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Jesse Lee I started following your log just the this last weekend to learn more as I'm building a Syren. I'm up to hull planking. I've learned many things to use on my Syren and want to thank you for your wonderful build and log. Really enjoyed reading and looking at the photos. Can't say enough about how wonderful the ship looks you've done an amazing job creating something to strive for.



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she's a sweet look'in ship Jesse.......even with all that's on your plate.  she's impressive and a testament.....among many other words that could best describe the effort you put into her ;)   it must have been a huge release when you put the last finishing touch to her.   congratzs! :dancetl6:   is there another project in the future?

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On 3/4/2020 at 2:20 PM, JesseLee said:

I have been looking at pictures of waving flags and I also fly flags at my house. I've been studying the different ways flags flap and fold as they fly in different wind strengths and forming the flags. 

Jesse, what an accomplishment! Your build is literally breathtaking! This quote of yours sums up why I love the art of ship modeling. It makes us look at and notice things with new eyes. That's a gift to us from the art. And you succeeded in passing it along.


Congratulations on your finished Syren, and thanks for sharing!



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It has been a pleasure following your build log over the last five years.  You have done a remarkable job and this log will be a valuable reference for others who will build this kit.



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Thanks for all the comments and likes everyone! I apologize that I have not posted completed pictures. Life has been busy lately. On the days I feel good enough to do something I am working on extending my lean-to shelter outside. Trying to have a little workshop out there for regular sized wood working and things are way too tight. Extending it out 12 more feet to move the lawnmowers under and free up more work space for a work table and space to use power saws, sanders, etc. With my health condition everything takes me 10 times longer than it should take.


Not sure what is next. With the outside projects and me building my own homemade biological filter systems for my aquariums Not sure if I will get back to any ship modeling until the warm weather season passes. Don't have any more kits. Have 2 part-built ships started by someone else that I picked somewhere along the way over the years that I always said I could fix up but have never done. I have also dabbled in SIBs some and could tackle another one of them as I always have ideas for them rolling around in my head. Plus all this depends on how I feel. 



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