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Found 3 results

  1. HMS Vulture Build Log Resurrection Following the Crash of MSW in February 2013 I’ve attempted to re-create as much of my former Build log as I can. The following is a very truncated version of the original. It doesn’t contain any of the comments posted by others, as they were unrecoverable. My apologies for that. I've also left out the MISTAKES I made during the construction in the "Resurrection" section. Some of them can be found in this Topic : How I Fix Boo-Boos and Oopsies The original Build Log was started on June 11 2011. Actual work on the model commenced on Wednesday August 17 2011. The Build Log was terminated on February 14 2013 (the day the Server crashed), and Re-building it started the day MSW came back on-line. _____________________________________________________________________ Following is an Index to "Points of Interest". you can Click on the Links to jump straight to the First Post that starts a particular Section. Links to other Sites in the following pages, e.g. Tool Suppliers, look like this : Sherline . You can jump straight to their Webpage by Clicking on them. Note : I have no affiliation with any of the Suppliers I have posted Links to - just a happy customer. To return to the Index Click on the "HMS Vulture" Link in the Signature in one of my Posts, or use the "Back" Arrow of your Browser. There are no Signatures under my posts in the Reconstruction phase to save page room. The Index will be updated as work progresses. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Index to Points of Interest Page 1 HMS Vulture - some History of the ship + Links to Build Logs of other Swan Class Ships on MSW Research and Materials + Links to Suppliers How the Model will be built Tools Preparations Clamps and Planking Pins Laying the Keel Lower Apron Stem and Fore Deadwood Aft Deadwood Sternpost Rising Wood Cutting Rabbets and Fitting the Mounting Nuts Cutting, Shaping and Fitting Transoms Cutting the Bowsprit Seat Fashion Pieces Bollard Timbers Timberheads and Bowsprit Chock Forward Cant Frames and Hawse Timbers Forward Cant Frames Aft Cant Frames Side Counter Timbers and Timbers on the Side Counter Aft Cant Fairing Knee of the Head Construction Aft Square Frames Frame Bend Shifted Toptimber Fixed Blocks Page 2 Frames all Fitted Toptimber Aligning and External Fairing Treenailing Frames Keelson Pump Recesses Stemson Fillings Harpins Ribbands Limber Strakes Floorhead Thickstuff and Treenails Mast Steps Aft Crutch and Lower Breasthook Limber Boards Lower Well and Shot Locker Chain Pump Inlets Pump Tubes Chain Pump Sprocket Lower Deck Clamps Footwaling Internal Treenailing Aft Platform Aft Platform Carlings and Ledges Aft Platform Bulkheads and Spirit Room Hatch Lower Deck Beams Fore Platform and Bulkheads Lower Deck Hook Block Room and Tar Room Bulkheads Magazine Bulkheads and Mizzen Boxing Lightroom Page 3 Finishing the Magazine Aft Platform Rooms Upper Deck Clamps and Ceiling Lower Deck Beam Carling Mortices Lodging and Hanging Knees Pillars in the Hold Opposed Knees, Beam Arms and Iron Knees Lower Deck Beams, Carlings and Ledges Chain Pump Inlets and Tubes Fitted Sleepers Lower Deck Waterways and Spirketting Riding Bitts - stage 1 Upper Deck Beams Lower Deck Planking Hooked Planks Lower Deck Treenailing Hatch Coamings and Companions Lower Deck Breasthook Forward Room Bulkheads Upper Deck Pillars and Beam Set Forward Rooms Bulkheads and Scuttles Forward Bulkheads Finishing Riding Bitts and Sail Room Wing Transom Knees Bread Room Bulkhead and Pillars Aft Bulkheads Pantry Upper Well Upper Deck Framing Finished Upper Deck Ledges Page 4 Upper Deck Waterways Mast Wedges Main Mast Partners Aft Beam Arms, Carlings and Ledges Mizzen and Foremast Partners Main Topsail Sheet Bitts part 1 Upper Deck Hatch Coamings Capstan Step Upper Deck Planking Top and Butt (Anchor Stock) Deck Planking Upper Deck Treenailng Counter Timbers String in the Waist Quarterdeck Clamp and Transom Ebony Wales and "Dummy" Treenails "Black" Strake Topside Planking Port Stops and Sweep Ports Spirketting,Quckwork and Inside Sweep Ports Trimming Treenailing Spirketting and Quickwork Upper Deck Companions Helm Port Lower Counter Planking Garboard Strake Lower Hull Planking Top and Butt Planking Tricky Plank Hull Planking Continues Hull Planking Finished Starboard Sheer Strake Page 5 Scuppers Main Topsail Sheet Bitts Main Jeer Bitts Forecastle Deck Beams Hawse Holes Finishing Fore Topsail Sheet Bitts Bucklers Upper Deck Breasthook Bowsprit Partner, Hanging and Lodging Knees Manger Riding Bitts Galley Stove 1 Galley Stove 2 END OF BUILD LOG RECONSTRUCTION Chain Pump Cisterns Pump Chain Pump Brakes Rhodings Forward Stanchions, Cistern Hood and Pump Dale Capstans Rudder Main Piece Bearding Pintles Spectacle Plate Bands Gudgeons Rudder Shipped Rudder Coat Forward Athwartships Aft Cabin Bulkhead Bulkhead Doors Aft Athwartships Aft Cabin Bulkhead Longitudinal Aft Cabin Bulkhead Upper Counter Planking Forecastle Bulkhead Forecastle Bulkhead Lights Making Stern Light Frames Stern Lights Completing Rudder Head Trunk Great Cabin Lockers Completing Great Cabin Rudder Head Partners Transom Iron Knees Guns Brackets Barrels Capsquares Drilling the Bolt Holes Axletrees Carriage Assembly Jig Trucks Bed Quoins Hardware Breech Rigging Side Tackles Forecastle and Quarterdeck Carlings Forecastle Knees Catheads Catheads Fitted Cathead Caps Steam Grating Coamings Steam Grating Galley Cowl Cowl Baffle Breast Beams Forecastle Half-Door and Light Quarterdeck Hanging Knees Cast Knee Quarterdeck Lodging Knees Beam Bracket Quarterdeck Hatch Coamings Capstan Step Forecastle and Quarterdeck Waterways Forecastle and Quarterdeck Planking Forecastle and Quarterdeck Treenailing Bulwark Spirketting Gun Rigging Re-do Gangboard Knees Planksheers in the Waist Hances Making Timberheads Timberhead Jig Forecastle Planksheers Forecastle Timberheads Quarterdeck Timberheads Gangways and Gangboards Entry Steps to the Waist Gallows Crosspiece Preparing Tuck Molding and Waist Rails Quarter Badge Quarter Badge Stools and Munions Upper Finishing Lower Finishing Carving the Finishing and Glazing Lights Pilasters Quarter Badge Crown Chesstrees Channels Sheer Rails Standards Drift Rails Main Studding Sail Boom Irons Fenders Entry Steps Swivel Gun Mounts Fore Jeer Bitts Belfry Forecastle Railing and Spar Rack Companion Top Ship's Wheel Quarterdeck Ladderway Ladderway Railings Quarterdeck Breastwork Fixed Gangway Newel Posts and Railings Taffarel Taffarel Capping Rail Ensign Staff Block and Clamp Quarter Pieces Roughtree Rail Brake Pumps Fitted Steering Rigging This INDEX has grown too large, so I will start a 2nd one. It can be accessed by clicking the link below. Link to Index Part 2
  2. Hi all, Having completed HMS Vulture and donating her to the Port Macquarie Maritime Museum I decided to build a Cross-section of the ship to display alongside her. I will be building the section in exactly the same way I built the original model, using the same timbers etc. This will allow viewers to see some of the internal details which are now virtually invisible. Below is my now customary Index to Points of Interest. Clicking on a Link will take you to the relevant post where the construction of that area begins. The Index will be added to as work progresses. Index to Points of Interest Preparations Keel Floors Frames Fitting Frames Fairing Pump Recesses and Pump Inlets Internal Planking Treenailing and Mainmast Step Lower Deck Beams Stanchions for the Well Lower Well and Shot Locker Limber Boards and Lower Deck Knees Iron Knees Chain Pump Sprocket and Chain Pump Tubes Hatch Coamings Mast Lower Deck Planking Upper Well Mast Partner Carlings and Main Topsail Sheet Bitt Pins Hammock Battens Gratings Mast Partners and Pump Tubes Fitted Wales External Planking and Treenailing and Port Liners Bitts Fitted, Cisterns and Chain Pump Cranks Elm Tree Pumps Guns Quarterdeck Section, Entry Steps and External Moldings Guns Finished, Gangways and Ladder Gangway Railing and Newel Post, Channel, Chains and Deadeyes FINISHED MODEL .
  3. Hi all, I have started work on the Cutter for my model of HMS Vulture (link in my signature below for those who haven't seen her) and decided to make a separate Build Log of the project. Some time ago I purchased the Timbering Set for this model from Admiralty Models. Timber in the set was cut by HobbyMill who are no longer in production, so I don't know if the Set is still available. EDIT - It's not. The "kit" includes a resin plug to which the frames are temporarily fixed until the boat takes shape. There are NO plans or instructions included - this "kit" is even more in the way of Scratchbuilding than the ship itself is. Here's a pic of the "kit" : There are 5 packs of timber (not sure of the type) ranging in thickness from 0.031" to 0.1" for things like the Keel, Transom, Gunwale and Thwarts. There are also 2 packs of Holly - one is 0.031" x 0.031" for the Frames, the other is a sheet of 0.015" thick for the Planking. All the timber has been milled to HobbyMill's exacting standards and looks to be of excellent quality. There also seems to be a lot more timber than I'll need - probably enough to make TWO Cutters if I don't waste any . Danny
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