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Perhaps an alternative to a laser cutter, for thin stock

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For thin stock I found something that might be usable instead of a laser cutter. I just watched a video review of the new Circut "Explore" digital cutter. (unfortunately on a pay for viewing Model Railroading site, so I can't post a link). According to the video the modeler uses the new Cricut to cut up to 1/16" basswood for buildings for his layout with good accuracy and repeatability for multipule cuts. (to a few thousands)(press fit of the cutout back into the material). The new Ciricut can cut your design files, not just the caned routines that former models could. For say frames on small models and thin parts this might be a good machine. I found it for between $170 (used) and $230 (new) on the web. I'm downloading some YouTube videos, and will get back after viewing some of them.

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I found out that model railroading users of the Circuit have found that it will not consistantly cut 1/16" basswood. They have to sand their sheets a little thinner. The cutting edge on the "Deep Cutting" blade is 1/16" long, so if the wood is slightly thick, or does not lay completely flat on the cutting mat, the cutter will stall and stop. As far as lettering it will cut down to about 8 point type.

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