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I have started this model a couple of years ago, but being my first attempt, realized that I was way out of my depth.


I then put the build on hold and decided to try something simpler to develop my skills and try again.


I have since completed the basic AL Mare Nostrum (loaded the pics in the Gallery), which taught me enough to build up the courage to try my hand at the Mayflower again.


I have to say that the planking and other tutorials and knowledge on MSW(1 and 2) has been a tremendous aid in teaching me the basic skills.


Thank you MSW!


So this is where it is at the moment, I have put the bulkheads and keel together, decided to add extra balsa wood spacers between the bulkheads, as they felt a bit wobbly.


The false decking has been installed, but the Ramin planks supplied for decking, is in my opinion, crap! Way to brittle and it does not sand to a smooth finish. Not sure if anybody else have had the same problems with Ramin, but I decided to replace it with Maple, so i'm waiting for delivery from Cornwall Model Boats.

Since i'm living in the good old South Africa, this can take a while!



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So in the mean time back at the ranch....


I have decided to try my hand in scratch building the ships launch(if that is the correct term?), as the metal 'thing' supplied by AL does not look good.


Got the plans from the Swedish Maritime Museum site, it might not be 100% historically accurate, but i'm hoping its going to look better than the AL offering.




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The bulwarks have been planked and bent.  


I can't install them yet, because i'm still waiting for some maple decking planks, from CMB, to be delivered.


I ordered the planks on 19 May! Not CMB's fault, the customs and postal services over here is just pathetic.


The admiral received a package about two weeks ago that was posted August last year!



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Oops! see I have lost a little hinge on the door there... will have to make a replacement tonight, as the carpet monster probably got it.


Fillers added to the bow and stern and first layer of planking started.


I wanted to install the bulwarks before I started the planking, but can't wait for the deck planking any longer!


The fillers are not the most elegant looking, I just used some scrap balsa to fill the gaps, but it will do the job.



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Decking time! 


It's been a while, had to wait months for some replacement timber due to a postal strike and then went on vacation in between as well. At least I had the privilege of visiting the Vasa in Stockholm and the Viking ship museum in Oslo, very good motivation!


I have decided to replace the AL supplied Ramin planking(top), with some Maple(bottom) supplied by Cornwall Model Boats.


As you can see, there is remarkable difference in the quality.




Since there is no spesific record of how decks were planked for this period, I have decided on a 13524 pattern, as described in NRG's ship modelling database.


I am very satisfied with the results. A couple of mistakes here and there, but it's all part of the learning curve.





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Hull planking done! ......finally. She is starting to look the part, hopefully I can turn this ugly duckling into a swan...


I tried spiling for the first time, using Mahogany veneer, which is a slightly different and a lighter color from the kit supplied Mahogany.


I will give the lighter parts an extra covering of sealer, to see if i can get it to match the rest of the planking.


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The kit impression of the windows in the stern was not to my liking



So i decided to make a new one using oak veneer for the frames, paper painted aluminium to simulate lead and Micro Kristal Klear to form the glass.




Here it is dry fitted to the stern, it's not perfect, but i'm happy with the result.

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Painting time!


First a coat of grey primer to see if there is any serious dents or bumps to be sanded smooth.




Then a coat of white. I just used some Rustoleum Ultra Cover, as I want a tough covering that wont damage easily.




Now it's time for some serious masking and airbrushing, as there is some intricate patterns in this build.


Hopefully i'll have the masking done by the end of the week and I can finish the painting over the weekend - weather permitting.


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Well, the painting is finally finished! 

Definitely not my favorite part of the build, but I wanted it to look as good as possible, so I spent a lot of time on it. 




I also decided to change the bulkhead from mahogany to cherry wood. I made the little window with lead wire and Microscale Kristal Klear





...and last, but not least, I am attempting my hand at treenailing the deck. I still need some fine tuning on the technique, but it looks alright for a first attempt. (i still need to finish the set on the right, just need to pull more bamboo through the drawplate!)



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On 10/13/2018 at 2:44 AM, Osmosis said:

I have this kit also and don't feel I am quite up to it yet. Yours is coming along very nicely mind if I pull up a chair?



Welcome aboard sir, welcome aboard!


Funny that you came across my build this weekend, as I just opened the new shipyard on Saturday!(the admiral calls it the corner of chaos?!)

In between studying, moving, renovating and some damage due to the move, the Mayflower has been sadly neglected.

As you can see at the bottom photo, she is minus a beakhead again, due to a 'small' incident during the move, the hull has also sprung a couple of leaks(cracks) which I will fix in due course.

After the fix, I plan on fitting the rudder, I see my metal bending abilities will be tested soon!788607662_20181007_085442(1280x960).thumb.jpg.cf6132ab7755adeddef703652e25784f.jpg692672836_20181007_085513(1280x958).thumb.jpg.530b9ee35c0482bb3a4b222f328fc9c5.jpg370746535_20181007_085642(1280x954).thumb.jpg.021ae1356fafc04f271c24139bc119ee.jpg

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Wow, In my excitement to find a build log on this kit I did not notice the date on the last post. I would very much appreciate it if you dropped everything else and got back to work on it. Just kidding of course. I just got back to model building after an eight month layoff myself. Life has a habit of intruding on our passion every now and then.


Best Regards

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So I finally got time to work on my Mayflower again! 

I got a double hernia repair surgery done and the bonus is i got two weeks recovery time(aka ship model time)

Double bonus: I get to wear very stylish graduated compression stockings for a month


I made a quick jig out of scrap wood so these(described as deck fittings?) will look similar


and installed


Also started installing the gudgeon/pintle(not sure which is which) for the rudder attachment.


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Finally some more progress!

I'm great at procrastinating, sitting in front of my model, thinking of what needs to be done, ending up doing nothing :(


Beakhead reattached and completed, hand rails added 308350780_697B2449(1024x683).jpg.09b3da3383ee2e8c6860bf0c21869d08.jpg

Anchor davits and pin rails added


I've embedded the pin rack balusters into the deck to avoid knocking them over. It seems i get clumsier the closer I get to a ship model!163712800_697B2421(1024x683).jpg.0183d81f6706ba4ff28e5bb1b6431099.jpg

Got one ladder done, a couple more to go...


Started working on the cannons, they seem a bit over sized for the gun carriages. I only need to do four, hats of to the guys doing a ship of the line.714684074_697B2444(1024x791).thumb.jpg.55ba5971dbfa49f4b62713d1fc8572b9.jpg 

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Aim High, if I remember correctly it should be connected with an eyesplice dropped over the masthead, the same way the shrouds are connected.

The more knowledgeable guys on the forum should be able to give you a much better explanation, what I know of rigging at the moment is dangerous!;)

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