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Syren by JesseLee - FINISHED - Model Shipways - scale: 1:64

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I received  this kit as a gift. Very excited about it. Here are pics of the box & contents. Pre-reading over the first part of the instructions. Everything I've done before has been more simplified so I know this one will take me longer but I am ready to dive in!







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Welcome sygreen, Augie, Thomas, Sal, Grant, popeye the sailor, Pythagoras & Ken! Glad to have you along. I'll probably need some advice as I go along so it's good to have others around to ask for help. Will try to start posting first steps after I return from a Drs. appt. this morning. I'm looking forward to this build. I know anything coming from Chuck is high quality, I love his rigging rope so I know plans designed by him has got to be good!

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'Bout time you showed up with the popcorn Sjors!!! ;):P


Sorry to hear that the medical situation is slowing you down Jesse. But as Augie said, we'll all be here ready and waiting for you when you're ready to go again. And now we have Sjors's popcorn to keep us going while we wait. ;)

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Sjors, Mark, Piet, George- glad to have along! popcorn sounds good to me too! Popped the old way right? Not this new fangled microwave crap?


Well after every imaginable delay possible ( & a few unimaginable) I finally got started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow I missed getting pictures of my beginning steps of gluing the rabbet strip on the bulkhead former & cutting the bearding line but I did get these steps done. I like the way the instructions have you make a rabbet. My other kits didn't have this.


Tapered the stem knee & glued it & the keel to the bulkhead former. Taped the temporary false keel on now ready to move on to the bulkheads.






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Cut the bulkheads out to start the dry fitting & tapering the angles on the sides. Barely got started & I can tell I'm losing my touch. This stupid disease makes anything manual difficult for me & I already broke my first bulkhead. Drilled a hole through each piece & glued a toothpick through it with wood glue.




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Well, getting very frustrated with the computer. I wont put the pics in the correct order for some reason but you can figure it out.


Same bulwark broke again so I pinned it with a toothpick. Got the filler blocks all cut out & dry fitted.













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There's a scripture in the Bible that says "The first shall be last and the last shall be first". This is how you approach loading the pictures. Think of stacking the photos on a desk. The one on the top will be the last one added to the stack. Your doing great. It's more fun from here on as the stack of wood begins to become a ship.

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