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  1. Hi everybody, after finishing the Queen Anne-barge, I am quite excited to join in the Winchelsea project. Yesterday I got started, printing all the plans and cutting the first plywood peaces for the bulkheads. I use 6 mm birch plywood (the heavy one) and made the main part out of one Peace (not 3 peaces like the laser-cut Version) Matthias
  2. Welcome to my Winchelsea build which will be done alongside Hayling. It will be based on Chuck's version II design. I have chosen to build the ship mainly from Cherry. It will be a P.O.B. model, using the laser cut parts and mini-kits that Chuck will offer. This will be a fun build for me and I'm looking forward to the many challenges that are ahead. The build starts with making the Knee of the Head from Chuck's laser cut kit. Cherry, being a softer wood than Boxwood, cuts somewhat cleaner and the pieces fit together quite nicely. Only a gentle scraping with a #11 blade was needed t
  3. Hi all, I'm starting my build log for the new and improved Winchelsea. I'm looking forward to building her here with everyone. I have yet to decide what woods I will build her in but most likely it will be pear or boxwood. I won't be able to start any real work on her until late September as work intrudes on my shop time this time of year. What little free time I will have I'll be printing and reviewing the plans and monograph and ordering up what supplies I may need. I'll also have the pleasure of living vicariously through all the builds that start before me.
  4. Welcome to the Winnie project. Yes I am starting over again. Many of you might wonder why I would do such a thing. There are several good reasons actually. Let me explain. - About 3 years ago during a flood in my workshop, the 1st Winnie was severely damaged. Although not submerged the humidty and moisture cause the planking at the bow to open up like a banana being peeled back. I did fix it as best I could but I will never be as happy with it now. - It has been a long time since I first designed the project and I have learned a great deal since th
  5. After drooling over many many kits and model builds all over the place, a magical force directed me over to the Syren Ship Model Company. Chuck Passaro's frigate hit me almost as hard as when I first laid eyes on my beautiful wife. I have to build it! So far I have built a lot of card models and built 2 ship hulls from wood, based on Shipyard designs. This will be a learning experience for me and a great joy. For you guys looking in on this it might be a lesson in 'how not to do things' but I'm hoping you will point in the right direction or administer a virtual swift kick For too
  6. Yes! I am excited about this. I am fairly new to the ship model scene and have only completed one ship to date, the HMS Victory - my first model. Although I paid a premium for the model, it did come with exceptional instructions, which were a life saver. Thankfully, I found the hobby to be 100% relaxing and enjoyable. When laying the billion copper tiles one by one on the Victory I would find myself entranced and awake hours later having cut, shaped, attached a hundred or so in one sitting. Did not expect it to have this effect on me. Although it took me the better part of two years, I did com
  7. As we spoke at the NE Conference, this may be my last model build. It is difficult to say that but I have to be realistic about where I am in life. I can't imagine a more elegant subject to tackle. As you requested Chuck, I enter the "waters" and make a commitment to build a Winchelsea of cedar and will want to build it from your modular or mini kit offerings starting with the "starter" installment. Given the human factors a scratch version is not practical for me. Joe
  8. I'm very excited about joining this project and realize I'm a bit of a Johnny come lately here, but will do my best to catch up without rushing. Ordered up the plans today, which have already shipped and should arrive Wednesday. Ordered 12 sheets of 1/4"x12x24 Plywood which should arrive on Thursday. Bought plenty of extra plywood and ordered 3 copies of the false keel, so plenty of room for mistakes. The last major task for this week is to find a nice scroll saw. I had a cheap variable speed years ago that slowly ramped up the speed to max the longer it was used, s
  9. I have made so many mistakes on my Winchelsea - not big ones for the most part; but nevertheless leaving me thinking "I could/should have done better" – that I am going to start a new build. I don't aspire to match the standards of Chuck or Mike and others but I do hope to improve. For the first build ("W1") I took Chuck at his word as to the cost of buying the Syren bulkhead pack – well over £200 here in the UK with shipping and import duty – against buying a scroll saw and a sheet of plywood so the cost of starting again is pretty modest. I will build W2 to the end o
  10. Hi folks, Im trying to catch up with rest of the bunch throughout winterly snowy evenings on this magnificent project, hopefully learn soke new skills and back myself up of Chucks and yours guidances photos etc. Still nervously awaiting package with 1234 parts from overseas but already started as friend made for me the bulkheads on cnc. He was so nice even marked letters and so on...And thats a ton of pressure he put off my chest. Its poplar, extremely light and so im pretty nervous how it be around those tiny wooden walls...i have big build behind me from scratch without any guidance no
  11. Hi Guys, excited to start this awesome project! Chuck, I plan to utilize as much laser cut products as designed by you as I can. I will probably be building in Alaskan cedar or what ever other wood may be recommended at whatever point. My shop space and resources are extremely limited and always on the move so I will be treating this like a kit as much a possible. Thanks for following, looking forward to this! JJ
  12. After seeing , in person, the beautiful models of Winnie being done by Chuck and Mike, there was no way that I wouldn't want to give it a try myself. Actual work will have to wait until I get back to Florida next month. Bob
  13. Hi, I'm Dutch, live in the south of Holland, in Breda with my wife and three daughters (yes poor me, that's four woman under our roof 🙂). I am new here and hoping being able to start to build HMS Winchelsea 1764 in 1/48 as well. Inspired by all the other beautiful builds here, I'm now in the pre project phase and making my list of materials (writing a PID and making a product break down list in project terms). And then off to the (online) shops to order my wood and others. Oh, and ofcourse wait for the PM from Chuck with access to the download link of the plans.
  14. Hello everyone, I've gone and done it.!! Bought the plans, set up the build log, printed the bulkhead patterns. Just don't know where I'm going to find the time or space for this one though. Thanks for having me 👍😀
  15. After several months collecting parts and tools and finishing other projects, I’ve started my Winchelsea. There are some truly stunning build logs here that I’ve been following closely, and I must admit that I’m a bit intimidated. Between these logs, Chucks tutorials, and members help and suggestions I’m pretty excited to get underway and give it a go. Anyway, off to the races............ Don
  16. Hi, I'm Dutch, live in the south of Holland, in Berghem a small village with my wife, i am retired. I am new here and hoping to start to build HMS Winchelsea 1764 in 1/48 as well. Inspired by all the other beautiful builds here I downloaded the plans en ordered the first en second chapter in yellow cedar. Thanks Jan
  17. I am happy to announce that I have purchased the plans and am starting my build log for the HMS Winchelsea. I've been interested in this since the first time I saw the project on the Syren Ship Models website. I'm very excited to start a group project early on in its inception. It will be fun to work on this with so many other modelers. Thank you, Chuck, for putting this together and sharing your hard work and passion with us. I will download the plans and get started on cutting frames this week.
  18. Introduction For a number of reasons, mostly medical, I've been many years away from model shipbuilding. I had some doubt I would ever build another model again, but very good things have happened concerning my health, and I am now entertaining the idea of starting another model. At my age I think it might be my last model .... my magnum opus. What ship would it be? I always thought a mid eighteenth century British frigate might be a nice choice. When I saw that Chuck was leading a group project for a 1:48 scale model of HMS Winchelsea 1764, a Niger class 32 gun frigate, it really pe
  19. I have been catching up wit the group build. I discovered moths after it went life. I have been following your progress and has been quite useful. So far I have not manage to get my self in trouble thanks to your posts. I put to good use my coping saw and got a slay from Hobby Tools to ensure the structure will be straight.
  20. I'm also going to join in the fun and have been looking forward to this build for a long time. This is going to be my first scratch build so I will have a LOT to learn. I'm going to depend on you all for some help and guidance along the way. I have my order in the cart at National Balsa for some Birch Ply (false keel) and Lite Ply (bulkheads) and will be pulling the plug soon. I will be building it in Ceder & getting all the help I can from Syren (laser cut parts). Plans are at the printers now. Unfortunately I will not be making any saw dust til mid October due to work but I
  21. Starting my member build log! I have received my first shipment from Syren Co. and the parts/wood all looks great. I am building the yellow cedar version. I am looking forward to a great experience and to learning a lot during the build. I have a lot of nice 1/4" baltic birch ply in my stash that will be what I use for the keel, and I just received the lite ply for the bulkheads from the recommended source for ease of cutting on those parts. A couple of those lite ply pieces are pretty warped and I'm not sure how much to worry about that. I'll start with the flatter pieces though. So I just ne
  22. I have started my Winnie journey. Guys looking at pictures don’t really get how big this girl is. WOW! I ordered Chuck’s Laser cut bulkheads, former and Chapter One and Two components. Here is a shot of the bulkheads.
  23. I recently reviewed this kit over in the Reviews forum: 1:48 Double Capstan for HMS Winchelsea I discussed it with Chuck, and he felt this forum would be the best place to put my build log. First, a little background about why I am building this capstan even though I don't foresee building Winchelsea. Back in June of last year I posted an item about the capstan I built from scratch, for my Corel kit Resolution. I thought it was pretty decent and as good or better than a lot of kit provided or third party parts. ( I had actually upsiz
  24. I feel fortunate that I am able to be the first to show off this beautiful little kit from Chuck and the Syren Ship Model Company I know quite a few Winchelsea builders already have this, because I had to stand in line for a couple of weeks to get mine. Here is the no frills packaging ( I ordered one each of the cherry and Alaskan yellow cedar versions ) next to the comprehensive assembly instructions, available for download at Syren. Winnie Capstan Instructions Here is the cherry version spread out. The wood is as high quality as I have
  25. Well, I'm coming into the build a little late but looking forward to some fun. Don't have a lot of experience - several large scale plastic WWII battleships and carriers over the years and two wood ships, the Sharke from an old Sergal kit and the Bluenose from Model Shipways. looking to take things up a notch with this build. My intention is to cut all parts myself (we'll see how that goes). I am in the midst of cutting bulkheads using a 9" bandsaw and scroll saw where necessary. Started out using Elmers gluesticks but have found Loctite spray adhesive to be much better for the paper patterns.
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