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Hermione La Fayette 1780 by Bobstrake - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:89

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I thank you all for your kind words.

I have been taking days with each plank, fussing to get them just right, and frequently not knowing how to do that. This included rejecting some of planks after hours of filing.

I am trying to be accurate, but still haven't decided on many of the options. For example, I love the look of the natural wood. Also the colors on the reproduction ship don't seem to agree with old paintings. I also have limited experience and skill, but I'm really enjoying the learning process.

I'm finding that the new camera is brutal at showing faults I never noticed before. I'm hoping I can learn some of your artistry.

Thank you for your support and creative example.


Here's another view of the planking.


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I appreciate your encouragement. Welcome aboard.


Planking continues at a snails pace. I'm trying to pre shape each plank carefully. As an example, here's a starboard bow plank, and how the same plank on the port side looks when attached.




Here's with the next plank added on top of it. I hope this is appropriate.



And here's the next plank added on the keel side.


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Mattss, Nick and Jjparsley,


Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.  I'm still moving at a finicky slow rate at planking. 

Here's where I am now.


Fitting the last planks, without any pointy ends, has been a challenge. It's an enjoyable and rewarding puzzle

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Your doing an awesome job.  When you are finished planking it you will be glad you put in the time.  As for finishing it I would be torn myself.  With all the good work it would be nice to leave it sealed wood to be able to see it.  But I can also see the side of wanting to do it up like the original. Tough choice.  Either way it looks really good and will look amazing when you are finished.

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You are right, I've been getting good information from Donal Dressel's book.


At first I found the book overwhelming with all the information about planking, but I'm finding more that I can understand each time I open the book. It helped me set up for the planking. Thanks again.


I also have found Chuck Passaro's instructions for building the Mayflower helpful, as well as examples on other build logs.




I'm glad you appreciate one of my dilemmas in building this model. I am also wrestling with the addition of the wales. Thanks for your kind comments.




I welcome your participation. I enjoy following your build, too.

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Janet B

                                         Hi Bob


                                                     Great work on the stern it must have taken courage to pull your first attemt apart,but i thought the


                                                     second attempt is great workmanship.I always discard any- thing i dislike if i think that i can improve it


                                                   and i think that you did proves the point,any carry on your build is looking good.


                                                                         Regards Janet B                                      

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Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm taking the build slowly, trying to do L'Hermione justice. I keep seeing things to modify in the upcoming steps. The placement of the gunports is not clearly shown in the plans. Besides that, I will probably change the cannons. I have some time to decide during my holiday hiatus. I can hardly wait to get back to the build.

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Good to hear from you. I am looking at some other cannon possibilities. Since the gun deck had 12 pounders, and the spar deck had 6 pounders, I will want them to be different. I am also considering adding swivel guns.

Correction: There were eight 1 pounders on the quarter deck, and two 1/2 pounders on the forecastle.

Since I don't have a full gun deck, I will also need to match the cannon plugs to the full cannons. There is a lot to consider.


On your model, I see that you noticed that the actual ship has 14 gun ports on the gun deck. The kit calls for 15. I think the kit was based on drawings of the Concorde, which had 15. I'm sweating bullets over the gun deck port locations, wanting to be accurate with the 14.


Well, I've started on the upper gun ports, and have started some painting. According to Ancre, the only blue on the L'Hermione was on the crest since the price of blue paint was prohibitively expensive. Black was used instead. I still need to add the cap rail above the gun ports.


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Thank you so much for the kind words.  I'm progressing slowly, but I really like the look of this ship.


I made the forecastle cap rails.  Metal ones were provided with the kit, but I prefer the wood.



I also bent and attached the cap rails above the upper cannon ports.


I still need to finish the ends. 


I'm also getting closer to drilling out the gun deck ports.  Their placement is still bothering me.

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