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La Créole 1827 by archjofo - Scale 1/48 - French corvette

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Thanks for the kind words and positive comments,  and also for the LIKES.


The next equipment parts of the French corvette is a cover for spare masts and spare spars. The weatherproof cover is a canvas, which was painted with tar. This canvas is mounted on fork-shaped iron and been completed front and back by a board.

The following pictures speak for themselves and I hope you like them.


Source: La Créole in Musée de la Marine Paris


The image of Morel Fatio shows an example of an open storage of the reserve timber:



Likewise, an image of the model of La Belle Poule:


Source: Musée de la Marine Paris















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Super Arbeit, Johann, bin echt begeistert!


And you probably already know this painting, but I think it´s worth showing:



Épisode de l'expédition du Mexique en 1838 by Horace Vernet. It shows the Prince of Joinville on the poop of La Créole, listening to the reports of the vessel´s Lieutenant, Penaud and sees the explosion of the tower of the Fort of Saint-Jean d'Ulloa on 27 November 1838.


By the way, do we know anything about the sailing qualities of La Créole?

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Thank you all!

The report for the construction of the French Corvette goes on as follows:

With the production of the cover for the hammocks I had begun some time ago. First, I made the Hammocks cranes.
See here LINK !

In the further progress I make the wooden mold, which was then coated with the canvas of fine fabrics.


Please Look at the pictures:










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