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Gaff-Rigged Sloop by DocBlake - 1/4 Scale (3" = 1')

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A few years ago, I built a 19', shoal draft, gaff-rigged sloop for my wife and I to sail.  We've enjoyed "Molly" immensely.  I decided to build a large model of her (1/4 scale, not 1/4" scale!) to display in a large dormer window in our house that faces the street.  Construction is similar to how the real boat was built.  I started with the keel, then the cabin floor was added.  Bulkheads were placed and the deck installed.  The cabin trunk was next, followed by rafters and the cabin top.  The project has been sitting, untouched for about 2 years, but I decided to get her completed.  Here are some photos of the model, and my wife and I sailing the original boat.









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Hi Dave


What a beauty! What makes this build even more special is the personal connection that the boat has for you and your wife. The fact that she's a real looker (Molly) is even better.


I also especially love cut away models and yours is no exception.


Well done and pls keep the updates coming!





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We've done some remodeling in our home, and we have a space to fill.  There is a large, second floor dormer alcove overlooking the entry hall with nothing in it!  I decided to finally finish the gaff-rigged sloop and display it up there!  The first addition was adding the rubbing rails (like wales) made of mahogany.  The photos show some of the parts which are already completed, sitting in place (not yet glued).  The wood is mahogany and birch plywood.  The hull will be flag blue and the topsides will be white.  More to come!








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Thanks John!
The companionway door hatch on our boat has a functional louver (British spelling = louvre) panel made of mahogany. It allows nice ventilation of the cabin when the forward hatch is open. I wanted to duplicate it, but a functioning louver was just too fussy to attempt, so I simulated it! I cut some slats at an angle and glued them to some 1/32" plywood, then framed the "louver" in mahogany. The final photo is the finished product.








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