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2015 NRG Conference Update - MYSTIC

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 * 2015 Nautical Research Conference   *



Fellow Guild Members,




The 2015 Conference will be in Mystic, Ct. on Thursday October 22 thru Saturday October 24.  


We are preparing special tours on Thursday not offered to the general public at the Mystic Seaport. The tours will be:


1)   Inside the Archives/Library

2)   Model Collection - models not on public display

3)   Small Craft Collection

4)   Inside the Shipyard


Each tour will be approximately one hour and will be conducted through out the day in a round-robin format such that about 100-120 members can take part in groups of 25-30.  Tour times starting at 9am and ending around 4:30pm with an allowance for lunch on your own. 


As the tour space is limited, we urge that spouses who are not interested in the special tours not to sign up so that those interested are not closed out.  There is plenty to do elsewhere in the Seaport.


The special tour arrangements will pretty much fill the day Thursday, so if you wish to tour the rest of the Mystic Seaport attractions available to the public you will want to plan this for the Wednesday before the conference or on Sunday following the conference.  All who register for the conference will receive free admission to the Mystic Seaport Wednesday through Sunday.


There are plenty of things to do and see in Mystic including the Aquarium and Mystic Villages located right across the street from the Hilton.


Even though these attractions are within walking distance, others such as the Seaport will require a car.  It's just a mile down the road and the Hotel does have a shuttle but renting a car for your stay would allow you to visit so much more.   You will need to get yourself to the Seaport for the tours on Thursday.   Many will have cars but you can take the shuttle.  Its best to rent a car however.


There are two Casinos within 30 minutes drive of the hotel along with the New London submarine base.  Not to mention many area restaurants including the Famous  Mystic Pizza.  Click here to download a list of Mystic area attractions.


The Mystic Hilton will be the conference hotel and the location for the Modeler's Tech Sessions on Friday and the General Sessions on Saturday as well as the Model Display and Vendor Room.




Registration information and details on the speakers, topics and tech sessions will be posted very soon.  Below is a partial list of speakers - several are yet to provide final confirmation:


            Melbourne Smith - Naval Architect

            Paul O'Pecko - Mystic Seaport Archivist

            Douglas Brooks - Expert on Japanese Small Boats

            David Antscherl

            Grant Walker - Curator / Rogers Collection

            Steve Wheeler

            Chuck Passaro

            Kurt Van Dahm

            Nic Damuck


A list of the Vendors that will be attending the show:


Syren Ship Model Co.  - Ship model Blocks, Rope and fittings

Sea Fever Books - Nautical books - new and used

Crown Timberyard  - Milling services and wood for Ship Models

Bluejacket Shipcrafters  -Ship model kits and supplies

Byrnes Model Machines  - Ship Model Power Tools

SeaWatch Books -  Nautical history and Ship model books

Ship Ahoy Models and Miniatures - Models, canons and tools


Don't Forget to bring your Ship Models to the Conference.

Displaying your ship models is a very important and enjoyable part of the conference.  Everyone looks forward to it.  If you intend to bring some please fill out the section of the registration form with all of the details.  Room will be limited so please register your models early.  Once the tables fill up we can't accept any more for display.


Mystic Hilton Hotel Information 


20 Coogan Boulevard, Mystic Connecticut 06355


Call hotel direct to make reservations: 1-860-572-0731 (This skips all the prerecorded Hilton choices on the national reservation line).

You must use the GROUP CODE - NRG14 to get the special $145.00 room rate if you reserve rooms on the Hilton Web site.




Hartford, CT and Providence, RI are the major airports serving Mystic with each being 50 - 60 miles away.  Neither airport has shuttle service to Mystic.  A cab/car service or rental car will be needed to get to Mystic from either airport.



Thank You and Happy Modeling!!!

The NRG Board of Directors

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Chuck, question: On the registration form it lists a 15% surcharge for non-members. Are we who are only MSW members considered non-members? I recall reading or being told someplace that MSW members are automatically associate members of NRG. Is that correct? And how does that apply/not-apply to the registration 15% ? Could you clarify.

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MSW members are Associate NRG Members. 

You will need to show MSW in the NRG Member # space on the form.  In order to verify that you are in fact a MSW member and thus an Associate NRG Member we will need to know your MSW ID - yours being Jack12477.  Yours will fit in the space completely but others may need to add it in the margin if mailing the form.  If calling the office, just tell Mary your MSW ID.

Hope to see you and a lot of the MSW members in Mystic.


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Those are the speakers on Saturday,,,,,,Friday we have worktable tech sessions.


Speakers for symposium are


Melbourne Smith – Naval Architect

Paul O’Pecko – Mystic Seaport Archivist

Douglas Brooks – Shipwright & Expert on     

                             Japanese Small Boats

Grant Walker - Curator of Rogers collection Annapolis

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Speakers and Tech Sessions........more to come so check this topic often


Friday Morning


Steve Wheeler – Modeling Clinker-built Boats

Michel Mantin – Modeling 20th Century “Grey (Steel) Navy” Vessels Fuso & Dunkerque

Douglas Brooks – Japanese Boat Building & Models


Friday Afternoon Roundtables


David Antscherl – Rigging Tips & Tricks

Kurt Van Dahm – Airbrushing Basics for the Modeler

Chuck Passaro – Serving Rope

Steve Wheeler – A Jig for Making Oars

Nic Damuck – Making Scale Silkspan Sails




Paul O’Pecko – Library Director, Mystic Seaport – Conducting Primary Research

Melbourne Smith – Modeling 1:1: Building Seagoing Replicas

Grant Program – Short Updates – Future Releases

Grant Walker – The Rogers Collection: In Print at Last!

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Everyone: I have my plane ticket bought, my Conference fees paid for, hotel reserved and car rented and now I need some wisdom from local Bostoners. I have checked the Google maps and I was seeking some wisdom..


I will be driving from Logan intl down to Mystic and I was wondering -the google map recommends that I go from the Logan down I-90 to I-93 and then to I-95 -the description of the route sounds intense. My question is that I looked at the alternate route of taking I-495 through Worcester and then down I-395 as it looks less intense. Am I over-reacting with the !-90, I-93 and I-05 route or is the more westerly and southerly route a longer and easier route to take? I will be a tired puppy after flying all day and will be hitting the road around 8:30PM so whatever is easiest is my preference.


Any advice would be appreciated


Mike Draper

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If you take the I-93 to I-95 route it goes through the coastal cities but at that time of night you will not have any problem.  The first section on I-90 is only 5 minutes until you cross the harbor from the airport into Boston, then its about 20 minutes south till you get to the I-95 and from there it's a straight run down to Mystic.


To me the I-90 to I-290/I-395 is more relaxed but it really works out the same. (The exit is the same one for 290 and 395)



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To Bob and Henry: Thanks.. Looking at the maps it looks a bit intense but I suspect the exits are clearly marked and as you mentioned, I cross the bridge its a straight route down. While Im getting a GPS with my rental, I have never driven in Boston so the first glance at the maps was a bit intense.




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Assuming you are coming in on a Wed/Thurs, there should be absolutely no problem with the most direct route advised by others here. By the time you get out of the airport and in your rental car (assuming the flight arrives on-time), you'll be on the road PM late and you'll be fine. The GPS will get you through the worst (Logan to the tunnel) and the hotel in Mystic is reasonably close to the I-95 exit.


Drive safe, checking MSW forums while you're driving not allowed! If your flight is late and you're dragging, play it safe: check into an airport hotel on arrival and leave extra-early AM next day (you'll be going South against most of the commute traffic anyway). Everything on the East Coast is measured in TIME, not distance - or miles. Normally, the drive from Logan to Mystic is approx 2 hours; in Tennessee where I used to live, the locals would say: "is 'bout 2 sixpacks to git there."  :D


See you at the Conference, the MSW ship-brother from the Tundra. Great that you could make it, it shouldn't disappoint! B)



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Ron: Thanks for your tips.. Your mileage meter (6 pack) is one that we use for those long distances across the tundra... Helps pass the time when you are waiting for the herds of caribou to pass. :-) While I do get in around 8 in the evening, I will make that final push on Tues evening. Keen to get down to Mystic and check out the sights.. Besides I have a few NRG  members that have promised me that there will be a cold Sam Adams draft waiting for this parched northerner when I get to the hotel.


I will make sure to find you at the Conference.. and make sure you remind me to tell you the story about the sour toe cocktail...



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I just wanted to let all of you folks know that as the conference approaches we have quite a few folks who will be attending.  We may in fact have close to 175 attendees before it all begins.  But as an aside I wanted to mention to those who have never attended one of these and havent signed up for this one,  they can still make a day out of it and come visit.


We have two very large rooms at the hotel.  One room we call the vendor/model room is open to all.   You dont have to be signed up to drop by and talk ship modelling with your fellow hobbyists.   You can visit the many vendor tables and have a look at dozens of models on display.  All brought in for display by those attending.


The other large room is where we have our talks and table top demos.  You must be signed up and pay for those.  But if you are looking for something fun to do.  Come out and spend the day at Mystic Seaport or the aquarium.  We are right across the street from the aquarium.   Then pop your head in to meet and talk to all of the ship modelers attending.  Browse the vendor tables and say hello!!!


I am sure you will see how much fun it is and maybe decide to sign up next year and attend!!!!   You may even see how joining the NRG is going to be fun and meet a whole bunch of new friends.!!!  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P


The 2015 Conference will be in Mystic, Ct. on Thursday October 22 thru Saturday October 24.


I would love to see you guys and will be at the Syren vendor table with my wife Patti and son Roman.


Here is a list of the other vendors who will be at the show.



Crown Timberyard  - Milling services and wood for Ship Models

Bluejacket  -Ship model kits and supplies

Byrnes Model Machines  - Ship Model Power Tools

Seawatch Books -  Nautical history and Ship model books

Seafever Books -  Out of print Nautical history and Ship model books

Ages of Sail -  Ship model kits and supplies

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I would like to add I will finally be able to get myself down there for the conference from the Yukon. It will be a long day travelling down but I think it will definitely be worth it. Just make sure they have lots of Samuel Adams on tap as there is nothing worse as a thirsty northerner!


Looking forward in catching up with some old friends and getting a chance in meeting some new ones!


Mike Draper

Whitehorse, Yukon

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Don't forget your Cutlass...arrrrgggh. Tip: pack it in your checked luggage :D . 


I think I'll bring a sixpack of Two Roads Ol' Factory Pilsner from Stratford, CT. Craft beer with a capital "C." ...you know, just in case the hotel runs out of Sam Adams... :cheers:



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The conference is just two weeks away!!!!  I just wanted to let folks know to be sure to visit the NRG registration table when you arrive.  Get your name badges and welcome packet.  Your name badges will get you free entry into Mystic Seaport for the entire duration of the conference including Wednesday I believe.  So you will be able to come and go as you please.  Even though the seaport is just a mile and half from the hotel,  you will certainly need a car.  Although I am sure somebody will get you there with over 175 folks signed up for the conference.  There will be plenty of model builders there.


:)  :) I wish everyone a safe and comfortable trip and I hope to see you there soon!!!  :)  :) 

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High Five! - to Mike's comment about the book store. It is very good. Full retail, no deals, but the selection is excellent.


I'd also suggest to everyone that the adjacent art gallery is world-class and you should plan to spend a little time there. The Mystic art gallery has only a couple models to see but they are quite nice (and expensive). It's the fine art paintings of all sizes and styles that's the primary reason to go, a wonderful selection of many maritime/nautical subjects. A separate "art photography" area adjoining the gallery is also excellent.


If you can't covet at least a dozen things in these nicely merchandised, spend-significant-money venues, then you're probably not on the NRG Conference attendee list anyway. :huh:



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