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La Créole 1827 by archjofo - Scale 1/48 - French corvette

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Johann, I agree with you. The eye splice does look better and matches the eyesplices below. But I understand the difficulty working at this scale. You have accomplished feats thought impossible before with wonderful execution, so I’m sure you can accomplish this. Just don’t rush and take your time. Michaelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine chapel in a week or two. This is a masterpiece as well. 

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thanks for your positive comments and all the others for the LIKES.

The foremast top also requires various guide blocks. These are attached to the underside, as can be seen in the first picture.


Quelle: Musée de la Marine Paris – La Crèole   

The small blocks of around 3.5 mm in length are only indicated by the sheaves.

The large blocks, as seen in the picture for example, I equip with brass sheaves.



For making the block strops I will serve ropes with a diameter of 0.35 mm. More about that soon.

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I rarely comment on your log (mostly since I'm out of superlatives), but I always eagerly wait for your next post. This really is brilliant work. 


I went through most of your log today, and I kept finding myself picking up my jaw from the ground... Every single piece, down to the thimble, is perfect, and can be a model on its own. Really is inspiring work, one I wish to accomplish once in my lifetime. Thanks for posting, and looking forward to your next bit of marvel. 

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First of all, many thanks to all of you for your interest in my construction report.


After a very busy week, I got back to model building a bit.
And again a few small things for the model on the way to the goal.


After the last work on the mast tops, the corvette's standing rigging is being built one floor higher.
Before the topmast shrouds can be put on, I first have to make and put on the burton pendants for the topmast burton takle. 










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it is always a great pleasure when you see that others show an interest in what you do.
Many thanks for that.

The tye blocks for the main mast top have also been completed in the meantime.

I hope that the pictures speak for themselves.












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@Keith Black


Thank you very much for your participation in my project and the motivating announcements. Thank you also to all the others for the LIKES.
And here are the latest pictures of the rigging of the topmast shrouds.












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