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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I use Google translator. HMS TRITON 1773 I discovered it eleven years ago, I could not build it, there were big changes in my life, earthquakes, divorium and job changes, I hope to take this opportunity and start its construction.
  2. hello I am not planning on building this model yet , but i am trying to get everything together so that i can , in the future , i have a few questions but don't see anywhere to ask them other than here so here goes, i looked for an aots book for the triton but not sure if there is one , is there something like that available for this ship? and my second question is regarding plans, the 11 x 8.5 i am slowly printing at work , i have checked the measurements and they are perfect, the 48 x 36 i had printed at kinkos , there is no scale on them so i'm not sure they are 100% correct but looking at them they seem fine , kinko's ,however doesn't print at 34 x 22 , they can only print at 36 x 24 , when i asked about scaling they looked at me blankly , where can i get these printed at the right scale or should i just print them at the larger scale and reduce them my self as needed
  3. Oops! Just realised I had to start the build log to obtain the plans. So here it is. First steps at the cross-section. Cutting the lengths was really easy. The only problem was defining the dimensions as I much prefer to work from CAD and in metric -- and I don't know the original dimensions of the real timbers. So I diligently took the plans into TurboCAD and traced them. The difficulty, of course, is defining which part of the thickness of the lines to take as reference since the drawn lines are 0.38mm wide. This resulted in my having a variance of between 0.1 and 0.2mm between the different views of the keel, keelson and false keel. In the end I just decided on a particular width which seemed closest (e.g. 3.2mm for the false keel) since I reckoned the differences to be so small as not to be worth fussing about. All the same, it might be an idea for beginners like myself to have the original dimensions of the timbers shown on the plans so we can just draw them in CAD. As a result, I also thought I'd wait to see the plans in their entirety before settling on a particular set of measurements for the purposes of 3D modelling in CAD, so I can use the CAD drawings to think about the whole process. As to the rabbet, I toyed with the idea of cutting a scraper, but found that one of my milling pieces fit the profile exactly. So this did not prove a difficulty -- although I am fully aware that longer sections of keel would demand more complex curves and angles. So the following picture shows the progress thus far, and I request access to the plans if that's ok. I'm still working on the last stages of my Sherbourne (anchors and swivel guns) but want to see the Triton plans as soon as possible so that I can work out what I need and how I'll be doing it. Thanks Tony
  4. The description of my reconstruction you will find here. On Easter Monday the time had finally come. The keel of his majesty's frigate HMS Triton was laid. First the 5 components for the keel were sawn out. I have simplified the design of the joints considerably, as they will be completely covered later on by further components. I will continue to apply this principle during the further construction in order to adapt the building as far as possible to my craftsmanship. The first cliff that had to be overcome is the joint between keel and lower stem. I worked this out with my milling machine and chisels. After I had attached the wrong keel, the joints have to be dowelled. These dowels are a bit too big for the chosen scale, but I cannot draw pear wood thinner than 0.8 mm. I know that many modellers swear by bamboo, but I find pear on the finished model more discreet. I have simulated the caulking with single-ply pulp.
  5. I just finished my first ship model last weekend, I've got another kit on the go, but this Triton project looks really cool and will most definitely be educational. I'm really looking forward to this. Smaller scales appeal to me for some reason. This works out well because our house is so jammed with stuff that I really don't have a lot of room to display models!
  6. Hi Everyone, Yes another new chap here to the forum. I have been lurking in the shadows for sometime reading. reading and researching as I am new to scratch building wooden ship models. I am however an avid RC aircraft modeler and build and fly only scale gliders from 1/4 scale up. The largest scratch built glider I have has a wingspan of 7.5m so no small foamies here. Whilst this build goes on I also purchased the Hayling Hoy book from sea-watch and will be building this during the Triton build. A little test bed really. I hope to document this Triton build to a high level to ensure I have a beautiful replica once completed and I am certain I will have plenty of questions along the way so the more detail provided the easier it will be to gain assistance. There isn't a whole lot to show just yet as I have only printed out a very small number of the large format drawings and have a ton to go until I finish printing them all. I was thinking about not printing everything at once to save up a little space but I think it will be a lot easier to print them all out then check off each sheet with the master list to ensure I don't miss anything. That's really all there is for now, I needed to get the build log started as it will give me the little nudge along to get things moving along nicely. I would like to thank all the guys and gals out there that contributed to these drawings, they are very thorough and would have taken hundreds of man hours to put together so thank you all, especially at only 5 bucks, brilliant. Anyway I better try to get some sleep its 3am here. Chow for now. Steve
  7. Here's the pics for my Triton Build. First up was test build of one of the cannon done in 1:24th
  8. The good thing about my build log is it had just started so won't take long to get back everything, just have to rember where I put the pictures. Will post later tonight! It's just good to be back.
  9. Hello, one guy more building the Triton - as same in here do scaled in 1/64. As I'm completly unfamiliar with the complexity of a ship's riggimg I decided to build a hull model. As I do not own a lyth I'll use the information from the Gardiner's book "The History of the Frigat" to be free to omit all the 28 guns ad the swielguns, too. Yes I'm a scaredy cat. Tomorrow Im going to print and copy my pile of files in the copyshop. Due to the interst in frigats and my wish to build in a group I decided to take the nice Triton of the Meremaid Class. So I'm going to share my ups, ops and downs with all of you. I decided to build her in 1/64 due to the size of my flat, as some others also do. So I don't expect to get a Museums-able model out of my bonsai workshop on the one hand and on the other hand I hope not to get something I'll have to hide for the public in an open fire place. So I'll try to build something intermedium. Before the very beginning I'd like to have some more literature beside the Gardiner. Is there some thing you would advise me to buy for this build aside the AotS book of Diana I've shot at Ebay and 'm waiting for? Thanks for your help and friendly intrest.
  10. I have had some requests for our discontinued photoetched sheets over the past few years. The sheet is depicted below and was designed for those building a Swan class model at the classic 1:48 scale. They are difficult and expensive to produce but I would be willing to do it one last time if ten individuals commit. They cost $60, plus postage. Included are door hinges, lantern brass housings, horseshoe and dovetail plates and gunport straps. In addition (and the main reason we designed the sheet) included are all the components necessary to build the complicated metal chain pumps (except the brass tubing) that reside within the pump housings. Those of you building a Swan, Echo, Triton or Chuck's new Pegasus cross section may consider purchasing one of these sheets as nothing similar is on the market. If you would like one (or more) of these sheets please send me an e-mail at dvm27@comcast.net. Please do not respond to this post here. This will be the last time these sheets will be produced! It is my impression that Chuck will not be including details of the pump mechanism in his new Pegasus cross-section in order to keep the cost managable.
  11. Hello, this is my first attempt at building ship (ok part of ship) from scratch. I think it will be a good practise for beginning. I dare not to build whole ship yet and I also do not have so much space at home for 1:48 ship. I choose american walnut for main parts. I got this wood from my work - it is not a common species here in Europe. It is hard and has a beautiful dark colour. I made the first 3 pieces according to plan.
  12. Although I am still in the early stages of my Triton cross-section, I am going to have to make some decisions soon. My overall plan is to paint one half of the model and show off the wood plus cutaways on the other half. My big question is about painting the hold... Photos of the HMS Trincomalee's hold show that everything: planks, pillars, beams, etc, were painted white. However, photos of the Victory's hold show unpainted sides and pillars. Any advice? Regards, Gabe
  13. Just a quickie: am I right in assuming that the height of the carlings is about half the height of the beams, and that the height of the ledges is about half that of the carlings? (I'm working on the lower deck, but assume the dimensions would be the same for the gun deck). It's just that I can't see any heights referred to in the plans, and I thought I'd better make sure! If you want to give me the dimensions in full scale inches, that's ok as well! Thanks in advance for any input. Tony
  14. Hi All, I’ve decided to try and build the Triton cross section after seeing all your great builds. I love seeing all the exposed framing details and so just have to try this build myself. I am also hoping making this cross section will help me do a better job on the Confederacy which will be my next full build. I am using boxwood for the main structural components and my thanks to Jason at Crown Timberyard for the gorgeous boxwood he just milled for me. I plan to use swiss pear for all the planking, holly for the decking and perhaps walnut for all the deck furniture. I hope these choices will make for a nice paint with wood look once finished. My keel, false keel and keelson images are below. I’ve made them much longer than the plans call for as I want to follow Raymond’s lead (see link below to his beautiful build) and add the main mast and yards with their standing rigging. This will allow me to gain some much needed rigging skills as I also plan to fully rig my Confederacy. You can also see the small copper tool I made to shape the notch in the keel after I started the slot using a small wood saw. Hope some of you can follow along and help keep me out of too much trouble! Just don’t expect a fast build please! Moderators, may I have access to the rest of the plans please? Cheers, Nigel. Link to Raymond's rigged cross section: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/5545-hms-triton-148-scale-cross-section-complete)
  15. Since I couldn't work on my 1:48 scale Triton cross section as much as I would like I decided to make a smaller one in a bottle. I went mostly by memory for the design it is made mostly from card and balsa wood the cannons were turned from bamboo on my drill press all the coloring was done with redwood stain and black Rust-Oleum spray paint sprayed into a jar then thinned (probably a bit too much note the bleeding on one of the cannon carriages) with acetone. I made the model in pieces so that I could fit it threw the neck of the bottle then I assembled it inside the bottle it came out a little crooked but looks OK. I still need to put on some finishing touches on the outside of the bottle before I'm done it took less then two days to to get to this point.
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