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Harwich Bawley - by Mobbsie - 1/24 Scale - Restoration- Finished

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Hi Guys,


This is a first for me in that I have taken on the task of restoring a Harwich Bawley. The boat must be getting on for 20 - 30yrs + and it is not in the best of conditions.


A Harwich Bawley is a shrimp fishing boat built around the turn of the century, they were built in and around the Harwich area hence the name, this particular boat was built by Cann's of Harwich who are the same builders of my Thames Barge Edme. It is approximately 38ft long excluding the bowsprit with a beam of 14ft, there was a boiler in the hold which was used for cooking the shrimp so they where able to go to market directly from catching. The shrimp were caught by means of a beam trawl.


The Maritime Museum was contacted by a guy in Enfield nr London who was offering the boat for free and so off we went and picked it up.


When I got the boat home I found the sails were just falling apart, you only had to look at them and a tear appeared, also most of the rigging just parted mid run with the slightest of touches so a lot of the work was going to be the top half.


I have a few pictures.


The Sails, as you can see they are in a dreadful condition

post-493-0-78727500-1428498820_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-60342500-1428498877_thumb.jpg


post-493-0-65316600-1428498932_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-52948500-1428498959_thumb.jpg


Some other parts of the rigging

post-493-0-24344600-1428499054_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-47703400-1428499079_thumb.jpg


post-493-0-89616200-1428499100_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-67067400-1428499139_thumb.jpg


A little more

post-493-0-96675000-1428499330_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-83249000-1428499359_thumb.jpg


post-493-0-87019400-1428499463_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-39341700-1428499481_thumb.jpg


There are more but they will have to wait for now.


I'll post more very soon.


Be Good







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Thanks Guys, I just hope I can live up to your expectations.


I have now stripped all that will come off of her and I have a question, hopefully you will be able to steer in the right direction.


This boat is not planked and so I will be planking it with a veneer of 0.60mm, this is so I don't take up the height from the bulwarks, also looking at an image I found on the net shows the planks were not joggled so that leaves me with just one question at the moment.


My question is that with a boat of 38ft in length would the deck planks have a staggered butt joint or just cut and nailed to the same bulkhead on each row.

There is no deck plan for this boat and I cannot find anything on the net.


Hopefully one of you gents can advise me on this issue, all suggestions will be considered.


I will post some more pics later on today to show where I am.

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Hi Druxey


It most likely would but I haven't used one yet, I have seen one on Amazon but unfortunately that's in French which is one of the many languages I don't speak, I'm afraid I only do English and Profanity.


I have checked out "U TUBE" which has a few Bawley's but unfortunately none showing the deck in any detail.


I will need to see what our Library has in stock and get one from them.


Thanks for the heads up though I do appreciate your input.


Be Good



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Hi Michael,


Thank you so much mate for those pics, they are almost there but unfortunately just don't give the detail I'm looking for, although having said that, the absence of a straight line athwart ships at any point is leading me to believe the planks were staggered but I cant make out any butt patterns. 


Your going to have to tell me the story of Doris mate, I have looked her up on "u tube" and there is some interesting shots of her, also on Google images. She is still around somewhere and will take a bit of tracking down but if it's of help to you I can find her and take some pictures.


Thanks again Michael


Be Good



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OK you asked


I started some drawings based on Ted Penn's lines drawings and have cut the clear fir for the keel I did this a few years ago now and it is waiting for some other things to be finished before I go any further.


the first picture shows some drawing Ducks I made to do the drawings.




the next shows the overall keel parts. laid over the 1/24th scale drawings




next a close up of the stem wood





I am not sure about it all at the moment, i might go ahead or not.








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Hi Michael,


Never seen those Ducks before, you learn something new everyday.


You've come this far mate it would be an awful shame not to continue to completion, these boats are very pleasing to the eye and would grace many a home,

and you've made a good start on the Keel.


You'll have to fit her in somewhere between "Current Builds" and "Other Projects" mate and if I can be of any help along the way you only need to ask. Mind you if your hearts not in it and you cant commit 100% then it's maybe's best left alone, you never know, one day perhaps.


Thanks for sharing Michael.


Be Good



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Hi John,


Thanks mate for looking into it for me, I'm afraid there is little either written or photographed about these little boats, they were treated very much like the Thames Barges in that they were built to the eye of the shipwright.


They were built in tiny yards to a general design, and weren't designed to go too far off shore, there main quarry was Shrimp but they very often doubled up and caught Sprats or Herring, there are still a few afloat today and they are well spread about the country.


I understand what you are saying with regard to the stagger of the planks adding strength to the boat and so will give this some serious thought, I will continue searching tomorrow to see if I can find anything extra but if not I will be staggering the planks, I will most likely do a 3 plank stagger.


Thanks again mate, appreciate your help.


Be Good



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Hi Guys,


I've completed stripping down and on inspection I find that all is not well, there are several parts that are slightly out of true and will take a bit of thought when planking.


I haven't found out anything new and so have decided on a 4 plank stagger set at 30mm, thank you guys for investing time and effort in helping me out, I really appreciate your help.


I have started painting the Bulwarks, Hold, Accommodation Shack and the Hull, I have kept the same colour scheme for the upper works but changed the Hull from the drab grey that was to Red Primer ( Red Lead). I have also added a white line around. 


The Hold was a sky blue which I could have kept but it was eating away at me and so I've changed it to what could only be described as sage.


The dye has been bought for the sails, they will be Terracotta, I borrowed an old pillow case from the Admiral which will make up the sails and my sister, (bless her) is going to make them up for me, I don't think she fully comprehends the amount of work that will be needed so I'm going to have to get her something special for taking them on.


So here are the pics guys.


Some of the little bits that were on board                     



You may be able to see the crackling effect on the paint



High levels of grime is all over the boat                       



 I have removed the decking from the hold and will replace with planks



The benches around the tiller have been removed      



I'm masking up the upper hull in readiness for painting



The new Hull colour                                                       



The hold has now been planked



The inboard paintwork has been started, white only at this stage.                                      



The white line has been added



That's it for now guys, there will be more to follow very soon.


Be Good




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Hi Gents,




There's a ways to go yet mate, seems almost like a new build sometimes.




Welcome aboard mate, it's always nice to get new crew members.




Welcome home mate, a lick of fresh paint always makes a lot of difference.


Thanks for the good words guys, appreciate them.


Be Good



Edited by mobbsie
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Hi Guys,


Another quick update on some progress, I'm a little cheesed off because I have some other pictures on my phone and for some reason I'm unable to access them.


They are mainly of the Margin Planks, so I'm afraid there will be a jump from Margin Plank template to half planking.


I have had a bit of bother finding a decent Veneer to use an after a couple of orders on line which proved totally useless I found a supplier about 7 miles up the road.


Speaking with Grant yesterday, he asked what veneers they were and I was unable to tell him, embarrassing really. I have since done a search on line and they are Cedar and Maple, I quite like the effect and so I hope you guys also like it.


Some Pics


Starboard side Margin Plank template



Stern Margin Plank



Bow Piece



Starboard Margin Plank



Starboard side planking, sorry about the big jump.





Starting the Port side planks





Once the planking is completed I will be experimenting with treenail colour and material.


So your right up to date now guys, I will post more as progress is made.


Be Good





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