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First time planking a POB hull

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I am just starting to lay out the planking on my MS Bluenose 1/64 scale.  Looking at the strake just below the waist, the planks take a twist, heading back towards the stern.  There is no "curve" needed for the plank and a batten does lie flat, but it looks like it will take a 45 degree twist in the plank to get it to lie flat by the time it reaches the stern bulkheads and transom. 


I have read through the instructions and the planking tutorials and didn't see that issue mentioned.  Am I missing something?

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Greetings mrm...


There should be no problems making this twist. The need to twist planks to make them conform to the shape of the hull is quite common. I assume the planking is basswood? All you need to do is soak the basswood strips in water until they are pliable enough to be worked into the shape you need. Usually, I twist them a little by eye before trying them on the hull. Typically, a soak in water of 20 to 30 minutes is all you need get the planks pliable enough for that application. I don't bother with all the voodoo and drama some folks use to bend hull planking such as heating in a microwave, soaking in ammonia/water or soaking in water for days. A little soak time in plain water is a ll you need for basswood.



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