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Syren or Endeavour


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Good evening all

I am well on my way to finishing my swift and i was wondering what to do next.

I do already have an AL hmb endeavour 1768, but i have been looking at all the rigging on it,

and i was wondering if i would be taking too much on for a 2nd build.


I have also been telling people over here about this Syren




 It looks to me to have about 50% less rigging. Would i be better off to get my rigging fingers trained, by doing this first.

All i really wanted for a 2nd build was to have something with a few cannons on.

Any other pros or cons to either ship?

All advice greatly appreciated Thanks Chris


PS  I am totally new to sailing ships, and sails, and rigging, and would need to start right at the beginning.

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Don't let the sight of all that rigging put you off. Concentrate on one small area at a time rather than look at the whole thing & think where on earth do I start!. It makes more sense that way! Can I also recommend the Keith Julier book, "The New Model Shipbuilders Handbook" It has a chapter on building the Endeavour. All the best, Geoff

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