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Fastening of the false keel

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The false keel was there as a "throw away" bumper?  If the ship ran aground on a moderate slope, it was to come off so the ship could back free?

Seems to me, it would need to be fastened just enough to stay when subject to the forces of water, but not offer too much resistance to a real shear force.

I would think that every ship's captain and especially the NCO responsible for the ship's structure would have their own opinion on how to fasten it.

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Thank you Druxey and Jaager,


the staples of the Vic are still in place and give a good impression, but I found no picture that could reveal the dimensions. As the Vic has two false keels, one as build and the other added probably around 1800 one has to also to take care, what staples are for which keel.




Luckily these are about the only original staples of the golden age of sails :-)


Cheers, DAniel

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Also one can see a lot of staples missing. The staples of the first keel were flush in the surface, so the slots are still visible if one has a close look. 


Those of the first keel appear to be closer than those of the second one. Also the ones of the second one have different lengths: Into the "true" keel and into the first false one.


I was looking quite close, but still difficult to see a pattern.



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I have seen slots from missing staples, but are you sure that false keel was fastened with presented staples and missing staples at one time, or new presented staples are replacements for lost one, just moved and hammered in other place?


Stalkart says, that "...In such ships as are not intended to be frequently in harbours where they ground, the false keel is slenderly secured..." from here

Slenderly is like meagerly or sparingly, 12 inch spacing sounds more strong for me...


I'm not sure, as I have not foung any rule for spacing til now...


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