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Completing a Billing Boat Seeadler model for my deceased father-in-law


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10 years ago, my father-in-law passed away. He was part way through building the Billing Boat Seeadler and after sitting on the shelf for many years, my mother-in-law has asked me to complete the model.


The only box left is the fittings box and this has "471 Seeadler" printed on it.

I've had a look at where he was up to and he was at the rigging stage. The kit no longer has the stays. Masts are in place, but the stays are gone. Rudder is also missing. There is some rigging done, but no rigging line left to complete.

There is an instruction book, although different to the model I'm now working on. The instruction book has a raised deck at the front and end of the boats; mine are flat.

Hoping that someone who has built this model, or someone in touch with Billing Boats may assist me to complete the model:

- The plan book that I have has a materials list that says there were 4 plans/3 pieces. I've got the big fold-out plan, but not the detailed instructions on how to put my model together, and the parts that I've got to work with don't make sense with these plans. The top of the pages are marked 470 and suspect mine is a 471 version. Is there somewhere that I can I download another set of plans? Or, can someone PM them to me?
- I need to get a set of spars for the kit, but don't know where to buy them from. Alternatively, I can buy some dowel and sand down to size and if so, any suggestions on how best to do this?
- Was the rudder pre-cut in the kit? If so, where might I purchase one? Any advice on making one from brass?
- The materials list indicates 4 rolls of thread for running rigging and 2 for standing rigging. All mine are missing. What colour and size are these? I should be able to get these from my local hobby shop.
- The instructions say that a sail kit is available. As I don't have access to a sewing machine, where could I purchase a sail kit?


Further complicating my quest to finish this model, I'm in Australia and the Australian Billing Boats distributor shut shop a week ago.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.





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Hi David

The 470 number refers to the main kit,the 471 refers to the fittings kit.They had to be bought separately when this model was available.If I remember correctly this model was discontinued around 20/30 years ago.A letter to Billings might help,however they have been taken over and are currently recovering from their new owners insolvency,so I really don't know.

Other than someone on here having a copy of the plans,all I can suggest is looking at photos on the net and trying to second guess the proportions of the spars and rudder.

From experience you are not missing anything not having the instructions other than the spar sizes.Their instructions at this time will have been five pages long,all the information and rigging belaying points will be on one of the plan sheets.


Kind Regards



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The original Seeadler was a windjammer with a complete ship rig (yards, etc) that was used by the Germans as a raider under Count Luckner.

Of course, it had guns in the forward part of the ship.  One of my biggest hobby mistakes was not buying the Billing kit when it was available.

Now I have the plans and instruction book and also the plans from Taubman (which are quite different !!).  Your model , to me, does not look at all like the original Seeadler, either the Billing kit or the real ship.  If you want to discuss this further you can send me a PM since the NRG does not want members to print email numbers, addresses, or telephone numbers in their posts. 

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I agree with CWG that this is not the SeeAdler kit. I don't know what kit it is, if it's a kit at all. The tall lower masts suggests to me that this is probably a 3-masted schooner. You can probably finish it up that way rather quickly and easily. 



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I have recently bought this old kit (like the old vintage kits). The kit is complete and in good condition and includes the fitting set. Unfortunately both instructions and plans are missing. Is that something you can help me with?


Kind regards 


Lars Peter


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