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I am working on the anchors for the HMS Mars, an 18 gunner.  The instructions say to use 2.5 mm natural thread (rope) for the anchor rope - this works out to about 5.6 inches - am wondering if this seems a bit on the large size ?

Also, re the pudden for the anchors.   For this size ship, what size  thread (rope) would they normally use ?  Again, the kit instructions indicate using 0.5 mm black thread and after some experimentation, I was wondering if this was a bit small ?

Thanks in advance for any and all input.

Dave :)

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Hello Dave, 2.5mm diameter stuff does seem a bit on the heavy side for Mars it equates to a 19"+ circumference cable.


According to Lees the anchor cables in circumference inches were 0.62 of the Mainmast dIameter in inches.


Another method based on older writings  gives the sheet cable circumference as commonly being so many half inches as your ship's breadth in feet at midships.


It would be interesting to see what size cable comes up if you apply the above to Mars.


Something between say 11.5" and 13" circumference is my best guess for Mars, equating to scale line with a diameter of 1,5mm - 1.7mm.


with anchor cable regardless of scale I tend to go with what suits my eye, and with my Pegasus build I have both 1.5mm and 1.75mm line to decide between.


David Antscherl in ffm IV indicates a 13" cable for Pegasus (scale 1.64mm diameter line)  Using the Lees factor of 0.62 of Mainmast diameter (183/8th ") it works out at 11.4" circ. = to 1.44mm diameter scale line.


As for puddening old worn rope was used in the order of 2" to 2.5" circs equating to 0.25mm diameter or perhaps 0.3mm.


So less than they indicate in the kit.


Confused? - I know I am ;)





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Thanks B.E. and Norman for looking in and helping with my questions.  With this kit, I am finding that with each stage, I am questioning what the instructions say vs what they would use in the real ship and also taking into account what actually looks right on the model.  I, too am with you B.E.  re being confused.

Dave :) :)

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Just finished doing some pudden  (hope that spelling is correct !), and  I used some 0.25 mm black thread and I think it looks pretty good.  The first one is a bit rough, but the following are better. (I hope).  As far as the anchor rope is concerned, I am planning to use some 1.75mm thread.  Feel much more comfortable with that.  Your advice really helped.

Dave :)

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