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San Felipe by Sherry – Scale 1:96

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Thanks everyone!


Augie: That intensity took some planning and a little fiddling to achieve - didn't want it to look like halogen headlamps!

As for anyone following....I'll have 4 stern cannons waiting for them.  :o


George: I am pleased with the result. I installed all the lights, wiring and fiber optics early in the build and had to wait until the lanterns were done to see if it would even work as I had hoped.


Mark: When I first joined MSW (back in version 1) the first time I ever saw lighting on a model ship was on your avatar of the USS Constellation. 

Thanks for the idea! ;)


Robbyn: I hadn't given up on the model....almost gave up on finding time to work on it though. Hope to see an update on your Syren soon.

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Time to work on my Syren, I do so wish I could find it. Unfortunately the gutting of my house continues. Kitchen is done finally, and bathroom has begun. Things have slowed to a crawl. My husband only gets every other weekend off, and we screwed that schedule up by taking 2- 2 week vacations, which meant if we were home he was working. I so want to work, but at the moment I can't even get to my drydock. It has become the staging area for all the home improvements.

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Thank-you everyone!


Omega1234: I'm "utterly" flattered.


Doris: The cannons are not perfect, but I am happy with them. I got the idea from your Royal Caroline, and I thank you for that!


Kevin: I feel I have made progress, but I look at your log and see you are rigging (and it's looking great) and realize I still have that huge chore in my future!


Tom: It seemed like an eternity for me to wait to see if the lanterns would work - kinda glad no one could see me when I first hooked up the battery.  :D


Popeye: I always liked the look of lanterns on some of these old ships, so I knew I would be building one that had them.


Robbyn: I totally understand - it took a long time for me to have and update. Renovations are always huge, but rewarding. (hope you took pictures)


Bob: Ditto


Sjors: Maybe you should go on vacation again and I might have another update then! Make sure you take Anja though, or NO update.


Edwin: Now you are making me blush.  :wub:


Stay tuned, I hope to have an update before too long.

Edited by Sherry
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Thank-you Frank! 


Well, I have another update. I've been working on the rudder with its pintles and gudgeons. 

I used copper plate and cut it into strips which I formed on a 'dummy' rudder. Soldering was tricky for me at this scale, but I managed. I still have to fine tune and add faux bolts.






I've also made and added the midship set of spiral stairs with railings, and belaying pins are in place here as well. There is one more set of spiral stairs fore, yet to be made.






Last, but not least, I made the beakhead rails and supports. I'm not totally happy with them and some adjustments may follow.....or a total redo, I just haven't decided yet.







Edited by Sherry
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Ok sherry I have to be a critic on this one I do see several problems with your stairs and your railings one they are of the wrong color They should be walnut two they are the wrong scale and should be 1:85 third they should be on my ship which is made of walnut and 1:85 scale Actually sherry they are beautiful and I wish my work could be a tenth of the quality of work you are putting out She again as I have said is a beautifu ship Keep up the quality

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Thank-you everyone for your wonderful comments and support!


George: Glad others don't seem to see what I see!


Mark: You're absolutely right about being critical of my own work - I think we all "suffer" from that malady!


Jparsley: :D  :D You had me going for a minute!


Augie: Embellishment? No, really I'm telling the truth - I did the work. :rolleyes: Seriously though, thank-you! 


Patrick: One word or two, it doesn't matter - I'm flattered either way!


Piet: Yes, I know the routine all too well! I'll look at the rails for another day or two and then make a decision.

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