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Grand Banks dory by Cap'n'Bob - small - 1:32 - Finished

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I’m sure most of us have had that feeling, the build is complete but it just doesn’t feel right.  Well that’s what happened to me with the dory.  I decided I wasn’t finished with the dory build.  I had placed fishing items in the dory but it just didn’t feel complete.  I tried to start the little yawl, which is my next build, but I kept coming back to the dory.


Finally I decided to make it into a diorama.  To place the dory in the ocean, at home, as it were, where it spent most of its time.  Many fishermen used trawl lines but this fellow is fishing with a hand line.  I just seemed right.


I got a lot of help from several of you here at MSW.  But I especially want to thank Dan for taking me through it step by step.


        Dan, this one’s for you.










Now maybe I can build the yawl for the admiral.



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Great finish Bob. It seems the fat lady has sung :D


Sorry to have missed your birthday, I would have liked to toast to you (anything to get a tot ;) )

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Mario:  It’s a flash back to when I was much younger.  :P  :P  :P   


Popeye:  You’re right.  If it doesn’t feel right it aint finished.


Dan:  It was fun; as far as another . . . we’ll see.


Tim:  Thanks for the good words.  I like your Elco too.


Carl:  Don’t worry, I did my own tooting.  :champagne:


Bigpav:  Thanks.  Stick around, There’s a lot to learn here at MSW.




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That is a nice looking dory Bob, great colors and detail.  I have the same plans and will be building one once I finish the Triton cross section. There are a few tips I will use when I do mine - the buckets look easy the way you have made them.

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