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Hi all I have just bought a Proxxon DH40 planner a.d wondered if anyone has tried removing the blades and covering the drum with sandpaper held in place with the blades clamps so making a sander thicknesser with controlled in feed a fault that I have read about with many others on the market


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It sort of kills the purpose then? There are lots of cheaper thickness sanders in the market.

Dust collection would be a big issue, this planer is designed to produce shavings and do not have any dust protection or collection. It will just clog all mechanisms including feeder belts and gears. Not even mentioning the amount of dust in the room.


I never needed much sanding after using that planer, it produces a nice smooth finish, few passes with scraper or xacto blade over the ready-made part - and the finish is perfect.

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Hi Mike,


I work with a special type of wood which is sensitive to ripping.


I have not found a thickness sander with automatic feed which can be adjusted as finely as the proxxon.


I asked the question because I had lots of ripping. Since then I found one of the knives was very damaged. I have turned it around after things were much better. I do see longitudinal stripes on the piece after planing, so I suspect one of the knives is not touching the surface. I guess I have to adjust the knife more precisely so both knives interface.


Any tricks for this? The manual is a bit sparse on advice!


I feel I may get it right and indeed dust wise this is much better!


Thanks for your input!



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