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Croatian Kit Manufacturer.


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I can't remember if I posted this on the old site but there is a manufacturer in Croatia called Maristella that produces kits of some very interesting subjects. They don't look too difficult and are certainly a little more unusual.


the address is,



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Hi AntonyUK...


All structural elements are laser cut on plywood lime...all structural elements on the deck and sides are cut by laser on walnut wood (solid wood walnut panels)...everything else is made of walnut or oak strips and dowels ...sails are embroidered on the fabric -should be hand finished (sew the edges) ...instructions for building are in the English language (completely understandable :)    ) ...  all necessary ropes and fittings are in the kit...high quality wood ... ... precision drawings to the laser-cut elements is 0.001 mm, the deformation which makes the laser cutting is 0.1 mm ... elements perfectly fit each other ...  ... some projects include photographyes of buiding phases, all of them You can see on our  Web site if you want to ... ... now I make the project Barque Stefano 1875. (Dubrovnik), it will have 11 or 12 sheets of dimensions 1300 mm x 900 mm , the model is 1221 mm long over all , I do the build log for it (named Barque Stefano) ... I just joined this site , so I do not know how to use all the options  :) ...  I'm very  interested in the modelers opinions , especially the kit builders ... excuse my bad English ...






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