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San Felipe by Sherry – Scale 1:96

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you continue to amaze Sherry.........those stairways are awesome :)    I had to look back to see if I missed anything else..........such wonderful work!   I have to agree with the others........I fail to see what the problem is with the beak head........the entire bow section looks great!   sadly,  I'm no expert on these era of vessels........but it is good to see you back at the table again  :)

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So, I just randomly clicked the "San Felipe" link in your signature. I must say, every now and again I get dumbfounded of the skill some people show in their logs. It didn't look like much in the beginning with the big chunks of lumber resting on your big table saw. I read a few pages and then skipped to the end...and Wow! What a ship you have build!

Hats off and bow deep!

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I just tripped into this thread because I, too, am building this beautiful ship.  I must say that your work is truly astounding!  I must comment about the "history" of this ship as stated in the manufacturer's comments and on this site.  While it is true that a ship maned San Felipe was in the Spanish Armada, it wasn't the ship both you and I are building.  Our San Felipe may or may not have been built, but the design is clearly late-17th century, perhaps as late as the 1690 date stated, but this ship could not have existed during the times of the armada, which happened in 1588, or 102 years before the stated date of building.  That said, it is clear that, at the very least, the ship we are modeling does have the general physical characteristics of Spanish 100 gun ships-of-the-line, in terms of hull shape, length, draft, and other proportions.  Therefore, I believe that the ship possibly/probably existed.


Again, I am amazed by your skills!



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I too stumbled into this thread and was amazed at your mastery of wood tools of hand. You are truly gifted and I might add "fearless" to have attempted such a model, at this scale, as your second subject! I believe there are just a few women in this pursuit and gauging your skill level there are but a few that have achieved your level so quickly. Portia Takakjian probably was the most prominent, but she is gone, so keep doing what your doing and continue to grow. Your work has my admiration.


Before I sign off let me say this is not about being female or male. I just marvel that you found a passion in this as I believe the rest of us have.


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Hello everyone. Thank-you all for the kind comments once again! I am still around and checking in once and a while. I would love to get back to the San Felipe soon, but it will still have to wait a little bit. I am currently making a violin for my daughter, which turned out to be a bigger project than expected! 

Yes, Guy, I do hope to mast and rig her. That's the plan for now, I may change my mind if I can't find a suitable place to display another fully masted and rigged ship!

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