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Info request on Titanic kit (edited by admin0

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This one was a 1985 versionpost-12186-0-13211000-1429233872.jpg

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I have a 1976 version made by Entex.  There have been a number of revisions by different kit brands that I lost track of who released what and when from this tooling. 


Current Builds:  Revell 1:96 Thermopylae Restoration

                           Revell 1:96 Constitution COMPLETED

                           Aeropiccola HMS Endeavor IN ORDINARY

Planned Builds: Scientific Sea Witch

                            Marine Models USF Essex



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I am currently building this one (1/350 scale). For more modelling info than you would ever want to know, go to:




Click on the "Modeling" button towards the bottom right of the page. Then click on the various links. Be prepared to be deluged!


I am sticking with out of the box plus the Gold Medal Models photoetch.




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I built the original Entex kit which I improved with one of the first Golden Medal Models etch kit.  Not a bad model at all, and still going strong under different brand names.  But one in my opinion very ugly feature of the kit is the hugely deep paneling detail of the hull, that in my opinion spoils it all.  I wonder if this has been corrected at some point, or if a better advised modeler was clever enough to find a way to cure this.


Still it is the best kit at a manageable scale, isn't it?

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