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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone - this will be my build of the Vanguard by Model Shipways. This kit was made by Model Shipways for a short time under license from Amati. Included in the kit are 20 plan sheets,27 laser cut wood sheets of various woods,11 sheets of etched brass,along with all the usual fittings,plus a lot of cast metal items. All the rigging line is on Mantua spools & looks to be of decent quality,although I may replace some of it with Syren rope depending on the application. The rigging blocks look to be above average quality,but I will still probably use Syren blocks. Copper tape is provi
  2. Hi ladies and guys, After old contents of MSW were lost, I haven’t much time to restore my building log. Perhaps the reason why I couldn’t have been managed any spare time is my habit of laziness. But some sense of diligence in my heart finally won against laziness and it’s time to restore and restart my log. My restoration of log is based on “cut and paste” workings from old contents salvaged from google cache or from my computer. So some remains of “patch work” would be unavoidable. It would be appreciated that readers allow some inconvenience in my log. The kit English 74 gun
  3. Many months ago, I ordered the Master Korabel (MK) kit, but pandemic struck and delivery was delayed. Meanwhile, Chris (Vanguard Models, VM) released his cutter as a standalone kit, so I also ordered this. Both kits arrived within a week or so of each other, so I thought that I would do a comparison build log rather than two separate logs. The log lacks a little as I somehow managed to lose some photos and couldn’t recover them. Although the VM model is to a scale of 1:64 while the MK one is 1:72, I think they are close enough to stand comparisons. I have put this buil
  4. Any thoughts on copper plates vs copper tape on hulls? I'm finding copper plating my HMS Vanguard going very slowly and not especially exciting. While I'm sure everyone would say the plates are more accurate and show better, I'm considering plating one side and taping the other. It will be displayed in such a way only one side can be seen, so that's not an issue. Part of my question is how well the tape conforms to the curves and bends of the hull (without kinking), how well it adheres, and how easy and fast it goes on compared the the tedious work of the individaul plates? Does using
  5. Hi all, Whilst in the last stages of building my Zulu from Vanguard Models, I took the opportunity to start the Fifie and get this finishing in good time so Chris can use my photos and text for the instruction book. I took a look at this kit last week, here. This will be another abridged build as I need to get the model done as quickly as I can, but you'll certainly get the gist from my photos. Whilst the Zulu was a nice simple model, this one is actually slightly simply, with a more regular hull with no sheer at the stern. The stern rake is quite shallow. Like Zulu, th
  6. Afternoon! Ok, this one is going to take me a little longer than the prototypes of VM's Fifie and Zulu! I'll try to keep this updated as often as I can if there's some real interest. Flirt is based on the previous Speedy kit, but with some notable differences. The model itself won't have a launch as standard, and there are differences to the rig too, plus the deadeyes are replaced with pear wood heart blocks. She also won't be coppered below the waterline, instead being painted white. Before I kick off with the hull, I built the temporary cradle. This is only temporary as there's a
  7. Hi all. Really enjoying this site and have returned to ship modelling after a long break. There are already several HMS Speedy logs, and I've hesitated to add my own because I'm not particularly talented at modelling ships. My background is mainly multi-media car kits, but I really enjoy working with wood and this particular kit is really so well thought out and with such great materials that I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I've started the log in the interest of learning from those of you who are clearly more experienced and talented than me. So feel free to comment or suggest improv
  8. 1:64 Zulu Fishing Boat - KIT PREVIEW Vanguard Models **Coming soon** Vanguard Models are currently around 2 months (give or take) from releasing two new kits which are suitable for both beginner and expert alike, but of course engineered to help those who want to try their hand at modelling a ship/boat in timber. Both models are in 1:64 and both are working vessels; fishing boats. These are the Zulu and Fifie class of vessel which tended to operate around the south-eastern coast of Scotland, mainly as herring fishers. If you know Chris's style of design, then you'
  9. 1:64 Fifie Fishing Boat, 'Lady Eleanor' - KIT PREVIEW Vanguard Models **Coming soon** To be released at the same time as the Vanguard Models' 1:64 Zulu fishing boat, reviewed HERE, will be the traditional sail version of the Fifie. Again, this kit is aimed at the beginner, but with materials and detail that will appeal to the more experienced modeller too. Having more or less built the Zulu, I can tell you that I had great fun doing so! The kit will be supplied with lime planking for the first layer, and pear planking for the second, as standard, plus pear for the keep and num
  10. 1/72 HMS Vanguard 1787 Victory Models/Amati Catalogue # 1300/04 HMS Vanguard was a 74-gun, third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 6 March 1787 at Deptford. She was the sixth vessel to bear the name. Vanguard was built as an Arrogant Class vessel. Arrogant-class ships of the line were a class of twelve 74-gun third rate ships designed by Sir Thomas Slade for the Royal Navy and were designed as a development of Slade's previous Bellona class, sharing the same basic dimensions. During this period, the original armament was the same across all the s
  11. It's certainly a shame that all of the data has been lost. It was a wonderful resource. I still have some of the photos of my progress on the Vanguard and I will try to put these up now. I have just competed the wales and the first of the decorative strips (above the top wale) and I will post these when I get a chance. I have just looked at this post and the photos have apparently gone up in reverse order. As well I was only able to load 9 files to the post, rather than the 10 that was advised elsewhere. The new format will take some getting used to. I hope my next attempt will b
  12. Hello, I would like to take part in this adventure, always fascinated by everything concerning Admiral Nelson, especially the vessels he commanded, the Vanguard, employed by Nelson in the battle of the Nile is one of those that most attract my attention .. Follow photos of the progress of construction. Good vision. Valter
  13. Sorry to see how so many works gone... But we'll be like phoenix :-) So, I'm starting from the last saved point. Made some brass nails, with round head, 0.4 mm. Drove in place. Next time will be more nails in place. Got red line lasers. Tested new idea how to mark hull. Idea works super so will make new stocks with laser.
  14. There are several excellent build logs on the HMS Vanguard already, so why do another one was my first thought. I decided what the heck the world needs more build logs. For credibility purposes, I posted a few photos of my completed HMS Pegasus in the Gallery portion of MSW. Here’s why I am a bit reluctant: 1. Since completing the HMS Pegasus in 2010, the sixth of almost back to back models over 6 years, I had shoulder surgery (which in part I think had to do with long periods holding small pieces of wood) and I don’t want to go through that again. 2. Back in 2010 I did very de
  15. I was about to post progress on my Vanguard in February of last year but found your site had crashed. Sad. Have been working diligently on the model this winter and have completed up to the adding of the Poop deck. After that will be the bow area then the three launches, the deck railings, and the chain plates and channels. I have been using a Bob Hunt practicum on building the Vanguard and have found it to be very useful. Here are a couple of pictures to show the ship's progress so far. Will try to add more as more work is completed. Glad to see the site is back up and running.
  16. Hello friends, greetings from Madrid, Spain. Congratulations on the excellent forum to do together. I love it. We intend to continue building my HMS Vanguard, is a bit advanced, so in this first post I just put the most relevant photos. Was the information on this same model as other colleagues have provided very useful. Excellent work mates I made a blog where I explain in detail how I do my models, I invite you to visit: http://elastillerodemiguel.blogspot.com.es/ I appreciate all the help and opinions you please help me. a greeting Mike
  17. I see there is a pinned posting from David Antscherl at the top of this forum. I'm not him, he's the expert. I have and love his books on building the Swan. Therefore I post this with some trepidation. My thoughts on 2nd planking: Spiling, or tapering, to fit a flat strip of wood on a surface that curves both front to back and top bottom is no small feat. It defies the grain and natural tendency of the wood and is one of the more fascinating, though perhaps tedious, aspects of shipbuilding. There are whole books written on this topic by modelers far more expert than me using precise
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