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Charles W. Morgan by Joe V. - Model Shipways - 1:64

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Officially got the Morgan under way a few days ago. I really should be working on a case for my Bomb Vessel Granado, but I was tempted...




I hope everyone enjoys the ride here. I'm really looking forward to this build as something a bit different, since my last four builds were all warships. 


I won't get into much about the kit itself, since it is fairly well known. I have yet to fully evaluate what I'm going to keep and what I'm going to discard with regard to the kit pieces, in particular some of the Britannia castings. The rope will definitely be replaced, and possibly the blocks and I will replace wood where needed to avoid things like splitting issues when drilling basswood. Most wood will be painted, which is quite a contrast from the Granado build. 


The bulkheads have been cut out and cleaned up, which was a pain since they are plywood. A hobby knife struggles, but the laser cuts are too narrow to fit even tiny xacto saw blades. 


Moving on, I've cut the rabbet/bearding line, using a compass to get the line, and a copied paper template from the plans for the bearding line. The basswood keel was much easier to work with than the ply bulkheads...











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Hi Joe, just found your log. Glad to see you joining the "Morgan Club". I have a lot of photos as well as a build log here on MSW. should you need any reference photos please check my website as I have them posted there. I'll enjoy following your log --- it brings back memories of when I was at this stage. I'm almost finished with mine probably around 95%. It's a fun build.




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Hi Joe, just an FYI I was just visiting the Morgan yesterday and took over 400 more pictures. I'll be posting them on my website in the next few days as internet connections allow. they will be in the gallery section under the Morgan. I will possibly make another page for them. Check it out if you need anything or PM me and I'll provide you with pictures. Look forward to you getting back into building again.


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Well, I haven't posted anything in here for quite sometime.  I am waiting for some replacement parts from ME to fix a major screw-up with the Morgan. I am finally motivated to try to save it.  We shall see how that works out...


Meanwhile, I realized that I never posted any photos of the Granado in her case. The base is a piece of oak plywood. I routed a lip around the edge to accommodate the acrylic case, and finished the outer edge with oak molding from Lowe's. The acrylic portion was made by a plastics company in Philadelphia, and cost me about $220. They did a real nice job on it and I will use them again. I got a local trophy retailer to make the brass nameplate: a mere $5.00.


Overall I'm very pleased with how it came out. 








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As I patiently wait for my replacement parts from Expo I decided to work on some deck structures to at least get something done. I've built the deck house and vegetable bin (a fiddly little thing) and painted those up. I also built the workbench, but am not 100% happy with it and will likely do it over (top is unfinished at the moment).


I can say after working with mostly boxwood on the Granado build I'm not happy being back on basswood for this one. There are absolutely some areas where I will substitute boxwood for strength, likely pin rails, fife rail and channels to name a few. Probably the skylight as well in order to be able to drill all the holes for the rods an not split the wood.  


John, your photos are coming in handy, thanks! I still need to stop by Mystic next time work takes me through the area. 









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Well after waiting over a month my parts arrived from Model Expo like this:




They were packed in an envelope with two thin pieces of card stock. How could anyone possibly think that would survive the USPS?


Back it goes on the shelf. I may have another project in the works anyway soon. Very disappointing...

Edited by Joe V.
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Hi Joe, man that sucks. Sorry to see that - not much of an excuse is it? You could probably make those work, but it's your choice - don't let that discourage you since about 95% of this build is by scratch. You can probably glue the pieces together and really not know the difference. It get's real discouraging, and unfortunately reflects back on the company MS, not only time but frustration. Good luck with your choices on what to do next. Sorry again to see this...


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Joe,  may I suggest that you send a PM to Marc Mosko (MMOSKO) here on MSW and tell him about the bad service - he had a lengthy discussion on his company here a while back and talked about his desire for customer satisfaction. Doesn't hurt to go to the top man. ;)

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