Santa Maria. I figure if the Admiral is going to encourage another build far be it from me to
  8. I started building this handmade Santa Maria kit 3 months ago which was prepared by my friend. It is going quite slowly because i have limited time. I am going to share what i have done so far and continue to share when something new is done.
  9. After HMS Pickle I started Santa Maria kit of Mantua which I bought three years ago. I will modify the kit a little during the construction. Everybody knows about everything Santa Maria. So, no need to tell about her history. I did the framing and glued the main deck in place.
  10. SANTA MARIA 1492 - ARTESANIA LATINA - 1:65 Topic Contents I. A bit of research II. Kit Review III. Frame Assembly IV. Main Deck V. Main Deck Front Wall VI. Bulwarks VII. Quarter Deck I. A bit of Research Content : Introduction History of the Ship Historical Context About The Ship Replicas Quadricentennial, 1892 Expo Iboamerica, 1929 New-York World Fair, 1964 West Edmonton Mall, 1986
  11. Just recieved 2 model ships from my grandfather and would like to try and restore it. Would love any tips on cleaning, finding or making new parts, painting, etc... Any tip on any part of restoration would be much appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone. Please pardon my delayed return. Like many, the idea of re-creating ship build logs is a daunting task. However, I obviously miss the shared knowledge and camaraderie. I'll do my best to both re-create my Santa Maria log as well as catch everyone up to speed on the Ship's progress. Please forgive some of the rudimentary comments, I have copied and pasted some of the progress posts from a Blog I also keep that is geared more toward those how are unfamiliar with ship builds. Most people know that the ship "Santa Maria" or La Santa María de la Inmaculada Concepción was th
  13. This is my first build ever, which I've been working on for a looooooooooooooong time now. I've had so much trouble building this thing, and I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I think its turned out pretty well so far. I've finished basically everything now other than putting the sails up. I lost a bunch of pictures I had of the progress of the build, so I don't have nearly as many pictures as most people here. Since my older pics aren't great I'm only posting pics of where the build is at now. I won't finish any more for a while since I'm going away to school tomorrow. Hopefully I can ge
  14. I started this build 6 years ago, got the hull bone and then stuff in life started ! Now my kids are 18 and 17 i finaly have time on my hands .....yay ! So i dicided i'd start builing again , since my restart ive spent about 20 hours on my ship i'll poste pics tonight . Cheers André
  15. After some thinking I have decided to pick the Santa Maria as my first project. I have some experience in plastic modelling but this is another level. I decided for Amati because I heard good things about this kit manufacturer. This particular kit is specified to be a level 3 difficulty, which means intermediate. Maybe I will struggle a little bit but this is a part of the journey I believe. If I have some issues I will ask for the help of more experienced kit builders so please check my build log. Here it is. The package was more heavy as I expected which is a nice thing. I reall
  16. 1:100 Santa Maria – First Step Amati Catalogue # 600/03 Available from Euromodels for £69.99 Santa María was built in Pontevedra, Galicia, in Spain's north-west region. She was probably a medium-sized nau (carrack), about 58 ft (17.7 m) long on deck, and according to Juan Escalante de Mendoza in 1575, Santa Maria was "very little larger than 100 toneladas" (about 100 tons, or tuns) burthen, or burden, and was used as the flagship for Columbus’ expedition. Santa María had a single deck and three small masts. She was the largest of the three ships used by Christoph
  17. Hi everyone! This will be the build log of my first wooden ship model. It's the Santa Maria by Amati 1:65 scale. I've gathered some tools that i had laying around in the house, especially power tools like a DeWalt cordless drill and a dremel type rotary tool. I think these will come in handy in some parts of the process. Ordered some more tools online, some of them have arrived but some still on the way. As of now i have two types of white wood glue, some industrial strength CA glue, 180 and 400 grit sandpaper, medium/fine/superfine sponge sanding blocks, two 300mm stainl
  18. Me again! I bought this as a gap filler as I knew I would end up waiting for partworks to arrive and so on. This was also the first model I ever looked at when thinking about taking the plunge into wooden ship modelling years ago. Another good reason for this one is I've nver built a ship with sails, and this is quite simplified so will be a good way to get some experience. If this one turns out ok I might think about building the Nina and the Pinta to go with her. I've not done a great deal yet, just working my way down the keel to about half way so far. I've been bevelling
  19. Its been about a year since my last post; I've been taking some time off. I had gone full throttle on the SIBs for over a year, and neglected the Ship that launched them all for me. So I eventually decided to complete the restoration on the old Santa Maria. The true provenance of this model isn't fully known: My father, born in 1936, once told me that he built the kit as a boy, but he doesn't rememeber how old he was, or how old the kit was, for that matter. Having survived many moves long before I arrived, I remember the ship presented herself to me only in states of worsening d
  20. Good Evening fellow shipsmiths First a little intro about myself. I am a 35 years young man from South Africa, currently residing in Cape Town. I have done quite a few plastic models before and have enjoyed doing them. My uncle picked up a AL San Giovanni Battista about 15 years ago(which he is still doing) and this was my first introduction to wood modelling. For the last 5 years i have been working in construction which gave me a few skills for me to attempt a wood model. After finding this forum and these build logs i finally decided to do one and to do the Santa Maria by AL as
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