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Cutter Cheerful 1:48 by rafine - Finished

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This will be my version of Chuck's Cheerful. In addition to Chuck's prototype build log, there are already a couple of other logs started, and I'm sure there will be many more. It should be fun to work along with the others.


While waiting for the lantern parts that I needed to complete Essex, I decided to jump the gun and begin Cheerful. Since I lack power tools, and am reluctant to cut all of the framing by hand, I chose to use Chuck's laser cut bulkhead and former set. They are as near to perfect as you can get. The ply is uniform and the fit is precise. It was a simple matter to assemble the structure. Being a creature of habit, I added bracing at the bulkhead-former joints, as I've always done. Chuck didn't do this, and I'm sure that it wasn't necessary.


Before adding the bulkheads, but after adding the rabbet strip, I assembled and added the boxwood stem and keel.


I will be doing the hull planking and fixtures and furniture in boxwood and the decking in holly. I obtained the boxwood from Crown Timberyard, and it looks great. I chose not to get the offered package, because it is entirely composed of wood sheets from which the strips must be cut. Once again, my lack of tools caused me to get the wood mostly in milled strips, with some sheets.


I'm now starting to fair the hull.






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Making my way through the tedious, but necessary, early steps. I first rough faired the hull using various sanding sticks. Then I added the gunport framing, trying to be careful to maintain a smooth flowing line. Next, I cut the forward most ports in the filler pieces at the bow and faired the gun ports. Lastly, I "finished" fairing the hull. I expect to need some minor adjustments when I begin the hull planking.


Next up will be the stern framing.










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