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HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft

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Hi all

I am starting this log to show and share the building of the Caldercraft 1/72 HMS Victory.

This is my first real build of a wood ship so i can expect many errors to come,but first a little thing you will need to know.

First up is the fact that this kit was started by a good friend of mine who got as far as getting ready to second plank the hull but due to ill health,he sold the kit to me in the hope that one day it would be completed.

I have had the kit about 2 weeks now and i have done the second planking and i am at the point where the upper deck has been fitted and is ready for planking.


I will start the log with pics that have been taken in the past and finish with the latest up to date pics taken just last night.

Ok so first of is all the work done by my friend and i will post more pics shortly.

Thanks for looking and if you have any tips on building this model or you see me do something wrong,please feel free to chime in,it will be welcome.









HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Hello Tim,


nice to see this build here in all his glory!


The first time I really see somebody taking over someone else´s build and really working on it! Makes me happy and Bob too I think!


Good luck with it, all the best, Daniel

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Hi Tim, I'm also building HMS Victory as a first build.........I think I'm slightly in front of you and if that is the case then keep an eye on my log because if a mistake is going to be made you bet your bottom dollar I'll make it. :)


Good luck with your build.



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Hi Daniel,Rob and sid

Thanks guys for the warm welcome and for looking in so early in this build log.


I know Daniel from another build i am doing (Heller 1/100 Victory) and i have over the past 2 years grown to respect Daniels ability not only build a model but also his attention to detail and his level of research into any given subject and i am glad he has found me here and i will carry on picking his brains and swapping ideas over many more years i hope.



nice to meet you and yes you are in front of me and i am following your build.

I am not the silent type and i will be posting in your log and with a little luck we can feed off each other in the form of ideas on how to get something done and also mods to the standard kit we may be thinking of making.

With growing skills and a little luck i hope we both end up with a model we are happy with.



thank you sir and that is good advice about taking your time with a build and the fact that there are many builds of this kit under way and that there are many now complete that we can use as a build guide.


So,thank you all again and now i had better start to get this log up to date..




HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Ok a little more catch up as i need to get this log up to date but if you see something in the pics and you want to know more info like why or how please just ask and i will give the info needed.


This concludes my friends build of this model,from this point on it is me doing the building.

I think my friend (Bob) did a fantastic job to this point and i still think it is a shame he could not carry on with the kit.








HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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17015104301_730eae2f9b_z.jpgDSC_0068 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


17083386736_a36d42548c_z.jpgDSC_0199 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


17140892291_65a46e363c_z.jpgFitting upper deck by mdkboggle, on Flickr


Ok this is where the build is now but my next post will show what i am doing at the moment and that is the entry port and upper gun deck.

this final pic shows the masts in place (dry fit) while the upper gun deck glue sets,making sure that the mast holes are in line.




HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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The instructions called for me to line the entry ports in a real basic way and i could see myself throwing those instructions over my shoulder and diving head first into scratch building and so,,,


I built a pair of basic boxes that sit inside the hull,,see pic.

17120279612_2864c582b4_n.jpgMy entry port linings by mdkboggle, o16499383384_9a1df84cd5_n.jpgMy entry port linings by mdkboggle, on Flickrn Flickr


and the i added panels and a lining that fitted to the outer hull along with the step sill.


17125619232_7508159931_n.jpgDSC_0217 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


After this work had been done i then fitted the camber beams and when dry i added the upper gun deck.

Now the gun deck was a pain to fit because i had to plain a lot of wood off the edges and also re cut the bulkhead tabs in the deck.

before i glued the deck in place i dry fitted the 2 inner bulwark patterns to check that the gun ports would line up ok and to make sure everything fitted.

All was ok so i glued the deck in place with pva,fitted the masts to make sure all mast holes line up and then i re fitted but not glued the inner bulwarks back in place because these help hold the edge of the deck down due to the deck camber.

16953990820_8d8c4ecfe0_n.jpgFitting upper deck by mdkboggle, on Flickr

So,that is it,up to date and read to rock on with the next part of the build.


Thank you all for looking and bearing with me to this point.

I hope to post more pics as the build goes on but for now,if you have any questions on what has been done so far or on what is to come,,please ask,,all input is good input.

Thanks again and back soon.



HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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"... and swapping ideas over many more years i hope."


Years? Decades!





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Thanks all and good to see you here Bob :)

Thanks to all those out there that have stopped and taken a look at this build,you are all welcome.

Ok update time.


I have been planking the upper gun deck using the four butt shift pattern and a plank length of 85mm and a overlap of 17mm.

I marked out the deck down the centre then from the main mast hole,fore and aft in 17mm spaces as can be seen in the pic.

I then pinned a full length plank along the centre line so my planks would not move and twist in a curve.


17007961219_ff16943f07.jpgDSC_0237 by mdkboggle, on Flickr

I made up the planks using a template i made from scrap wood.
Each plank was cut to length then formed and held in blocks of 10 to 15 planks,sanded and then using a worktop pen that is waterproof,the planks were coloured on one side and one end to form the caulking lines.
17006368828_23b64face4.jpgDSC_0239 by mdkboggle, on Flickr
Working from the middle of the deck i planked toward the bow and stern and out toward the bulwark but at this point the bulwark is still only dry fit and will be removed.
16986689507_b928ef24b1.jpgDSC_0241 by mdkboggle, on Flickr
The openings in the deck were re cut after the glue had hardened.
17007957959_f72f9d8223.jpgDSC_0240 by mdkboggle, on Flickr
Only when the first side of the deck was planked did i start to plank the other side of the deck.
17006366288_d3a50e74c7.jpgDSC_0243 by mdkboggle, on Flickr
Now,the instructions for the kit call for the bulwark to be fitted and then for the planking to butt up to it but i am not going to do that and so the deck was planked out to under the bulwark and then the bulwark was planed along its bottom edge only allowing for a tiny bit of vertical movement allowing the gun port linings to line up square and true.
This will now allow me to sand and finish the deck and for the bulwark to be planked and pre painted before fitted and so should give a nice finish,,,,we hope lol.
16571676594_4b13ce591c.jpgDSC_0242 by mdkboggle, on Flickr
Ok,now its back to planking and before i forget,i used boxwood and not the kit supplied stuff.
Back soon and thanks for looking.


HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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thanks Robert and bob

I am just glad i did not do it wrong :)

Now i have completed the deck and after sanding with fine grade paper i then rubbed the deck down with fine wire wool ,this removes any "fluffy" bits left from using sandpaper.

i then used a wood dye called  English Light Oak by Culron and used a lint free cloth and just applied a little at a time,wiping from stern to bow.

Looking at it now,i am over the moon,i think it looks well and yet i thought i would mess this up for sure.

Take a look

17004683127_4b5329c3ce_n.jpgDye on deck, light English oak by mdkboggle, on Flickr


16589661704_cf6cce7f33_n.jpgDye on deck, light English oak by mdkboggle, on Flickr


17025948959_811490a361.jpgDye on deck, light English oak by mdkboggle, on Flickr


At this point i have not made my mind up about varnishing the decks or using a natural oil later and on this point i would like some guidance and advice.

Ok back soon,stay safe all.



HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Thanks Bob for your help.

After staring at the deck for hours i came to the conclusion that it was far to flat and uniform in colour and so i sanded it back and used the dye to build colour in some places more than others in order to highlight the planking.

The camera makes the deck look a lot more yellow than it is here on the model.

My decks will will be darker and of a light oak colour rather than the bare planking found on victory today,more of a wet look about them.

Anyway,thanks for looking and back soon.


16608547493_eba0338f8d_n.jpgDSC_0287 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Deck looks fine to me mate even in the colour it is in the picture. Don't forget once you get more fittings etc and cannons on the deck to break it up and the bulwarks in and painted, it will look even better, because while it is bare your eye is drawn to the colour rather than anything else  :cheers:

Edited by Cobr@
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Hi all and thanks for looking at this build.

Ok,time for a small update.

I have fitted the inner bulwarks,lined the gun ports that have no lid and taken the second planking up to the bottom of the quarter deck gun ports.

I have also base painted the lined gun ports and inner bulwarks as well as re sanded the hull and sealed the wood so it will not distort in any way when later painted and the copper tiles are fitted.

My next step is to fit the wales and line all the other gun ports and at that point i will tidy everything up to a finished state before i move on to tiling the lower hull.


17265871166_b0dc8e51c2_n.jpgDSC_0317 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


17104048068_c0ed151a75_n.jpgDSC_0315 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


16671577783_8c2e3a09ac_n.jpgDSC_0316 by mdkboggle, on Flickr


ok thanks for looking guys.




HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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'Hey you old sea dog you', glad to see the build here Tim and what a job you are doing, great stuff.


Love your planking, I bet Bob is nashing his teeth at not being able to continue, nice of you to step into the breach.


Watching with Interest.


Frank. :piratebo5:

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Hi ya Frank

Good to see you here and Thanks for your comment sir,glad you like it so far but as you know me,there is plenty i can mass up yet :)

Yes it is a shame Bob had to let the model go but i am sure those teeth of his are biting down on another build as we speak.

I have to say,building this kit is nothing like the Heller 1/100 Victory i am building (or was building till i got this kit)but i am taking some of my ideas from that build and working them into this model,ideas like the state of the finish on the ship in 1805 and some of the mods ie the prince of wales plume on the stern may go overboard yet lol,we shall see.

At this time i have fitted the lower wales both sides and i am about to set about building the middle wales.

Anyway,chat soon Frank and thank you all for looking and for your likes,pm's and tips on this build.




HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Hi all

I have completed the wales,woop woop.

Using a micrometer i measured the position of the wales in relation to the top of the gun ports all along the side of the ship.

This formed a line i could follow,rather like dot to dot and this worked fine until i got to the lower wale where it curves around the bow.

I first set the planks so they formed a relatively level line round the bow and then realised this was not right at all because the planks wanted to bow outward at the bottom of the plank,leaving a gap.


So i then had to strip the front part of the wale back,cutting it just in front of the first lower gun port.

I then joined new planking to old and went back round the bow,this time letting each plank take its natural route meaning it curved up toward the deck (see pics)

This worked out fine and now i am happy with it although i do feel i could and should have done this job better.

I then re cut any planking away from the gun ports and then used a little filler in places just to tidy up and then sanded the hull again but not so much as to make all the planking flat as is seen on Victory today.

I have now sealed the hull ready for painting but before i do that i may line all the other gun ports.


Well that's about it for now,all that's left is for me to go and strip the glue off my fingers and grab myself a Coffee :)


Ok,thanks for looking guys.


17311979552_10f8b4bdd9.jpgWales fitted by mdkboggle, on Flickr

17106380207_2521c6f01d_n.jpgWales fitted by mdkboggle, on Flickr


17127592539_07ae01ace7_n.jpgWales fitted by mdkboggle, on Flickr

17126513620_15044f1d40.jpgBow wale position by mdkboggle, on Flickr

Edited by mdkboggle


HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Looks good to me Tim. I had the same issues doing my wales too, what I'm learning is that after a certain task I sit back and think that's crap, but after a little sanding and just generally making good I then think "yeah that's better", so what I think I could have done better ends up better anyway.

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Amazing how adding a few more strips of planking in the form of a whale gives a hull a whole new look and feel. And it will look better again once it's had a final tidy and a coat of paint or two. Well done mate ;)

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Hi all

Thanks for looking and thanks for the likes.


I agree,when tidy things change a lot and i never tidy until i am done completely with a section of the build because i do sometimes go back and change things.


Ok Update and a warning of a long post and pic heavy.


I have lined one side of the ships Gun Ports as follows

First i made some tools and jigs for the linings out of scrap wood.

17147719338_ecb146ba51_n.jpgHull painting and gun port prep by mdkboggle, on Flickr


Next i cut a template of the gun ports out of card using the plan for the size and shape and stuck this to a scrap plank as shown so the ports could be checked for shape and size before lining.

17309533946_8328eea5b7_n.jpgHull painting and gun port prep by mdkboggle, on Flickr


Then i cut up 2 x 2 mm balsa wood to line the inner part of the port to form a ledge,this gives the final linings a little more to glue to.

17309536986_e82095d9dd_n.jpgHull painting and gun port prep by mdkboggle, on Flickr


Using the tool i placed the balsa in the port as shown


17128073117_a5270dfc15_n.jpgHull painting and gun port prep by mdkboggle, on Flickr


So i ended up with this


17147723578_278e4a1bb6_n.jpgHull painting and gun port prep by mdkboggle, on Flickr



Next i painted the 6mm walnut red ochre and when dry i then cut this into the sizes needed for the top/bottom/sides of the ports and using another tool i made of the correct size to hold the lining i placed the liner in the port as shown.

Remember to set the lining 1mm back from the second planking or your gun port hinges will not fit later.


17191648780_cc50dcff80_n.jpgPlacing the linings by mdkboggle, on Flickr


I found the best way to do the job was to follow the instructions and place the sides and then the top and bottom.

Working till the job is complete.


16749479794_8b3dc2799e_n.jpgGun ports lined. by mdkboggle, on Flickr


16758916233_c6b5c09cc3.jpgGun ports done by mdkboggle, on Flickr


Because the linings were painted before fitting we get a good clean edge between the yellow and red with only a small amount of touch up that may be needed later,probably when the lids are fitted.


Finally a close up of the tools i made,,,left side is for the balsa and right side is for the walnut linings.

17379319695_6e78001478_n.jpgLining tools by mdkboggle, on Flickr


Ok that's it for now.

i hope this helps others but remember i am new at this and i am sure there are better ways of getting this job done.


Thanks for looking and back soon.



Edited by mdkboggle


HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Hi all

Just a fast update

I have completed lining the gun ports and i have painted the first side of the hull.


17301913360_e0d4674b8b_z.jpgPainting hull by T


m Doman, on Flickr


17301754308_4b68d158ff_z.jpgHull painting bow by Tim Doman, on Flickr


17489582175_6cdeb74468_z.jpgDSC_0380 by Tim Doman, on Flickr


I will tidy up the lines later and i may alter them if needed but this will do for now.


Thanks for looking guys




HMS Victory by mdkboggle - Caldercraft


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Lovely work,


please do double check the size of the entry port. I always have the feeling, that it is far too narrow on the Caldercraft kit, especially to be seen in relation with the quite large canopy!


Check the plans at NMM or McKay for best reference :-)


Cheers, DAniel

Edited by dafi
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