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Flags of the french ancien regime navy


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In preparation for the building of the Heller Soleil, I have been doing some research on the correct Ensign and rank flags for a French warship of the period. Heller indicates a white flag with numerous fleur de lis on it, but flags of the world indicate that the normal ensign would be a plain white flag, and the multiple fleur de lis flag would only be flown when the sovereign was on board or when the ship was an Admirals flagship. Which is right?



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Dear Mike could you be exsact as to dait to help me I have some good ref but do not wont to mislead you robin b

Robin, circa 1690? I believe that the concept of national flags was more "flexible"then than what we understand national flags to be?

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Nwanda, do consider that the Soleil Royal was the flagship of Admiral Ann Hilarion, Le Compte de Tourville, so flying the white flag with gold fleur-de-lis may be appropriate.  I think it was also the flag ship of the entire French fleet

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I would suggest you contact Mr. Joseph Mcmillan at Seaflags j_mcmillan@verizon.net



He is the principal contact for anything having to do with Seaflags, a great source of information about flags from around the world.



Although this web site deals primarily with US flags, Joseph may have an answer for you.



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