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Waxing the threads

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I have found that another sewing product is far superior to traditional bees wax. It is Heavenly Thread. Find it at your favorite quilting shop or sewing shop, such as Joanns. :)
comes in a small blue cubic container. :D

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I saw a "waxing" sign in the window of a beauty parlor the other day and asked them if they did ship model rigging and all I got was a blank stare. :o


You should wax because:


It eliminates the "fuzz" so your rigging will appear true to scale.


It tends to seal the thread and prevent its holding moisture ambient in the air.


It makes the thread stiffer, which can be a help in forming catenaries when portraying slack lines.


It can make threading the thread through holes easier as it makes the thread stiffer, although dipping the end of a thread in CA glue these days will turn the end of a thread into its own "needle" and is easily clipped off when the threading is done.


Beeswax will eventually dry to a hard surface which won't hold dust, but if you don't put your model in a case, it probably isn't going to last long enough for dust to be a problem.


I simply draw the thread over a block of pure beeswax several passes and then between my thumb and forefinger to remove any excess and even out the application.  Always has worked for me.

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