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Royal Caroline by sparrow - Mantua/Panart - Royal yacht 1749, scale 1:47

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Hello and welcome to the build log of my second wooden ship model. 


This time it is the Royal Caroline by Mantua/Panart in the scale 1:47.

I was admiring work of others on MSW while building this nice kit and that is why I have finally decided to go with this as the second build.

I am constantly trying to do some kit bashing. I am also using the Anatomy book to improve some parts and details of the model to be more historically correct. Although some parts I kept as they were in the kit.


I started the build in December 2011. Unfortunately I was not able to spend as much time on the model as I would like so I am still almost at the beginning. :)



I will try to upload all images as in the previous build log of the RC from the MSW 1.0 forum...

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Hello dear visitors of this build log,


a few months ago I have encountered this article  from Chuck on using Sculpey polymeric compound for creating decorations for ship models. I was so thrilled about the options that I had to try it out. I was not very successful on carving such complex ornamentation from wood so this seemed to me to be a very good option. I also found the build logs from Doris which is an expert on such work and this also made me buy this material and start experimenting.


In the end I have decided to replace most of the metal casted ornaments that came with the kit and also redo some parts of the model... I have wasted quite a significant time this way but I do hope that in the end this is going to bring some nicer details to the model...


Anyway it still takes me a long time to create these ornaments and I am at the beginning of the learning curve so please don't compare my attempts to Doris ones. :)


I have also repainted the hull with more turquoise blue color...






















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So I have found another, what looks like an excellent built to follow. Well everything looks very good to me, and I love the idea of carving the ornamentation. This aspect of your build will really add to your sense of achievement with the finished ship. I look forward to watching your build throughout its stages. Just enjoy it. Regards DAVID

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Hi David and many thanks for your very kind words! ;)


The only downside of creating the ornamentation myself is the time to carve them which I am constantly missing... So the build is still going to be quite long considering the amount of the carvings on Royal Caroline... :rolleyes:


Best regards,


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nice job! I am also building RYC (and I am too lazy to write a log about it) but I am bashing it to death  :P . I also started making the decorations from Sculpey and went a fair distance with it (gun port wreaths, scuppers) and then I realised that also the in-the-round decorations (figure head etc) should be done somehow. I did not feel confident enough to make them of Sculpey so I took a step back and now I am carving everything from Boxwood. Definitely slower than with Sculpey for sure!  


Hi Janos,


I am glad that you like it. I of course remember your build log from previous version of MSW and it is a very impressive build! And your carving skills are just amazing!


I don't have much experience with wood carving so I have rather ended up with Sculpey. I may do some easier carvings but those presented on RC are too complex for me to handle using wood. I am going to try to make the figure head also from Sculpey so I wonder how it will go... But still I have so much to do before that.


Regards and all the best to your work on RC!



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Hi all,


so here comes some pictures depicting my attempt to create my own decorative strips to replace the ones from kit...


I have used walnut strips 1,5 x 4 mm which were then profiled using the technique shown on the pictures. To create the ornaments I prepared a push mold from Sculpey that was baked to get hard and then I used it to push the actual shapes on the strips that was first filled with Sculpey. This whole assembly was baked, painted black and finally the ornaments gilded using toothpick.


Cheers! :)

















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