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10th-11th century Byzantine dromon by Louie da fly - 1:50 - FINISHED!

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Thanks everybody for all the help, advice and encouragement during this build - which as taken considerably longer than I expected. You've made the process much more enjoyable, and I have used tips from very many of you in solving problems and in making the model better than it would otherwise have been.


It's been an experience. Now to figure out where I go from here . . .

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Ok, the model itself is finished, and now I've done the stand. The wooden part, painted gold, was done ages ago. The base is made of a piece from a broken slab of marble that was in the garden when we bought the house. Marble - Byzantium; of course they belong together!



I was going to paint a fairly elaborate decorative border - vines curling around and all that. Then I decided the focus should be on the ship, not the stand, so I've kept it simple. Just the description and date in a readable font.


Unfortunately after all the work I did on carving that beautiful golden stand, it's almost invisible behind the oars. :default_wallbash:





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40 minutes ago, woodrat said:

Oh, and please, put it in a display case before the cat jumps on it


That's the final stage - next thing to do. Mind you the cats aren't allowed into the Boat Room (the name by which my workshop is known at home) so it's relatively safe for the moment.

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The completed model and its presentation are terrific!


[Moriarty voice]: Come here little fellow.

[Bluebottle voice]: Yes, my captain?

[Moriarty]: How would you enjoy a nice long cruise, blue waters and sunshine?

[B]: I'd love it. But...but... I have not got the pennies for it.

[M]: Don't you worry your little empty head, my lad. It's all free.

[B]: Even the blue waters?

[M]: Oh, yes, indeed. Walk this way up the gangplank...Now sit down here. (Sounds of locks, chains, hammers on anvils, etc.)

[B]: Oh, is the ankle bracelet free too?

[M]: Absolutely! And the best thing of all.

[B]: What is that, my captain?

[M]: You can't fall into the water now!


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Thanks everybody for all the comments. It's been a long journey, but worth it in the end. The figures became an albatross around my neck, but now they're done I'm happy I did that extra work. I think they make the model much more believable, and having them working on raising the yard and unfurling the sail is an unusual touch which I believe gives it more life.


Moriarty: Hullo little boy

Bluebottle: Oooh, it's the forces of evil Moranatum. (Thinks: I know how I can get rid of that dynamite) Mr Moranato, how would you like a nice long red cigar with a wick on the end of it?

Moriarty: I'd like that very much.

Bluebottle: I'll light it for you (sound of match being lit)


Bluebottle (from a great distance): Is it nice?

Moriarty: It's gone out.

Bluebottle: I'll light it again for you . . 



3 hours ago, Kikatinalong said:

I'll hazard a guess at a Carrack, it's just the scale I'm not sure on


It's one of the possibilities, though I might leave that one till later - after all, the Great Harry which I have yet to complete is a sort of super-carrack.

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Hi, Steven


For your next project I/we suggest that you do whatever you feel challenged by; and/or whatever  allume votre âme et fait vibrer votre cœur de joie


I still favour the Quinquireme of Nineveh, with a full set of rowers.  There is a crying need for Louie-da-Fly research into the what and how of the quinquireme and wth Ophir was😁


BTW - the Dromon is sailing more or less southward, so the canopy would be deployed to keep the rays off the lily-white skin of the Emp, so perhaps you could roll up the side curtains, or scandalize them to show the Gaffer-of-all-the-gaffers


And what happened to Dick?  Did he succumb to verdigris and topple off the yard?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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Druxey, when I was a kid we had a record with two Goon shows on it - "Dishonoured" (from which the above quote comes) and "Tales of Old Dartmoor". At the time I could quote whole passages verbatim. I'm still pretty good, but out of practice. For example Moriarty's first line is actually "Welcome to the Indian river police, little boy." (which is part of a running gag that goes through the whole episode).


Andrew - Nineveh was hundreds of miles inland - it was on the Tigris river, but I doubt a quinquireme could have floated there. However the Assyrians whose capital it was owned pretty much the eastern Mediterranean coast, so Masefield is only stretching the facts a little. On the other hand, it's doubtful the Assyrians had quinquiremes . . . as I understand it they were a later development.


Per the Encyclopaedia Britannica " Ophir, unidentified region famous in Old Testament times for its fine gold. The geographic list of Genesis 10 apparently places it in Arabia, but in the time of Solomon (c. 920 BC), Ophir was thought of as being overseas. Gold, almug (or algum) wood (i.e., sandalwood), ivory, monkeys, and peacocks were procured there. Many areas of the Arabian Peninsula have been proposed as the site of Ophir; the principal alternative locations overseas are East Africa and India." 


Unless of course you mean the old town in New South Wales near Orange,  which was "the site of Australia's first gold rush" (that's news to us in Ballarat - there are several other claimants to that honour . . .)


And the curtains are rolled up!


As far as Dick is concerned, he's currently building both a Byzantine merchantman and a frumious hulk . . . https://modelshipworld.com/topic/25641-the-incredible-hulc-by-woodrat-a-frumious-reconstruction/


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I'm still waiting for the lower tier of rowers ;)  (Ducks for cover to avoid the dynamite)


That has turned into a very interesting and well executed model Steven, so I am guessing that  that if you are going with the same sort of theme - your new build will have crew to carve, be quite colourful and very rarely modelled?  Now what fits into that theme........





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