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  1. Hi Mates. I have wanted to build this kit for a long time, I will also attempt to super detail this project beyond the “out of the box” kit – as excellent as it is. I have “bashed" my two last builds – enjoy the challenges of added detailing -- I have the McKay book that is filled with many line drawings and images; it will be an excellent guide. Along with incorporating great ideas seen in other build logs of this ship here at MSW. I recently acquired a 1980s “new in box” kit from a member who had one available. He contacted me after I had made a request for one here at MSW.
  2. Yes, another Cutty Sark build log. 😉 I have been lurking on this wonderful site for some 2 months and I cannot but start a build log myself about the beloved Cutty Sark. Let me first introduce myself. I am living in Belgium, so English is not my mother tongue, forgive me therefore my mistakes in English. As a youngster I started building plastic planes, the Cutty Sark and Saturnus V rocket, but also gliders (Kleine UHU from Graupner, Piviere from Aeromodelli and a glider based on my dad’s plans) and a motorplane (Taxi from Graupner) in balsa wood. A sailing boat (Co
  3. Finally saved up enough to order my fourth kit! After three reasonably successful builds of beginner kits by Artesania Latina, I'm stepping up to an advanced beginner kit from Sergal (a brand made by Mantua Models). The kit seems to be sold under both its Italian and English titles, respectively, Sciabecco francese and French Xebec. While xebecs were used by other countries' navies earlier, the French didn't adopt them until relatively late in the reign of Louis XV, in the 1750s and 1760s. The French navy continued to use them through the Napoleonic wars, though they were mostly phased out at
  4. Hello, This is a restoration effort on the Sergal 1/78 scale HMS Victory originally constructed in the mid-1980's. My Uncle originally constructed the ship and it has been in the family ever since. As age caught up with my Uncle and dimentia started to take hold, he decided to do an "after the battle scene" and with a propane torch reduced the ship to what you see in some of the photos. When I found the kit, my Aunt was getting ready to throw it in the trash. Seeing that the hull was in pretty good shape, I knew I could not let the ship get thrown away. After obtaining the original pl
  5. Welcome to my new build log of the HMS Victory. This journey has a special meaning for me. All my life I wanted to build a ship. Not just any ship, but a highly detailed model, but as with most things life gets in the way. I built many models as a kid and teenager, but nothing like this. I grew up, went to school, got a degree in electronics, then became an engineer, worked at many trades, became a master machinist, a tool and die maker, traveled the US, Canada, and Mexico as an engineer for a CNC machine tool manufacturer. My lifelong hobby was wood working. I retired at age 48
  6. I had started some build log in the former edition of this forum, and for a number of reasons I did not rewrite it in the new version. Some of the reasons (excuses): - A lot of work involved - Not familiar with the new procedures to insert pics - Long term inactivity on the project - Moderate interest from other members… I have now restarted the build and will re-post some of the previously sent pictures, if I manage to tackle the pictures insertion. Anyway this is the model as it looks now. Any critical or better, constructive meaning is more than welcome, bearing in mind that n
  7. I started to build this ship in 1975. But after a short time i´m boring so i went to build a little easier ship The Golden Star and a middle cut from the HMS Victory now after a long long Time i put my beginning again to the shipyard and hope i can finish it with your help.
  8. I built the model a few years ago in 1985, visited the real thing in 1997 & in 2012. My daughter did the painting.
  9. Possibly a bit late to start a log, but what the heck! Being an old steel boat sailor myself I never thought I could fall in love with any other type of craft. I was wrong! When I saw Charles's build log of this vessel I literally fell in love with this type of craft. Since then I have tried to learn as much about them as I possibly can. Kurt and Cathead have provided a wealth of information, and for that I am truly grateful. Previous to starting this model my main understanding of this type of vessel came from multiple viewings of the Jodie Foster ( best actress ever) film, Maver
  10. Greetings MSW I am new to the forum and to model ship building. During the corona-staycation I decided to give model ship builing a go to kill some time. I started off with the Brittania by mini mamoli. This is a pre-build hull kit so it wasn’t really challenging but I had a lot of fun building/assembling it and therefore decided to learn more about the hobby. When searching online for building logs etc, it didn’t take me long before I ended up on msw, where I found all the information (and a lot more) that I needed. After the Brittania was finished, I order
  11. I managed to get more accomplished with unpacking at the new house today and so I decided that I needed a reward. Therefore, I have started my build of Le Soleil Royal. This will probably be a slow build as I am still working on La Couronne and she still gets priority but, as I plan on making a lot of changes to the kit, things will work out well. So to get started, here are the pictures of the contents of the kit. The parts all appear to be usable. The wood is of good quality and the laser cut parts are very clean. The metal fittings look usable as well though as with most, they c
  12. Hi all!! Finally my kit arrived yesterday evening. I had to wait for her for 8 weeks. I wanted to take a picture of all what is in the box but my hobbyroom is simply not big enough to show it all. Sergal renewed the building inscription, now also in Dutch. I putted my new topic on the wrong place and also dubble, so I had to delete it all, so: @Jörgen and @Sjors, you both have to renew your follow and @Eddie, thx for the tip. I hope I did it right now Some pictures...
  13. Beginning a new one after a short break. Here's the "what's in the box" picture. This is my first Mantua kit, and I'll be interested to see differences from other kit makers. One thing I've noticed is that plans are printed on both sides of the paper, which may turn out to be cumbersome (vs. just posting them up on the wall). Regards, David
  14. I'll be starting a log for this build. I'm finishing my current project but I've done a dry fit of center keel and bulkheads and this is as good a place ever to start. The kit is the newer version of the Cutty Sark and I have gone through the counting process. Some pieces and such were short on the count and Ages of Sail will be getting the materials to me (nice folks). I'm sure I'll be needing advice and guidence and any comments will be appreciated. For reference I will be using Longridge, Campbell and plans from the Maritime Museum. I intend to do some bashing but my goal is not to go overb
  15. Hello everyone.Sorry about starting this log in the middle of the build but I was to this point when I joined MSW.The build has gone relatively well to this point.All the laser cut parts fit together with very little adjustments.First & second planking went well - decided not to treenail the hull.I am attempting to paint the ship similar to the model at the Vasa museum.I say similar because many of the castings are not correct - probably due to the kit being designed before all the decorations were known.Please let me know how the pictures come through since I do not have any edit or reply
  16. This will be my second build log since joining as a member in November 2018. I started building the Cutty Sark by Mantua Sergal on September 1st. Now, in late November, I have pretty much wrapped up all of the hull and deck work and am starting to work on the masts and (gasp) the daunting rigging. I’ll try to do better with my pictures. I read the build log by keelhauled, posted back in March 2013, and his overview of the Mantua Sergal Cutty Sark kit is so perfect that I’m going to borrow (plagiarize) a good bit of it and include it here. I hope keelhauled won’t be offended.
  17. Guess this time I'll start at the beginning. I'll spare the group the open box pictures. I did inventory everything in there. It's all there. The wood strips, plywood etc. look like pretty good quality. The laser cut parts are nice and clean - although I've learned here not to trust them. I'll be looking at the member logs of the same kit (Art. 789) for trouble spots. Like a lot of other kits, the blocks are terrible. The rope set and deadeyes are not too bad, but I'll replace them all with Syren model Co.'s materials. Right out of the box the keel is warped - actually just bowed. I'
  18. Hi! I am a newbee from sweden. I started to build wood model ships in the beginning of this year (2018) because I wanted a hobby. I used to build plastic models in my youth but I was never good at it, I didn't have the patience required. But this time... So I started to build 2 (3) ships. The first was not good the second was better and the third was a disaster so that I had to put aside for a while. But the fourth, Thermopylae, started pretty good. Then I discovered that it was way out of my league but giving up is not an option. So all beginners can follow this log and hopefully not ma
  19. Good day folks, Well, what can be said other than that it is so sad that all the beautiful input has been lost from this site. There were so many wonderful models and a wealth of information for all to share. Now is the time for us all to rebuild the site together. Today I will just post a photo of the stern of the Sovereign as she sits today while I consider if it is possible to revive the log as it previously was. More to folllow........... Regards, Bill
  20. After a long time I returned to the construction of a wooden sailboat model. As the first kit I chose a kit I found on the Internet, it´s the "President frigate" made by Sergal. After studying the package, I found out that the model is not quite true to type, or scale. The scale described as 1:60 in my opinion disagrees. I calculated the model to be 1:90 scale, which is more accurate. This is more of a model than an exact replica, but I decided to modify it. I´m building the deck equipment and rigging according to the monograph of the ship Royal Caroline, it is the same size and the er
  21. Greetings, I'm from Hungary, and until now, I built mainly WW2 ships and planes from plastic kits. Now I decided to build a tall ship, and I ended up with two kits, but I can't decide which to buy. One is the 1/96 plastic model of the Cutty Sark from Revell (Nr. 5422), and the other one is from wood, the 1/124 Thermopylae model of Sergal. Which of do you recommend to a beginner in sailing ships, and why? If you know alternatives for a maximum of €80-100, in the category of XIX. century ships, I would appreciate it too. Thanks in advance.
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