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HMS Alfred, 74 gun ship, 1:64; Hahn Method

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About Me;

I have been modeling for over 30 years. My other hobby is HO model railroading. At time when I had the space, I was into railroading, when I did not have the space, I built ships.

This is my second non-kit built ship; actually the second iteration of this ship. The first attempt was not good; so I started over. This time is much better.

I am disabled; I have no legs. The first was amputated several years ago and the second, a couple of weeks after the first. I tell you this, not for any other reason, other than to let you know I do things differently. Mostly as a result of my disability. For instance, I do not use power tools, except the occasional Dremel.

I live alone and am housebound; I have been told that my social skills have been slipping lately. I guess I would rather model than talk; please don't take this personally.


About my Ship;

She is a work of art; and as such, I will construct her in the most pleasing way possible. Of secondary importance is the historical accuracy; firstly the Hahn plans and timbering set and secondly other reference materials at my disposal. I have a substantial personal library and, of course, access to this site and other internet locations.

She is and will be all natural; no paints or stains.

She is built by hand, every piece cut, shaped, and glued by me by hand. I purchase slab wood to the thickness needed, cut it slightly proud, and plane it to final size. The only exception to date are some gratings from left over kit parts.

Her framing and superstructure are of Alder, with the darker pieces of Walnut. The red furniture is built from Redheart and the yellow wood is Yellowheart, Boxwood, or Longhi. And of course the black is Ebony.

As is typical, her port side will be fully planked, but her starboard side has windows to her soul. She will be fully rigged, but with only some of the sails shipped.

Officially I laid her keel on October 1, 2014; she is aging gracefully.




Apparently my pic files are too large to attach. I'll have to work on that











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There are a million picture editing programs out there but if your computer comes with Word you can easily resize them there. Choose the "web large" option under the "edit pictures" tab to do this.


Admiralty Models

moderator Echo Cross-section build
Admiralty Models Cross-section Build

Finished build
Pegasus, 1776, cross-section

Current build
Speedwell, 1752

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I think I have over come the 'too large' issue with the pics. I took the pics with my camera, then emailed them to myself at a smaller size. It works, kinda clumsy, still needs work. But for now, at least, we can get some pics....

More to follow....

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...everything looks shipshape,... I've yet to tackle anything of this magnitude for I fear it is something beyond my skill set. It looks like you're a natural.



Built & De-Commissioned: HMS Endeavour (Corel), HMS Unicorn (Corel),

Abandoned: HMS Bounty (AL)

Completed : Wappen Von Hamburg (Corel), Le Renommee (Euromodel)... on hold

Current WIP: Berlin by Corel

On Shelf:  HMS Bounty (Billings),



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LFrank, this looks like a beautiful ship model, am very interested in seeing you progress.  Please keep posting updates.


"Which it will be ready when it is ready!"
In the shipyard:

HMS Jason (c.1794: Artois Class 38 gun frigate)

Queen Anne Royal Barge (c.1700)


HMS Snake (c.1797: Cruizer Class, ship rigged sloop)

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