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  1. Hi All, Like Bob (Rafine) I'm in between chapters with the Winnie and the Duchess of Kingston caught my eye. I thought it would be a great change of pace and Chris's Vanguards models have looked so good I had to give it a try. I started a little while ago and have been meaning to post my progress but everything I'm in the shop I get distracted and start working on the DOK. The hull pieces all went together very smoothly. I didn't have to adjust any and all slots were a nice firm fit. I too dry assembled it and then used a brush to apply the wood glue.
  2. Hi all, After finishing VM's Lady Eleanor Fifie the other day I wanted some downtime. But by the next day the Flirt box had somehow found it's way into the shipyard, opened itself and started assembling parts...strange! Truthfully, I just couldn't stop myself. I haven't even read through the manual once or even looked at the plans. So that needs to be rectified over the next few days before further building continues (he says). I have read through the excellent Flirt builds on MSW and will take notes from them to supplement VM's instructions. Having built V
  3. I have already pre ordered this new model kit from Vanguard Models which is due to be released tomorrow. I plan to take my time with this build and it will start as a low priority side project whilst I complete by current project (Robert E Lee Paddlewheel Steamboat). I will start the build log in earnest after receipt of the kit. The build log of the prototype build by James Hatch was very informative and made the decision the buy this kit very easy. Also I was very impressed with Chris Watton's design, quality of materials and the standard of the build manual and plans with Speedy
  4. An 18ft cutter- a little filler between projects. One can always find a use for a ships boat and this 1:64 scale offering by Chris Watton of Vanguard models, fits the bill. As I’m in-between builds I thought this bijou kit would fill a few hours, and according to Mrs W stop me over fixating on the Bathroom conversion due to start next Monday. I am well served with ships boats in my shipyard. This 1:48 scale Model shipways offering of a Longboat. A fine little kit in my opinion, along with the Pinnace kit at 1:24.
  5. I received my kit today ( likely one of the first in U.S.). All arrived in good order and looks great. For those not aware from my Winchelsea build, I am in a pause on that project ,and decided that this would be a perfect way to fill whatever time I may have before being able to resume Winchelsea. Having followed James's prototype build, I'm looking forward to getting started on this immediately. I expect to have a first progress post within a few days. Bob
  6. I’ve been encouraged to start a log for my build of this beautiful kit, the “Lady Isabella” by Chris Watton and Vanguard Models. This is my first ever wooden ship model. So I’m thirsty for knowledge and eager for thoughtful input. I’ve been a life-long architectural and plastic kit modeler, and wood worker, so I’m fairly handy with my hands, but I need to learn so much about best practices in this discipline. I’ll be posting up a few photos soon as I have the time over the weekend, and I’ll catch you all up to where I am in the process. Many thanks to my new and helpful friends,
  7. After receiving the new HMS Speedy kit from Vanguard Models as a Christmas present I was determined to leave it in its box until I’d finished off at least one of the other two model projects currently on the stocks. However as soon as I opened the box I knew I was going to have a hard time resisting the temptation. Chris Watton has done a great job in producing this, the second ship in his new range. I went for the limited edition Model Shipwright version, with boxwood second planking and a host of other goodies. There’s a wealth of information on the kit and its development elsewhere on the f
  8. I finally succumbed and started work on my Christmas present, the second version of the HM Alert 1777 by Vanguard Models. I also picked up my first foray into the Anatomy of the Ship series, The Naval Cutter Alert 1777 by Peter Goodwin. I'm not certain how much I will stray from the kit (certainly not as much as Blue Ensign) but I think that it will be a useful guide and will hopefully help resolve any questions that I have as they arise. I think I might need a bigger workbench to fit that beautiful manual on. I started by removing the false keel and the bulkhead
  9. I ordered the Flirt and monday or tuesday she will be arriving. She is not so big as the previous builds that I make but I think it should be fun. Lenght overall : 656 mm Height overall : 492 mm Width overall : 230 m But first a little history: The Flirt was ordered together with Speedy in 1781 and both built by Thomas King, a private shipyard owner based in Dover with Flirt being launched on 4th March 1782, three months before Speedy. The Flirt/Speedy class of brig-sloops were the second class built to the new flush decked brig-sloop design
  10. PREVIOUSLY - I started building Speedy January 2020 while in temporary accommodation and then moving into a new house - didn’t go well . Though fixable it seemed better to start afresh - so I asked Chris Watton to supply some hull parts which he did at a very reasonable charge I decided that old log was very messy and it would be best to start anew. It maybe has some possible areas on interest so I you want to look it’s here - OLD LOG
  11. Muirneag 1903 – A Scottish Zulu Fishing Boat. 1:64 scale Based on the Vanguard Models Zulu Kit. I have decided to remodel the kit to represent the Muirneag, a sailing Zulu that had a working career of 36 years, being broken up in 1947. Zulu seems a strange name for a Scottish fishing boat type, but came about because it was first developed at the time of the Zulu wars. It was a hybrid fishing vessel, taking the best qualities of the Scaffie (sharply raking stern) and the Fifie (vertical bow) Many Zulu’s were converted to steam but Mui
  12. Good morning! As my Amati HMS Victory is currently on hiatus due to needing a good number of sheet replacements, I'll start work immediately on the future Vanguard Models release of the Royal Yacht, 'Duchess of Kingston'. As with my other VM stuff, this will be for the kit instruction manual. Chris conceded that (1) he hadn't taken enough photos of the original build, and (2) the design had changed significantly enough from his own build to merit a new build anyway, so the manual is representative of the final product. Yesterday, I received a large box with the final pr
  13. HMS Speedy – 5th build I got too many kits in the shipyard, but I have been really curious on Chris Watton's new line of model kits. I also very much wants to support the establishment of Vanguard Models so when I got the opportunity to order one of the first boxes of the HMS Speedy I didnt hesitate. It will come in 3 different version and I picked the "no compromise" edition called Master Shipwright which is limited to 20 kits. https://vanguardmodels.co.uk/ . The HMS Speedy will make a very nice addition to my other ships from the "Nelson era". H
  14. I have built the Amati Revenge and Fly from the Victory Models series, and both were terrific builds with outstanding kit quality. These were designed by Chris Watton, so when I saw that he had formed his own modeling company, Vanguard Models, I really wanted to try one to see how the kit quality and ship appearance compared. Opening the box, the kit quality looks outstanding. Everything neatly packed and shrink-wrapped, and the wood looks great. The manual is also something to behold: large lie-flat with heavy pages and lots of 4-color pictures and drawings. I'm looking forwa
  15. Hi everybody. My name is Goemon. I am new to this site, and, as you can see, new to the process of posting build logs. I bought the "Alert" because I was attracted by the word "premium version" which is limited to the first time. Production started in April.First of all, I will introduce the production record for 2 months divided into several times. Since this first edition frame has a loose fit, I removed False Keel in an inverted state, applied adhesive to 3 Bulkheads, inserted False Keel, and repeated the adhesion every 3 sheets. Keel was lime
  16. Another Duchess! Initially I was reticent to post another Duchess of Kingston build log as four master craftsmen, in the form of JamesH, Bob Fine, and the two Glenns, have posted outstanding logs as of this date. Since we all approach modeling a little differently, and in an attempt to give this log some meaning, I will point out where I have departed from convention, if at all, and what successes or failures I may have encountered. As a youth, prior to the discovery of cars and young ladies, I modeled both ships and airplanes. I few years back I rekindled my enthusiasm for mode
  17. Hi all, The Lady Eleanor box arrived a couple of months ago. Well packaged and no damage during delivery. So, after finishing my Dallas Cutter a few days ago, I couldn't wait to start on my Fifie. I was also curious to see how kit parts design had moved on since my 25yr old Dallas had been manufactured. A quick check of what was in the box, read through of the Manual and Plans, and then on to sepearating the first parts from the wooden sheets. I have to say that there is a night and day difference between the 25yr old Dallas parts an
  18. I wasn't planning on doing a build log for this because I'm sort of a quick and sloppy builder and I don't see that it would be much of a benefit for the forum. There are some great builders here that create masterpieces, I am not one of them. But I need a way to procrastinate when I don't feel like working on the kit (or glue is drying) and I know this is an excellent place for information if I have any questions. So my posting of this log is for purely selfish reasons. 😀 Guess I'll get right into it. Pic of box, seems like a good starting place.
  19. Hello all. This is my first attempt at a ship model of this complexity, and coincidentally my first build log. I recently completed Model Shipways' 18th Century Longboat in 1:48 (I still need to take some proper photos and get those posted), had a really great time with it, and started looking around for my next project. I had read lots of reviews and some other build logs about Vanguard Models' HMS Speedy kit in 1:64, and everyone seemed to agree that it was a very well designed kit. That sounded ideal for a relative beginner like me, and then there was the matter of the actual size of the mo
  20. Hello fellow builders. I have just completed the second planking on my HMS Flirt (Standard Edition). While I am reasonably pleased with the outcome, it is not perfect as there are small cracks between some of the planks. Can anyone recommend a good wood filler that would help address these imperfections? One consideration is how it will look on the unpainted areas - I'd like the colour to match closely the pearwood. Many thanks in advance for your advice. Peter Halpenny Ottawa, Canada
  21. Aaaand we’re off. My first sailing ship model in 40 years, and my first wood ship/boat model in 30 years. This is will be an experience, no doubt. I slaved away for a grueling 45 minutes and achieved his:
  22. The Cutter Alert Build log The Alert kit arrived at a very opportune time for me as I'm fresh from my knowledge of cutters from my recent Cheerful build. Ever since I acquired (1991) the Peter Goodwin book The Naval Cutter Alert 1777. in the Anatomy of the Ship series, published by Conway Maritime press, I have long wished to make a model of Alert. Chris Watton has now made that possible, without having to scratch build everything myself. Before I start however, there are already things buzzing around my head, and points to ponder. Clinker or carvel plan
  23. Hi All. There have already been some great build logs of this, which have really helped. It's my first time attempting something of this nature (I have done other sorts of model making but my only boat was an Amati Viking boat which had a single plank layer made from floppy bits of plywood). The kit really is a thing of beauty, it's like model ship kit making arrives in the 21st Century. The precision with which the parts fit, the self jigging, the immensely helpful manual. It's been an absolute joy so far. It's a shame therefore that I'm going to massacre it. Oh, OK, I'm not. My
  24. I have order the Vanguard Model HM Brig Sloop Speedy. I am looking forward to receiving the kit and starting work on this Chris Watton design.
  25. Evening all! Well, I wasn't going to post a log of this until it was either quite advanced or finished. However, I figured that I could well have some serious free time coming my way courtesy of coronavirus, so I may as well spend some time and get this online. This model is a production prototype of Chris Watton's forthcoming 1:64 Zulu-class herring fisher, 'Lady Isabella'. From Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_east_coast_fishery) Here are some of Chris's photos of these very parts: Here is my
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