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San Felipe by Sherry – Scale 1:96

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  • 5 months later...

Finally, a long overdue update! I started out well with photos of each step and then as life got busy the photos fell by the way. The last few pictures are of each completed piece without process pictures. 


I experimented with a few different materials for the stern lanterns, but finally settled on card. The lanterns could not be solid because of the fiber-optics that I had to feed up through the tiny brass tubing and into the lanterns. This was a very tricky process due to the tight fit and bends. I'll try to add some pictures in the next day or so with the lanterns "lit".










Some more items completed.








And placed on deck. I also completed the first of three sets of spiral staircases.




I also managed to make and place some of the decorative pieces and dolphins.




Last, but not least, a shot of the stern so far and profile. 




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Greetings Sherri,


Elegant work on your San Felipe. However your Spanish version was built in the late 1670s - too late to have been in the Spanish Armada (1588). There was a San Felipe de Portugal, galleon, in the Armada. In addition, the Portuguese had another San Felipe in service about the time of the Armada - she was a carrack, which was a merchant ship. See book entitled The Armada by Garrett Mattingly. Others may have brought this to your attention, but your site is so popular that I couldn't read all the posts.



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Thank-you to everyone for the words of encouragement, and to everyone that hit the like button! 


Edwin: WoW, thanks!  :)


Augie: See above!  :rolleyes:


Michel: Thanks!


Nenad: Extra thank-you!


Patrick: Ok, now I'm starting to blush.


Grant: Nice to be back!


Ed: Would love to do a larger scale model sometime to add even more detail - 

maybe then the lanterns could be metal or wood.


Popeye: The "dress up" parts are some of the most enjoyable parts on the model to make!


Wq3296: Please refer to these posts: answer1 and answer2. Now I'm just leaving the title as is out of mischief!  :)


Jparsley: Well, far from perfect, but I am pleased with her.


Bob: Just wish I had more time to spend in the shipyard. I had forgotten how much I love this hobby until I returned!!!

Edited by Sherry
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Sherry, that's an exquisite model. You've set the bar very high for the rest of us duffers (well, me, anyway - from what I've seen there are so many amazingly skilled, patient and painstaking modellers out there in MSW land that I sometimes wonder if my own efforts will be up to the mark. Still, one can but try).



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Thank-you George! This scale has proven to be a challenge at times.


Thank-you as well Steven! Definitely keep trying! I have a sneaking suspicion that your work is better than you think. We all seem to be far too self critical. As long as you are enjoying the journey, that's what counts - bonus is you get a ship model in the end.

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