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Organizer and drill-bits

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I bought a beautiful organiser for the tools I use most. It's from Hobbyzone and I bought him at sceneryworkshop. You have to assemble it yourzelf but it fits very well.



Also bought some small drillbits in China. Very cheap but good quality. You can find them at aliexpress.com When I bought them tey were 50% off.



For organizing the drillbits I made an drill-block so I have them all together.


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Good ideas Kees,  my problem is those organizers are never large enough....I always have "stuff" left over and they take up room on my build desk.  I bought a couple magnetic strips to run across the face of my desk, that helps.


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Not my idea, but a 2 inch block of Styrofoam wall insulation (blue or pink), cut to whichever X/Y dimensions needed, and hot glued to a 1/2" plywood base makes a good bench top organizer.    Home Depot sells 1 x 2 sheets of 1 inch for misc use that is not expensive and two layers can be hot glued up.

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I just received the item pictured above. I ordered it on line on the 14th of April and received it today; less than 10 days from Poland. The site referenced above could not help me and refered me directly to the manufacture's site. I was able to select English language and USD. Here is the link. 




I tried to find something wrong with the item so as to have something to report to the group; I could find nothing..... even the English transulation of the instructions were great. Great products, fast service; give it a try.

Hope this is of help to someone.


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