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SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse-(short KWdG)-1897-1914-by Nils Langemann - FINISHED - scale 1:144 - POF - first German four stacker of the Norddeutscher Lloyd line

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1 hour ago, flyer said:

Hi Nils



Wonderful work again.

You put so much work and detailing into the lifeboats - it would almost be a pleasure to sink with your ship!




perhaps one of those tickling early cruise ship event hapenings at extra costs  :P,..... (for goodness sake no !), I`m quite happy with my self made lifeboats, was not sure if they would work out well...



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the first open port side boat has been set in place and rigged with the forward pulley. I think I`ll have the two first boats of each side in the open mode, as well as the third boats (also open), but they are a bit smaller, like on the actual ship. The blocks (3mm double sheave ) are out of Chuck`s production, I saved them up at the time he still was producing pear blocks in that size for this application.

All paint touch ups will be done after all the boats are rigged
















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12 minutes ago, rafine said:

Wonderful, Nils. The boats are just another example of your incredible attention to detail at this small scale.



Thank you very much Bob,

for your kind compliment...


the boats are taking me longer to do than I expected, but I trust it will be worth the effort afterwards



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59 minutes ago, rwiederrich said:

Nils..the outcome is amazing...very convincing and the boats match the overall look of the entire vessel...Great job!




thank you for your fine comment, I`m very pleased you like the boat outcome, as you have recently  been engaged with many good ideas and suggestions. Now its just the mass of repeatable work to be done to get all the boats in following the first sample ones....

The colapsible boats I have`nt begun yet, but my mind is thinking in this direction..(I borrowed some pics from the web, may be for Titanic or so...)












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Many thanks John, Michael and Greg,

for your nice comments...

also thanks to the "likes"...



again a new term, thanks a lot..



I`m just trying to implement the pictures I have in mind..



yes, agree, they look quite flimsy, but in worst case, anybody would be happy to get a place on those collapsibles..

Thanks for catching up with your recent looking in...




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Build log part 59...


Update :


for those fellow builders who frequently catching up on the status,.... I put in some overall shots....

The 4 open lifeboats are rigged, they are also equiped with oars (only rudderblades still missing). The two smaller boats will be in the same paint scheme, but without lifelines, as that is too much straining for eyes and hands. The remaining closed boats are waiting for the lifelines to be attached, refer to the pic for one first sample. I decided not to lash on seperate protection covers (canvas)





























the oars are stored on the oposite side to where passengers would step into the boats



The two open boats on the left of the pic have appr. 5 mm less length and a lower sheerboard, they will match in color scheme

The "hard cover" shown here on the sample "closed boat" will be the protection canvas, no seperate lashings under and around the boat.







these are the two smaller (shorter) open, also clinkered double ender boats, that fit into the row of 10 boats per ships side with the others. These boats claim to be 1:144 scale, the figurines are 1:160, but I feel they match together perfectly





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Hi Nils


Fantastic work! I really love the fact that you show us the overall status. I do find that in some logs (and that is not a criticism just a personal opinion) lots of pictures are close ups/details and I always find an overall shot is such a good way to convey progress. 



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Many thanks to Keith, Nick, John and Christos,

for your nice comments, and thanks to all the "likes"....



thanks for taking a mental look around on board.....,

for display I am looking for a suitable side-table to put the glass casing on, besides that I need to deal with my admiral for an ideal place in our home, up to now the agreement is, no models in the living area of the house



pleased you like the overall shots, sometimes not easy with the small digital camera...



blades pointing forward (was just luck in this case...), but thanks for that input, I`ll  be aware of this now. Do you know what is the reason, is it easier to put the oars into the rowlocks ?



for the figurines I chose scale N gauge (1:160) make "Preiser". It was a process of watching out in Ebay auctions, and the web over weeks and months for figures offered in (around 1900) fashions Preiser unfortunately does not produce these in this scale in "around turn of the century fashions" any more, but with some luck I was able to achieve quite some good ones. They are not all placed on the decks yet. Four figurines (custom made in scale 1:144) I am very thankful for, came as a greatful gift from a fellow MSW modeler including the captain of the ship.

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