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H.M.S. BOUNTY by Jerry's Admiral - FINISHED - Amati - Scale 1:60

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Hello Everybody...

This is Jerry writing...Charlene has asked me to do a little more work as she has little time available these days for model ship building.  So, I made her a deal: I will do a little more of the work if she would at least take a few minutes to observe the different operations as progress is made.  She agreed so I took over for a couple of days while she was at work and the accompanying pictures show what has been done and where we are presently at.  This by no means is to imply that I am going to complete the build without Charlene's help and contribution.  She has all next week off from school (Thanksgiving holiday) so I expect she  will get some work done on Bounty.  In the meantime here are some pictures of our progress.  Reminder:  place mouse pointer on picture for caption..


Jerry (for Charlene)















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Many thanks for the visit and thoughts.  The "chopper" has been around for awhile.  Jerry had it when he built the Cutty Sark 18 years ago.  This is the second one because the first one was slowly destroyed by tightening the stop screws too much and the razor eating into the surface of the board.  Hope your day went well.


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Hi Per..

The chopper has been a must.  I never even knew what it was before.  I have seen it in Jerry's office and for some reson I thought it was a paper cutter.  I never thought about it again until I planked the deck and used it for the first time to cut the deck planks to length.  I have also found out that the chopper must be treated with much respect as I badly cut a finger a few months ago and I was very scared of it after that.  But I used it again upon Jerry's insistance when building the rudder cabin.  Jerry has since used it to make the grating coamings, etc.  I hope all is well with you..



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Hi again,  Everyone..

I just came back from school and opened the log today but asked Jerry to make the report as he did most of the work you'll see in the pictures to follow....So here's Jerry..



Charlene has had some beginner's problems with this kit but it's perfectly understandable.  The Amati Bounty is no beginner's kit and in addition much bashing had to be done due to what i call manufacturer's ignorance.  For example the directions (in Italian) call for the belaying pin racks to be fabricated from 1 x 4 mm. wood strips.  If one has ever tried to drill 15-   0.5 mm. holes in a 4mm, wide strip 3mm, apart from each other then you must surely know that after the third or fourth hole the strip will split lengthwise.  So we used some 1.5mm scrap plywood and our scroll saw, sander and drill press to make the pin racks.  We'll of course make all the other racks the same way.  The cannon ball holders were also made as above as the directions called for the stupid method as earlier with the pin racks.  And of course, Amati forgot to supply the shot for the cannon balls..I had a few left over from my Victory kit  which we used.  That's why the cannon ball racks alongside the grating looks so sparse. .Or maybe, Bounty just returned from target practise...When building the gratings no instructions were given as to how to hold the grating strips together.  Of course past experience stepped in and I showed Charlene how to coat the gratings with a thinned out solution of white glue and water  with a paint brush.  These are the things that Charlene hopefully will remember as she continues to enjoy this wonderful hobby.  I did some work this morning which will reflect in the photos.  Have a great evening everyone and










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She's coming on, Charlene!  Keep up the good work!
Let me just dare to make a suggestion for your next build, regarding the gratings.  They hold together better if you ensure that there's white wood showing on all four edges, like this.

It could mean you have to deviate from the plans/instructions by a millimetre or so to accommodate this, but from an aesthetic point of view it's worth it.

I love that rudder cabin at the stern.  And the ship's wheel looks really good.

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Hi Lawrence, Grant and Brian...

This is Jerry writing for Charlene and me.  Much obliged for your visit and comments which I truly believe are encouraging and most helpful.


Brian, You are absolutely right with respect to finishing the grating with whitewood edges.  And I totally agree that it would have looked much better to do it the way you have suggested.  The problem in this case was the dimensions.  I was concerned that if I made the measurements shorter some of the deck opening would have been exposed.  The grates just do cover the openings.  Truthfully I'm not satisfied the way the gratings look and I may decide to redo them before starting the rigging.  It's Charlene's boat and after an explanaion to her, it'll be her choice as to what to do.  Many thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts and please let us know at any time you have some constructive criticism.



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Hi crackers.

Nice to hear from you.  Yes, I intend to saty on MSW and to put a few hours when I can into the construction of the Bounty.  I was able to add a little bit during the Thanksgiving break and of course spent some time observing jerry doing some of the work also.  I learned to make coamings and found the mini size very difficult to handle.  But i finally put it togethher and glued it to the deck.  Jerry showed me a trick using a square corner on a piece of very thin plywood to square the corners of the anchor rope hatch.  I am enjoying the progress and wish i had more time to contribute more to the build of this model.  


Hi Popeye.

Good to hear from you again.  Thank you for your visit and encouragement.  I have attached some pictures of what we have accomplished during the past several days.  Things are coming along well andJerry tells me that I had better start reading some of his books on rigging as we are getting close to that part of the build.  I'm not sure i'm ready forr that but I'll do my best.  I'm also planning to learn how to make the masts and yards using our drill press.



















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Hello everyone..

Charlene is away at school earning money so she can support me in the way that i'm acustomed.  So, being home alone I decided to a little more work on the Bounty whose progress is pictured here with a few more photos.  We made the midship and bow bits and belaying pin racks and also finished installing the bowsprit bits.  Charlene gets the next crack at the model over the weekend and hopefully will get a little more completed.  So there are pics showing where we are at.present.















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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Everyone..

Well I had a few hours today and managed to get some work done. Jerry did a lot before me the past several days and so all i could manage was beginning the bow railings and knees.  I'm not happy with the blue stripe paint job and will attempt to make it much better a litle later on.  Jerry asked me to mention that there was a lit kit bashing done when it came to some of the metal parts sincce the originals didn;t fit well.  He made some wooden substitutes using the scroll saw and all came out pretty well.  Here are some pictures that will bring our mutual project up to date.















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Good morning Jparsley, Lawrence and Michael,


I have a few minutes of break time here at school and found this time to answer you all.  I appreciate your kind comments and i'm positive that Jerry will feel the same way. The model is beginning to take shape and I'm excited about it since I'm aware that we are getting close to the rigging phase.  Jerry has been emphatic that the rigging is a must on my part or I 'll never learn anything about the true aspect of building a ship model.  I know that when I started this project I bit off a lot more than I could chew and hence the reliance on my hubby.   I'm looking forward to our Holiday break next week as I hope to find some decent time to get some work on the Bounty done.


Lawwrence, you have been so kind with your periodic visits to my log and I want to thank you for your encouragement.  I'm happy that you are nearing the finish of your household chores and will soon be back in your shipyard thinking about the "African Queen."


Jparsley, thanks for looking in and,


(Michael) ca.shipwright,  I really am proud as to how the deck came out.  It was actually the first time I ever attempted anything like that.  At Jerry's advice, I use a black marking pen to coat one edge and one end of each strip to get the caulking effect.  Jerry used the same method on his HMS Victory and was pleased with the results so he recommended it to me.  And thank you all for coming to see us.



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He Michael..

Thank you for reminding me where the Bounty kit came from.  Jerry was picking his brain trying to remember.  He said that he promised to keep the prevous owner of the kit informed as to the building progress and so now we know.  And now you know how the build is coming along.  Please keep tuned for more progress.


Have great day.


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I always thought that the Amati Bounty is one of the most beautiful model ship kits ever offered. You are doing a ban-up job of building this kit. It is coming out beautifully.


I regretted selling the kit as soon as I gave it to the FedEx guy. Oh well.


Regards to Jerry G.

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I agree with all the foregoing.  Charlene, this is getting to be quite a delicious model.  Seems to me it won't be long before you have to step the masts and start on the rigging?  Try not to let Jerry do too much of this - I'm looking forward to seeing how deft you can be with little bits of thin string and tiny pulley-blocks and deadeyes.

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Good morning, Brian..

I'm under strict orders to do the majority of the rigging.  But, I may have to wait until summer to do that so who knows?  Good to hear from you; hope all is well...


Hi Everyone,

So, it looks like I'll be able to spend some time working on the Bounty during the next couple of weeks as I'm now on Christmas break from school.  Jerry did  some work on the kit and his progress will follow with some pictures.  He asked me to mention that the Amati kit has been far from complete in both instructions and in parts.  There have been shortages, especially with the metal pieces and the instructions are far from good.  Since the kit is Italian, the plans and directions are also in Italian.  We asked the supplier for some type of itranslation and what we received is minimal at best and without previous experience I don't believe anyone could handle this model.  Forget me , as I'm a rank beginner, but even Jerry is having a tough time understanding the "manual."  


Before we started building this kit we knew, from reading other posts, that the gun ports were too close to the deck and that the cannons would not stand with their barrels horizontal to the water line.  Jerry racked his brain for a solution  and finally i agreed with him that we'll place the cannons into the gunports even though a couple of them will be pointed below horizontal. We even thought about grinding the metal carriages down to lower them to the deck but decided that doing that would look real bad.  When the cannons and their tackle are complete I'll be getting my lesson on the drill press as I learn to make the masts and yards.  We are getting very close to that aspect of the build.


Jery and I wiould like to wish all of our friends a very happy holiday season and a very prosperous and healthy new year.











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Nice work, I'm taking a lot of hints from your work on my copy of this ship.

Right now, I'm looking at "Bits with puleys and blocks ready to install.jpg", and wondering what kind of knots you used to tie the blocks onto the 'dowel'?

It looks like the thread goes around the sides of the blocks, but then that would mean it couldn't easily go around the dowel?  somewhere there is a 90 degree twist, or am I looking at it wrong?


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