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HM Cutter Cheerful 1806 by Stuntflyer (Mike) - FINISHED - 1:48 scale

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Don't forget to bring the model to our next club meeting.  I want to have a good look at it.   I will will be bringing mine.  We can compare notes.


Since you seem to be moving right along at a rapid pace,  I also completed the next chapter and its available for download.  I should have another available shortly as well.




Its really looking great.  The guys are going to flip over that planking job you are doing.

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Mike, Chuck,


I'm totally jealous you can get together face to face with your builds.  Those of us out here on the frontier request photos to be posted of the meeting of the Cheerfuls.  :)



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At the August SMSNJ meeting I had the opportunity to compare my Cheerful with Chuck's. It was obvious that I had made a few mistakes making it difficult to achieve the overall look at the stern that I was striving for. 


This is what the square tuck was going to look like if I continued on. There is only enough room for four 3/16" filler pieces when there should be room for five. This was caused by my over fairing the last two bulkheads by a considerable amount. The black lines indicate what the correct shape should have been as pointed out by Chuck.




I thought about leaving things the way they were and I might have, if it were not for the fact that the fashion pieces were misshapen as well. I made three attempts at these but never got the consistent width that I was hoping for. Bothered by all of this I decided to try and fix these mistakes if possible.


This photo shows most of the planks and the two fashion pieces removed. I could have left a few more planks in place but I wanted to correct for some gaps left during the first attempt.




1/16" shims were added to the last two bulkheads and faired.




The planking has been completed for the second time. After gluing and clamping, I used a flashlight shining from inside the hull in order to show the tiniest gap that might have existed between the planks.  Any gaps were corrected by tightening the clamps a bit more.




In order to get the proper shape for the fashion pieces, I had to cut back the upper half of the wales about a 1/16". This allowed the fashion pieces to rise up slightly thus giving more width to the middle section. The process was tedious as I didn't want to damage any of the surrounding planking.




After all the fixes were completed I was able to complete the square tuck. The five filler pieces are actually .196" wide instead of 3/16".



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That looks great!  I admire your desire for excellence in your builds.  Also, I like that, though a pain in the butt, you don't mind tearing out stuff you've already done, and starting over.  That's a good example for others who strive to kick it up a notch with their builds.



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I'm finally finished planking the outer hull. I don't know if all Cutters are difficult to plank, especially aft, but this one surely was.


Even though the bulkheads are spaced close together, the planks seemed to flatten slightly between some of them. I suppose that this is normal but it did require some additional sanding in order to get the right shape. I'm wondering if inserting spacers between the bulkheads before fairing the hull might have prevented this. Anyway, so much for my nitpicking! I'm still doing a bit of sanding here and there but I'm getting close to the end. I will apply some Wipe-on Poly to the hull after the Stern Post is attached.









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Thanks guys for the kind words and all the "likes".


Chuck has designed a superb first time scratch build along with a monograph on how to build it. Even though there could be multiple ways of doing things, I admit that sometimes my methods have been wrong. One of my goals is to find better ways for getting the work done correctly on the first try, if possible, and avoid the re-do's. I think the learning process is one of the things that makes the hobby so interesting and at times challenging.



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Before final sanding the hull, I decided that it would be a good time to paint the counter. My experience with brush painting the color "red" has not been great. I decided to try my Paasche air brush. The paint used is W&N Crimson with some Burnt Umber mixed in. I have read somewhere here on MSW that acrylic paints can clog an airbrush. With that in mind, I thinned the paint to a slow drip and gave it a try. As a result, the airbrush never clogged and the paint flowed very smoothly. Since the fashion pieces are going to be black it wasn't necessary to tape off that area exactly. I'm thinking that it would be a good idea to wait until the cap rail and other pieces are in place around the fashion pieces before I paint with black.


While the paint was left to dry thoroughly, I started work on the stern post. It turned out that the area that the stern post is glued to was slightly off 90°, maybe by a 1/2°. This made getting a close fit on both sides a little tricky and I had to work for a few hours before I was satisfied with the fit. Once glued, I finished sanding the hull planking. The only other thing I wanted to do was to paint the red on the stern post. That was sprayed as well.





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