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  1. Recently, I became interested in ships of the Colonial era. From a forum post about Chaleur I came across a lead to an extended article by Randle Biddle at the NRG. It discusses a his new design perspective about the Hannah. I found the article very novel and well thought out and it will be a great model project for me albeit a challenge. The article also includes plans by Randle Biddle: The plans are published by the Nautical Research Journal and are available to NRG members for download. That’s a great bargain and well worth the cost of joining the NRG. The plans consist of
  2. I am building the HMS Thorn Swan class of 1779, so far there is only one plan from the National Maritime Museum that makes any referance to this ship. She was part of the fleet that invaded Trinidad in in 1797 a fleet that carried my ancester to Trinidad. It is my plan to video the entire build on an ipad and post videos as i go along. So far i have made 5 videos on the build.
  3. A few years ago, I was looking at some of the models posted on the RMG website and came across Swallow 1779. I instantly was attracted to her overall appearance and the fact that she was clinker-planked. The model is listed as SLR0540 and the plans are ZAZ4719. Swallow did not have a long career. According to Rif Winfield, in his book “British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1792”, she was purchased on the stocks in 1779 and was originally designed to be a cutter. On the sheer plan one can see where the original mast (located at the dead flat) was erased from the plan.
  4. Hi folks, the new project. I am not the sole builder of this model which is a club project for the Ship Modelling Society of Victoria. I am coordinating the build, doing the research, drawing the plans and assisting in the build process. I am providing this log as she is an interesting ship and I thought members may be interested. While designed as a warship along the lines of the contemporary Arrow and Vigilant Classes of Gun Dispatch vessels, she was operated in various roles, with only a very short period of active duty as a commissioned ship during the Maori Wars in New Zea
  5. My next model will be the Continental Sloop Providence. I became interested in this boat after reading, “Valour Fore & Aft”, by Hope Rider. Despite being a history of the boat, the book was a great, swashbuckling story. I recommend it. The boat was built by a Rhode Island merchant named John Brown several years before the American Revolution and was named the Katy. The sloop was converted to a privateer and commanded by three excellent captains, and during its voyages, achieved several ‘firsts’ for the Continental navy. The first captain was Abraham Wipple. Th
  6. Speedwell, 1752, was a ketch rigged sloop of the Cruizer class. Designed by John Ward and Built by Thomas Slade after plans of the yacht Royal Caroline, known for her excellent sailing characteristics. Her keel was laid at Chatham 11.2.1752 and she was launched 21.10.1752 and coppered shortly thereafter. As befitting most ships of her size she patrolled the Channel and Home waters off England but did sail to North America in 1757. She was refitted as the fireship Spitfire in 1779 before decommissioning in 1780. I am building Speedwell from the plans drafted by David Antscherl, who
  7. Today I made the first cut for a model I have been planning an researching for a while. This will be a typical sloop from Roslagen (an area in the Stockholm archipelago and the coast north of it). Once, such sloops where a common sight along the quays of Stockholm, but from around 1920 they started to disappear quickly. They where typical working boats and where usually not built on a shipyard. Instead they where built by the fisherman/framers on the islands of the archipelago. Maybe with the help of a master ship builder that was hired to help with the critical laying
  8. Hi, There where many times since I started building my Kingfisher that I thought I should start a build log. And today is the day. I've started the kit last november and spend a lot of time since. Not that I have made much progress, but it is not a race and its tremendous fun building. I ran in to trouble when I was making the hawse timbers, I did not like how the shape came out. It was time to have a little diversion from frame building and find the courage to make new parts from scratch for the hawse timbers. So I left the path of the instruction and started building the stove, some gr
  9. Hi, I will be starting my second scratch build and I chose HMS Pegasus 1776, Swan Class sloop, using the plans from Admiralty models and all four volumes of the TFFM books by David & Greg. Also a full set of plans was bought from NMM and the wood package from Hobbymill in Swiss Pear wood with some highlighting in Boxwood. I intend to leave her mainly in frame with a small amount of external planking - maybe from wales up, and will be using fully chocked joints and correct framing using the Disposition of frames plan. Internally I'm thinking of only framing Upper Decks with
  10. HMS Vulture Build Log Resurrection Following the Crash of MSW in February 2013 I’ve attempted to re-create as much of my former Build log as I can. The following is a very truncated version of the original. It doesn’t contain any of the comments posted by others, as they were unrecoverable. My apologies for that. I've also left out the MISTAKES I made during the construction in the "Resurrection" section. Some of them can be found in this Topic : How I Fix Boo-Boos and Oopsies The original Build Log was started on June 11 2011. Actual work on the mo
  11. If you woukd like to see Emma sailing then go on to you tube and Type in " Emma, rc sailing sloop by Gary Webb". Gary has quite a few vids out there now on how to do this and that with boats he has dedigned. Gary is a full scale boat builder and exceptional modeller. He models to very clear cut clean lines with practicalities coming foremost. I ordered up the plans from USA electronically so received them pdf and had them printed out to the correct size. Emma is a very simple hard chine boat and made from door skins as opposed to the really expensive 3mm birch ply from
  12. I was shocked when I saw this set of drawings for the first time. He was so gorgeous and had so many beautiful paintings. I watched for a long time and slowly appreciated them, trying to understand the craftsman's state from my current perspective The ribs of British wooden sailboat are very complex. When making HMS enterprise, the ribs are simplified. There are two advantages: 1. The difficulty of making is reduced, the production is convenient, 2. The cost is reduced But for HMS fly, I want to show its original structure as much as I can, which is a big challenge for me, but I like
  13. Hello All, I have a model that was built by my Great Grandfather for my Grandmother back around 1913. Dad and I decided top rename it Virginia Ruth, my Grandmothers first and middle name. It is supposed to be modeled from a sloop(?) that he was familiar with in the Gulf at Homosassa, Fl. Way back in 1980 or so, I did a cosmetic rebuild for a 4-H project. I want to restore it to how he built it. The hull is hollow and we think it may be made out of Bald Cyprus. All I had to work with was the hull and a photograph. My grandmother said that all the rigging operated as it was s
  14. Well, it has been awhile but the wood always waits. Good to see a lot of familiar names (and faces!). Summary: I am working to build a 1:48 scale model of the 'Friends Good Will' by access to replica build plans and lots of one on one discussions with the ship master. The Michigan Maritime Museum sails a recreation of the 'Friends Good Will' - a Bermuda Sloop that participated in the War of 1812 on the Great Lakes (both sides). My family went there one day and I was very interested in what I saw. Several inaccuracies were very apparent for the sake of safety a
  15. Hello everyone, I will describe the building of my little boat, but before, here is a short (euh... ok, everybody has not the same concept of what is "short" 😜 -- mine is like a rubber band ! 😂) story of the KATHLEEN. I will come back to describe the building and put some photos very soon. I have begun it in July, and it was following my fifth failure upon other boats’ projects that were too ambitious for the “rookie” I was in ship building. I put aside my pride 😂 and decided to get involved with an easier project : the shoal-draft centerboard Sloop named
  16. Hi, I have introduced my self on here . As I said before, after many years, finally I have found some time to enjoy ship model building. Since I'm new in this hobby, I have decided to start with The American Bermuda Sloop "Jamaica". The Bermuda sloop is a type of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel developed on the islands of Bermuda in the 17th century. In its purest form, it is single-masted, though some ships with such rigging can be built with as many as three masts, which are also known as Schooners. Its original form had gaff rigging , but evolved to use what is now known
  17. This model at 1:48 scale and the subject of two volumes, is progressing well. Greg Herbert has almost completed the hull and fittings, while David Antscherl has provided the decorative carved works. Masts and spars are also currently under construction by Greg. Woods used in the model are Castello boxwood and holly. The model will be on display at the North-East Ship Model Conference, New London, at the end of April.
  18. Part 1: Introduction My fishing smack cross section is finished; a new project is already sprouting. But first my workshop is urgently in need of a deep cleaning and there are also a lot of jobs waiting for me in and around the house of which the priority must be upgraded if I want to preserve the peace in the household. So the start of my new project will have to wait. That does not mean that I will go off-line for a while. While making the fishing smack cross section, I was simultaneously working at another POF model. I didn't want to keep up two logs at the same time, but now t
  19. I have started the cross section model...mostly drafting. But I figured I would start a log. I am waiting on arrival of a variety of machine screws and nuts to finish drafting the keel parts. They will be set up in the usual fashion you folks have seen but I will post that once its ready. Here is the overall plan I am working from. Hopefully it will look like this once done...planked on one side and open framed on the other. I have started drafting the frames. There will be some bent frames with curved top timbers but this is just a plain straight one. Here
  20. The HMS Beagle served as Charles Darwin's floating laboratory on his historic voyage to the Galapagos Islands. Drawings: I traced the drawings I needed to generate the modeling plans from the book Anatomy of the ship HMS Beagle using AutoCAD. The Keel Assemble The Keel Assembly is 24 ½” long x ¼” thick European Beachwood. Since this is going to be a Navy Board type model I simplified the keel and framing. This set of photos shows the keel assembly and the first two frames. All the frames are double and consist of ten individual sections
  21. I hope I am in the right department here. If I am moved by administration please advise me and my apologies in advance. I have dabbled with SIB for some time. I make one every ten years on average. This is supposed to be HMS Beagle. I do not work from drawings. ( should do ) All is eyesighted and let's say...artists impression? I have seen some of the most exquisite models built by guys on this forum which leave me very humbled. They are just brilliant with all their tiny detail. I love ships but am a bit of a bluffer. I put in what I think l
  22. I started this build on www.bottledshipbuilder.com. It fits with the mission of that site but the idea of this build is one I've had for a long time and it began with MSW members in mind so I thought I'd bring it over. To give a little history and the idea of what this build is, it started with a pet peave of mine. Those that have seen me on the forum have probably seen that I have been critical of ship in bottle kit's out there. I have seen a lot of MSW members and members of my local club take interest in ships in bottles then try a kit and end up never wanting to build ships in bottles
  23. OK, I guess no one really knows just how this little raider appeared during the American revolution, but I assume some research was done before the building of a reproduction An architect by the name of Charles W. Wittholz designed the reproduction for the Seaport 76 foundation Newport RI.. This little vessel was the first command of John Paul Jones under the American flag and should have more recognition by kit designers and or modelers. I was fortunate to get a beat up plans from a former Skipper of the reproduction and will attempt to dope out just what the weathered plans a
  24. FINALLY...my build logs begins. I welcome those that followed my PHILADELPHIA builds as well as any new comers. Welcome to my build log for the Continental Sloop PROVIDENCE. This ship is famous for being the first naval command of John Paul Jones and the distinction for ALMOST being the first ship in the Continental Navy. GENESIS OF THE PROJECT The idea for this model began with, as most things of value, discussions about pirate ships. Our ship model club annually mans an information booth at the local County Fair. One of the questio
  25. Hi world! I want to show you my current ship model project: the sloop Mediator. I found the plans of this ship in Howard I. Chapelle book named 'The search for speed under sail, 1700-1855'. I thought it would be an interesting ship for a first scratch work. In the National Museum of American History, Washington, DC, there is a ship model of the Mediator: http://etc.usf.edu/clippix/picture/the-mediator.html And it is my ship model today: Please, let me
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