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anyone built San Juan Nepomuceno (moved by moderator)


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hello everyone, im new here and new to the hobby and am hoping that a member has or is building the San Juan Nepomuceno by Artesania Latina 1:90 scale.  I was fortunate enough to have been given a kit by a good friend who I think had lost interest in it. at this point  the frames are attached to the false keel and the decks have been done.  I have one problem concerning the hull that I would like to settle before I attempt to start this build and that is why I joined your group because any build that is not started properly will only get worse as you go.

looking forward to this build and the knowledge that anyone can share with me.



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Hi Gerry, I have just started building the SJ Nepumuceno. I purchased the kit in Barcelona during my holiday from a shop called Casa Palau.

The Artisania Latina kits in South Africa are very expensive hence the reason of purchasing the kit in Spain. However the AT kits are somewhat mediocre and very challenging in trying to make something decent out of it.. This is my second kit from AT the first one the HMS Endeavour was a present from my wife fro my 60th birthday. It took me 5 South African winters to finish the kit. I never have build one before and since then I have been "bitten".

When I unpacked the kit to my disappointment I find that it was only 4 mm thick instead than 6 mm. The kits from AT are now made in China. I had to reinforce the middle section of the bulkheads as they were all twisted. Further they made some modifications from the previous kits for the fore and the stern  and the ship but kept the old instructions and this  can be confusing. Therefore my advice is for you to toss out the AT instructions and refer to the drawings and pictures. From my previous experience I was advised to do the same by one the member's forum while building the HMS Endeavour.  Via the NGR'S MODEL SHIP WORLD I have find a friend in USA which assisted me during my first build.



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HI Gerry,

I would be grateful if would check the thickness of the cannons frames of your AL SJN.

Is it 1,5 mm or 2.0 mm thick? 

My model has a 1,5 mm thickness cannon frame too small if i want to add the cannon's harnesses.


My previous model AL kit the HMS Endeavour the cannons frames were supplied with 2 mm thickness.


Al has already replaced my SJN  complete rudder assembly as it was supplied in 4 mm plywood in stead of 7 mm walnut.


The quality made in Spain was much better.


Kind regards,




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